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Grover Appears In A Magical Wind That Smells Like Pansies

Big G: Hi Y'all!

Me: Grover what is with you and this "southern phase" I mean, the accent, the hat, and the chaps? Seriously, why do you need to wear those stupid pants! Your driving me crazy!

Big G: Sorry ma'am

Me: If you don't stop that I'll make you forget how to tie shoes!


He disappears in another pansy wind still screaming in anguish

Sorry about that!

Percy's POV


I was having a nice dream when my mom woke me up shaking me and practically screaming my name in my ear.

"Wha-" I said extremely groggily as I forced myself into what can be considered as an upright position.

"Iris message for you. It's Grover."

That woke me up real quick.

"Where?' I asked.


With that said I ran as fast as I could to the kitchen. When I got there I saw a mist with Grover's face in it hovering above the kitchen sink. I hope my mom wasn't doing dishes when he "called".

"Hi Percy!" Grover greeted me. "It's been a while."

"Yeah. It has, but that's not why you called me is it." I replied.

"No, I think I've found another demigod, a very powerful demigod."

"I thought you were looking for Pan?"

"I was, she lives in the forest where I was looking for him."

"In the forest?"

"She lives in a cabin with her parents. I think she knows she's a demigod but I'm not sure."

"Why did you call me about it?"

"I want you to help me to bring her to camp, you'd only leave two days earlier than you are supposed to."


"I'll come to your apartment this afternoon."

"Okay, bye, see ya later."

"See ya."

The line ended, I went to find my mom.

"Did you here the conversation?" I asked.

"Yes" My mom replied. "You'd better get dressed and start packing early."


I went back to my room and got dressed. Then I started on packing. I packed a bunch of my clothes, a toothbrush, my watch, and some other basic necessities. I hoped Tyson would be back so he could fix my watch. Stupid . His stupid thorns broke my shield.

I waited and waited and waited until a knock sounded throughout the apartment at one thirty. I ran to the door and wrenched it open to come face to face with...Grover.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Let em just say bye to my mom and get my stuff."


I went once again to my bedroom and I grabbed my duffel bag. I said good bye to my mom and I headed out the door with Grover.

"So where does this demigod live?" I asked him.

"I told you that she lives in a cabin in the woods."

"I know but which forest?"

"Oh. She lives in a forest about ten miles from camp."

"Okay. How are we getting there?"

"Uh, train?"

"Do you have train tickets?"

"Annabeth is supposed to bring them."

"Annabeth's coming too?"

"Yes, we're meeting her at the train station."


I called a taxi and we started our trip to the train station. We journeyed in silence. Really awkward silence. We finally got to the station what seemed hours later. I paid the driver and we entered the building. Right away I spotted Annabeth.

"Hi." I told her.

"Hi." She replied. "I have our tickets, we should get going or we'll be late for our train."

"Okay." Gosh, why can't I stop saying "okay"? I have issues.

Of course, getting here was just too easy.

Why can't anything ever be easy?

Urgh, Writer's Block