Full Summary: Must read!

Rose is framed and then killed for the death of Queen Tatiana –but not completely– she is a Spirit, in other words, a ghost. Dimitri; is devastated and depressed, Adrian; is not. Why? Because he discovers a new ability in spirit when Adrian can see Rose's ghost. Contains comedy and drama when together Adrian and Rose search to find a way to get Rose's spirit back to her body, while at the same time finding the real murderer of Queen Tatiana. Eventually and unbelievably Lissa also see's Rose's ghost, being a new help with this all. How does she react?

How does Adrian cope with an annoying, impatient, smart-ass ghost hanging around?

How does Lissa cope with the stress of getting her bond mate back?

And how does Dimitri cope, thinking his Roza is gone forever?

Rose is shadow-kissed which gives her the ability to stay on earth as a ghost and not passing on for a long period of time. But that doesn't last forever. Will they be able to get Rose's spirit back to her body before it's too late?

She's holding on, but there's only so much a ghost can do.

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