Prompt: "Akainu and Blackbeard are awarded by the Marines/World Government for their actions. Nuff said." (11 4)

(written 14 June 2010)

((Another drabble that doesn't quite fit, so it gets uploaded separately.))

"...and thus it is with great honour," Sengoku said from the podium, "that I present to you, Marshall D Teach of the Shichibukai, also known as Blackbeard, with the Order of the Albatross for your actions in subduing Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, in the recent attack on Marinesford." There was applause from the audience, and he waited for it to die down before continuing. "It is with also great honour that I present to you, Admiral Akainu, with the Star of Neptune, First Class, for going above and beyond the call of duty in defending Marinesford during the recent attack, specifically with respect to executing the criminal Portgas D Ace."

There was more applause, and Akainu struggled to keep his smug smile inside, standing at attention. After all, he had merely done his job, no need to brag... or so he kept saying.

Sengoku descended and walked over to Blackbeard. The pirate began his irritating "zehahaha" laugh again as the medal was pinned to his coat, and continued as the Fleet Admiral crossed over to Akainu. He shook his hand, and affixed the ribbon with no further ceremony. But something was wrong, Akainu thought. The needle poked at his skin, and it hurt more than it should. Blackbeard's laugh also sounded odd, a bit high-pitched. The needle hurt, and hurt, and hurt...

He awoke with a start. With the coming of consciousness, Blackbeard's laugh resolved itself into Blackbeard's scream, and the pain in his chest was from Marco's foot kicking him over and over.

"You don't escape that easily," the Phoenix said. A vicious grin twisted his features. "Nobody hurts my nakama and gets away with it."

As the pain started up again, Akainu desperately wished that his dream had been real. If only he'd realized that the pirates had taken the seastone handcuffs, he'd still be free and on top of the world; instead of hopeless, helpless, in the brig of the Moby Dick at the mercy of Whitebeard's crew.