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Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

non-demonic Higher Beings will change depending on mood

Translating to English

Beastboy's eyes, having been sleeping, shot open as he sensed someone coming into his room. He couldn't tell that Raven came in the first night because his brain wasn't completely in tune with Raven's powers the first night, meaning he could only sense who was in the Tower, but not where in the tower. After about twenty-four hours, you couldn't sneak up on him anymore then you could when he had his own powers. He didn't need that to figure out just who was in his room. The footsteps themselves ruled out Starfire since she floated to her destination usually. They weren't heavy enough to be Cyborg. The lacking of the smell of cheap hair gel-Yes, he could still smell that stuff! - left only one person, Raven. However, the powers he currently had DID tell him something weird. Raven was still asleep.

"And who might you be?" He asked as he rolled over to face the green girl, propping his head on his hand. She didn't look any different, except that her eyes were completely white- no iris, no pupil. She also had a curious expression mixed with a little fear and sadness. "Her 'Beast' or something?" He asked, sarcasm dripping at the word 'Beast'.

'Raven' seemed to get even sadder at this, turning her gaze to the floor. She barely raised her head when she spoke, "Runt," She said, just above a whisper.

Beastboy raised an eyebrow at this, 'Could it be her animal side realizing that she needs my help?' He wondered to himself, moving into a sitting position, "Who am I?" He asked her, curious to her answer.

She looked unsure of something, "Alpha? Loner?" She asked, clearly not sure what he was.

Beastboy was slightly shocked by her words. She basically just admitted he was Alpha material, not something he expected from any part of Raven at the moment. She also might have figured him out a little, ironically. "What do you want?" He asked, wondering just what she wanted exactly.

She actually smiled, showing off her new fangs. She cautiously moved closer to him, as if he would strike her at any moment. She moved until she was crouched right in front of him, before rubbing her head under his chin, "Lo-Lone Alpha help Runt? Make Runt worthy?" She asked hopefully.

She actually sounded really cute to Beastboy like that, who gently pulled her back and looked her in the eye, "Worthy of what?" He asked with a small smile.

She looked positively gleeful by this point, "You!" She all, but screamed.

Beastboy's eyes went wide at this, "What?" He whispered out, more than a little surprise.

She 'stared' at him with what he could tell was the look that a female wolf gives when she desperately wants an Alpha to choose her as his mate. The devotion, love, and desire he could sense behind those eyes were without measure. He never once though anyone, let alone Raven, even just one part of her, could feel anything like that for him of all people. "Why?" He asked, almost breathlessly.

Her expression and tone remained unchanged as she spoke, "Lone Alpha always helped Runt, not matter how mean she be. He kept her from sinking into her loneliness. He gave her hope while she only gave pain in return. Now, Runt has Alpha's powers and he her's, and still, he as strong as ever, even with all his pain," Beastboy's eyes widened and narrowed an instant later, making her nervous, "Ru-Runt no de-deserve one as great as him, b-but if he grants her this chance, she will make him proud and be Runt no more," She vowed, stuttering under his intense stare.

Beastboy stared at the girl in front of him, before closing his eyes in thought. Animals had a sixth sense for the emotions of others. Not empathy or telepathy, but something that made them so much more in tune to everything then "sentient" beings. He let out a small smile before chuckling a bit, "Very well Runt, if you can get your otherselves to agree to all of this, I will show you the path to becoming stronger...and I'll consider making you my mate," He said gently as happy tears began to roll down her cheeks. He held her close as she continued to cry for a moment while he rubbed her back. Unknown to her, he put used his powers to make her fall asleep faster. 'It feels good, not acting like a jerk right now,' He thought as he laid her down in his bed and turned to leave the room.

Several Hours Later

Raven woke up and found herself, yet again, in Beastboy's bed. She yawned and stretched in an almost cat-like manner. She looked around and was surprised to see it was almost seven A.M., Beastboy wasn't still in bed, and she was just waking up. It was usually the other way around. She got up and headed towards the common room, wanting to find the former Changeling.

