Disclaimer: Don't Own. Just making fun of it...Again. Also I don't own Buffy/Vampire Diaries, but I'm not making fun of them...yet.

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Okay, we left off with necrophilia... where can I possibly go with that... Ah. There we go. Last time I only made fun of the plot...this time I will make fun of the Movie.

Did anyone besides me notice that Tyler was BLACK! I am not a racist, it just shocked when they added a black Tyler, and the Asian couple that looked like brother and sister. These are facts.

Why did Emmett eat food in the movie, if you don't believe me, go watch the movie w/commentary and watch the cafeteria scenes.

Why the Hell did Rosalie have a mole. The chick playing her had the character perfect. But the mole COMPLETELY destroyed any chance of beauty... she doesn't even have a mole in real life...WTF!

Emmett waves knives at people! Freddy in the making, folks... Emmett's gonna get'cha! Think of the Freddy Kruger Song... Now replace Freddy with Emmett, sound bad?

Now to the most unwashed, disgusting British man/sparkle-pyre in existence... Ladies and Gents, Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson. He does NOT bathe, very often...if at all. And this is directly from a magazine comment, and I quote "Rob does not have bad days on the set...he just doesn't like to bathe before/after shooting." (-Time Magazine)

Taylor Lautner talks like a little sick nerdy kid... pinch your nose shut and say this, (out loud, obviously). "Bella, I'm not...good"

Now it is time for Bella/Kristen Stewart...What isn't wrong with her. Nuff said.

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