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50 years later

We were sitting in the cafeteria again having to enjoy the wonderful agony of a high-school, I was right when I told Edward it had to be dull having to go through school all the time. The only silver lining I found was the fact that I was on the other side of the stares. I wasn't the awkward little human girl just transferring to a new school, I was one of the reclusive adopted children of one Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle Cullen. The stories were fairly repetitive now. Edward and Nessie were siblings adopted by Carlisle and Esme. Alice and Emmett were also adopted. The only stories that changed were the Hale twins, Rosalie and Jasper were adopted because of their uncle Carlisle. The strangest thing about all of this, is why Jacob is with us, Jacob's house burnt down and Carlisle, the good natured man he is, graciously took him in. Out of all of our "background stories" mine was the least gloomy, I am Esme Cullen's younger sister, Bella.

We heard though that we are supposedly having a transfer student, so, we all sat in our seats watching the cafeteria slowly fill, when Alice grinned. Edward chuckled and we all looked to him for confirmation that our new student was coming.

"Hey Bella, do you remember the first time you saw us?" Alice suddenly asked. I thought about it for a second and decided to answer honestly, "Not really." I said confused.

Edward smiled, "Well you are about to relive it." As he finished speaking he looked towards the door and stopped "Crystal's a boy!"

Emmett laughed "Is he gay?" "No, as a matter of fact, he is having some rather inappropriate thoughts about Rosalie, and Renesmee." As he finished Edward glared at our newest student, while Emmett put an arm around Rosalie.

When the boy Crystal looked away Edward laughed, "Wow Emmett, Crystal seems to be sizing you up." Jasper grinned and asked him "Sizing up? As in preparing for a fight?" "Jacob would almost kill to see this right now" Alice added. Rosalie grimaced, "Who in their right mind cares what that dog thinks." Nessie frowned and pulled out one of the most heart-wrenching faces I have ever seen, "I do." Rosalie almost immediately changed her tone as she looked towards my daughter warmly, "Of course Nessie, I'm sorry if I upset you." Edward decided to interrupt, "Can we go back to watching Crystal, please."

The human in question immediately walked over to one of the guys who was obviously drooling over a cheerleader, when he was tapped twice on the shoulder, he turned "What the hell do you want...oh your the new kid, Crystal, right" Crystal visibly flinched at the name, when he replied stiffly, "I prefer Crys." "I would to, so anyway, what do you want, Crys?'

Crystal sighed and, clearly from the way he said it, didn't think we could here him across the cafeteria, "Who are those chicks, at that table in the corner?"

The boy quickly laughed, "Dude, look elsewhere man, they are all together." "And?" "And, what?" "And I care because, all I said was I wanted to know who they are, not if they are taken."

The Jock paused, then continued, "Well, they are the Cullens."

"Wow, it's just like Forks, Washington all over again." Jasper said dryly. Edward looked at me, "Bella what's so funny."

I shook my head and smiled.

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