Before she did, her nose started twitching as she caught what she believed was a scent. Apparently, her senses weren't instantly at Beastboy's level. The scent had to be his because it reeked of the fading smell of tofu and animals. Oddly, there was something else that sent a shiver up her spine. There was no describing it, but it smelled like something else was mixed in, something like copper, she guessed.

The scent led her away from the common room and towards the roof. As she got closer and the smell got stronger, she noticed that she was starting to feel warmer and a little sluggish. She opened the door and saw Beastboy standing on the edge, looking over the still dark city with a blank look. He suddenly gave a small smile and looked at Raven right as the sun started to rise. For a moment, Raven swore she saw Beastboy as he had always been: green, grinning, and unintimidating. As the image faded, she finally truly saw where the connection- the similarity- was. His eyes still had this look that had always confused her. It was an old and wise look that most couldn't find or see. That look always told her Beastboy hadn't been a boy in a long time, no matter how he acted.

"Hey Rea, something you need?" He asked, as she approached him, with a smile that made her wonder if he was reading her mind.

Raven took a deep breath as she looked into the horizon with a slightly sad expression, "I'm sorry," She whispered out without warning.

Beastboy gained a truly confused expression at this, "For what?" He asked, not having seen this coming.

"I'm sorry I've been snapping at you this whole time. It's just so infuriating to see you use my powers so well while barely trying and I can't even begin to use yours. If you don't want to help me anymore, I understand," She said with a slightly strained look, apologizing never had been one of her strong points.

Beastboy stared at her for a moment before smiling, "Raven," He said, causing her to look at him with hopeful eyes, "All you needed to do was ask," He said as she gave a small smile until he started to frown, "There's something else you want to ask, right?"

Raven looked a little nervous at this. Apparently, the fact that she didn't need to suppress her emotions had registered, even if she tried not to show as much. Preventing mass destruction was a great motivator, "I was why have you...?" She stumbled over her words, trying to find a polite way to say this.

"Why have I been acting like a jerk to you?" He finished as she flinched ever so slightly, "It's okay, I'll admit I've been a bastard since this whole thing started," He sighed and paused to collect his thoughts, "There are a lot of reasons for it actually. One part was that when we first switched, the empathy kicked in faster than I could control it and I got a bit of your anger at the time, but that's just a drop of the ocean. Some of it was to motivate you," Raven raised an eyebrow at that, "Didn't me calling you 'Runt' tick you off enough to try and prove me wrong?" He asked with a smirk, which she nodded to with realization in her eyes, "Another reason was to 'humble' you a little, seeing as I KNEW you would turn down my help," She looked a little sheepish at that, "Last of the good reason was to see just how well you could do on your own," He explained, causing her to frown at him.

"Good reasons?" She asked in her regular monotone voice.

"Then comes the not so good reasons," Beastboy said a little sheepishly, "A lot of it was a bit of payback," He admitted as she raised an eyebrow, "Well, you always seem to pick on me and I wanted to give you a taste of your own medicine. However, since everyone would think the Beast had come back, I couldn't do that until this gave me an excuse to act differently than what you think is my regular self," He explained.

"Regular self? What do yo-" The question died in her throat as she stared at Beastboy in a growing understanding, "You've been acting this whole time?" She asked in a very surprised voice.

"A mask of stupidity and happiness works a lot better than an apathic and cold one," He said with a smirk.

"Why?" Was all she could ask.

Beastboy's gaze hardened as he looked down, towards the bottom of the tower, "You're not the only one with a past better kept unknown," He muttered darkly as a black, shadow like aura surrounded him for an instant before disappearing.

Raven stared at Beastboy for a moment, hiding how unnerved that had just made her. She now understood what people felt like when trying to figure out the mystery they thought her to be. However, she also understood to some extent what it's like to have people forcibly- by verbal or physical means- try and get you to answer them. Beastboy had at least acted persistent in the long run to try and figure her out, but he very rarely, if ever, crossed a certain line.

With this in mind, she placed a hand on his shoulder, bringing him out of his apparent brooding. "Listen Beastboy, I know I'm not good at this kind of thing, but I can tell you have some things that you keep hidden. I don't know what they are...or why you originally came looking for me, but if you ever want to tell door is open and my lips are sealed," She offered with a weak smile as Beastboy blinked at her before grinning and reaching up to ruffle her hair.

"You know, without your paranoia of losing control, you're actually pretty good with emotional problems," He commented before looking over her body- still clad in her usual uniform- as the grin changed slightly, "And green looks damn good on you," He said as he licked his lips, causing Raven to blush a brownish color.

Instead of pulling up her hood and/or leaving, she actually gave a playful smirk, "Hmm, maybe we should stay like this? After all, with you being able to control my powers so well, we'd never have to worry about my powers acting up," She said with a sensual voice, greatly surprising Beastboy even as he hid it.

'Either she's finally taking my advice about this situation or Lust took over,' He thought to himself as an equally playful smirk came to his face, "But then we'd have to worry about you going primitive on us," He said as they slowly crept closer to each other.

"Well, I guess you'd have to restrain me, wouldn't you?" Raven said suggestively, a very animal grin working onto her face, causing Beastboy to almost lose his composure as he stood directly in front of her.

'Strike that, pheromones must be hitting her. Hello puberty!' He thought humorously, "Maybe, but question is, how to do so?" He asked as they slowly started to lean forward, "I could lock you in a cage?" He said as their faces were half-a-foot away from each other, "Tie you to my bed?" One inch apart, "Or maybe I should just put a collar of that pretty little neck of yours?" He said as there was barely any distance between them.

"JUST KISS ALREADY!" A voice shouted from the doorway, causing them both to stop just short of kissing. They looked over and saw Cyborg, being the one that yelled and was now snickering, Starfire, grinning and giggling, and Robin, wide eyed and surprised, standing there.

For an instant, time stopped for Raven and Beastboy- For the same reason at that. In Beastboy's mind, he heard cursing in several different languages, all cursing in ways that would impress the Devil himself. Raven's mind, however, was almost completely blank. All her emotions and growing instinct were deadly silent, like the calm before the storm.

"How long have you been standing there?" Beastboy asked, obviously ticked off now. He idly noticed that Raven was trembling a little and her bangs were hiding her eyes.

"Long enough to know we need to install the option of our rooms being sound proof," Robin said as he continued to stare at Beastboy and..."Where'd Raven go?" He asked before he and the others heard a growling noise and noticed Beastboy's surprised expression. They slowly turned and saw a green saber-tooth tiger glaring and growling at them. Robin and Cyborg took off screaming into the tower as Starfire flew upwards to avoid the feline that chased after them.

Beastboy blinked before muttering, "Had to piss her off this much to transform? She holds back way too much," He looked up at Starfire who was looking at him curiously, "You do realize that if she 'somehow' ends up in your room, she's likely to destroy everything pink, right?" He asked, the threat obvious even to the alien princess, who gulped slightly.

"Umm...Beastboy?" She asked as he 'Hmmed' questionably in response, "My people have slightly more... 'enhanced hearing' then humans do and.." She left the rest hanging.

Beastboy raised an eyebrow at this, "What'd ya hear?" He asked curiously.

"I actually arrived here before our friends, so...I believe everything," She answered with some shame in her eyes, "I apologize for listening in on your personal conversation-" She apologized only for Beastboy to bring a hand up to stop her and sigh.

"Does Robin or Cyborg know?" He asked almost emotionlessly, sending a shiver up Starfire's spine as she gave a negative, "Are you going to tell?" He asked in the same tone, causing her to shake her head again, "Then you got nothing to be sorry for," He said with a small smile which she returned in earnest.

"Thank You Friend," She said gratefully, before starting to fly towards the ground again. She paused in her walk when she reached the door, "Oh, and Beastboy?" She called out getting a raised eyebrow, "I offer the same counseling Raven has suggested concerning your secrets as well," She said kindly.

Beastboy's grin turned a little seductive, "And her other suggestion?" He asked as Starfire started blushing. One thing that the others never realized was that Starfire was not innocent beyond being a virgin. 'Girl is more perverted than I am. Considering the hormonal side effect of my original powers, that's saying something,' Beastboy never forgot the alien porn he found in Starfire's room. As for how Beastboy knew what they said- He turned into a Tameranian once and well... let's just say he and Starfire had an accident no one ever found out about.

"Apologies Beastboy, but I am attempting a relationship with a different person," Starfire said nervously before making a bold statement, "However, if my current attempt at love fails, you shall be the 'top of my list', I believe is the saying? I mean no offense Friend," She had heard that other's sometimes take offense when someone seeks a relationship only after their current relationship ended.

Beastboy's eyes widened a bit at this, before regaining his grin, "So, will Robin be tying you up or is he going to grovel before his princess?" He asked causing her to blush again and leave before Beastboy came up with any more ideas...even if they were appealing to her and needed to be filed away for future reference.

Beastboy chuckled as she left, he had always loved teasing people, and it was so easy if you knew how. He then sighed yet continued to smile, "Guess I better make sure Rea doesn't kill them," He said in amusement as he phased through the floor.

As he left, a large brown hawk flew down and stared at the spot where Beastboy had been. Its yellow eyes suddenly turned black, include the whites of its eyes, and it seemed to give a dark grin, "Kid hasn't changed much, the blackness of his soul still rivals even my own," It said with pride in its inhuman voice. The bird's eyes suddenly turned back to normal. It shook its head and looked around, seeming confused, before flying off.


Beastboy smirked as he saw the destruction the green she-tiger had done in the living room in a few short moments. A lot of claw marks were in the halls, but in here: there was that, furniture torn to shreds, broken items everywhere, a shattered window or two, and two terrified Titans hanging near the top of the cabinets with said tiger below them. He decided to show a little mercy on the two. That and he needed to see how much work Raven needed with this form, "Yo Raven! Why don't you take on someone your own size!" He yelled as she stopped and stared at him, spotting the feral grin on his face. The instinctive part of her told her to back down. The more human side, however, was still as head-strong as ever and much less level headed at this time. With a roar, she charged forward with her fangs bared.

Beastboy's grin almost instantly faded into a frown when she charged. Her speed would impress humans, but she was barely even half of what a saber was capable of- his being well around fifty miles per hours in that form. Her charge was sloppy, almost tripping over her own feet at times. She was single minded in her attack, ignoring everything except him. But most of all, her transformation was weak. A transformation was not set in stone with his powers. With it, a person could become as physically perfect as mentally possible- basically meaning your only limitation was your own mind. Some of the muscles were under or over developed, her jaw wasn't wide enough, one of her two saber teeth wwas shorter then the other, her tail was shorter then it should, her claws weren't the correct size or sharpness, and her neck was a bit too long. 'So many holes and openings, she's more vulnerable than a newborn.' Beastboy thought to himself in an almost disappointed tone.

As Raven got close, his leg shot up and his foot was rammed into a tiny space between her jugular and head, before dodging under her now failed leap. She lay sprawled on the floor, struggling to breathe as she stood once more, staring at Beastboy in shock, as did Cyborg and Robin from their hanging positions. He merely smirked at her, "You really think I don't know how to take down the forms I've been using for nearly a decade?" He asked humorously as he approached the tiger, not afraid in the slightest. He gently stroked her head as he knelt beside her, "You did well for a first try, now change back so you can get some rest, you'll need it," He whispered softly as she growled contently.

Raven slowly began to change, her fur receding, bone and muscles reforming, and organs shifting into different places. It was hell really, like being thrown into an inferno and then into a blizzard. As it ended, her uniform and cloak was shredded and she had passed out from the pain. He gently picked her up and looked towards the two gaping, now-ground level teens, "You two can clean this up," He said before teleporting away.

The two shook their heads before looking around the room. They stared at the destruction before Robin sighed, "I blame you for this," He muttered in defeat.

"Me! What I'd do? And man, why don't you make them clean this up!" Cyborg yelled in outrage.

Robin stared at his friend and teammate like he was an idiot for a moment, "You talked me into ease-dropping on them and blew our cover, which caused Raven to do this in the first place. As for your other question, the one that did this turned into a Saber-Tooth Tiger and the one that stopped said tiger not only has the powers of an empathic half-demon, but took down said tiger with one kick. Do you really want to even suggest to them that they should clean this up themselves?" He answered as he made his way to a closet. Cyborg sighed in defeat before joining their 'fearless' leader in starting the cleanup.

End of Chapter

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