Dimitri POV

"Guardian Belikov, we would really appreciate your help back at work."

I cleared my throat, trying my best not to snap. "Yes, of course. When would you like me to start back?"

"Monday?" The guardian answered. Four days away…

Are you kidding me? "Sure." I said tightly.

I think he was catching on to my bad tone. "We'll, okay, see you then."

I hung up the phone then, slamming it on my bedside table. Were they that inconsiderate? They were asking me to resume to work as I had not shown up these past few days since Rose's death.

Get a hold of yourself. They don't know how I felt about Rose, I reminded myself. They wouldn't understand the pain you've felt every second since she's been gone.

I briefly wondered how this was going to work. How was I possibly going to drag myself out of my room? And how on earth was I supposed to stand and guard for five hours on Monday without falling apart?

I knew I was going through shock. Well, that is what I thought was shock. My body was numb, and I don't just mean the kind of pins and needles numbness you get in your hand, I mean numb, completely numb. I felt like I could never feel any other emotion but hurt, pain… and anger.

I was completely and utterly angry to those who did this to her. To those who killed an innocent and beautiful women. They were murders.

And there was no possible way I was gonna get any satisfaction, until they payed the price.

So yes, I will get up to go to work on Monday, even though it would be the day after Rose's funeral. And I will act politely, quiet and alert on my job. And then, when I trace the people who were responsible for the execution.

I will kill them.

And the most likely case scenario after that? Someone will execute me.

Adrian POV

When I knocked on Lissa's door again I had to bite my tongue from screaming at her.

Seriously, how long did it freaking take to get up and answer the door?

"Patient's Adrian." Dream Rose said, her blurry form stood close beside me.

I sighed loudly, dropping my arms to my sides. "Maybe she's not home."

Rose gave me a look. "She is home. She hasn't been answering the door for days. No thanks to you."

"Not this again. I was drunk, okay? I didn't mean to snap at her. Why are you making me do this?"

Rose shook her head angrily. "Isn't it obvious? Do you know how hard this must be for her losing me too? You left her there crying, I saw it! Now, you need to apologize. She needs a friend." She said. "But don't tell her that you can see me. She needs to calm down."

I snorted. "Like I would ever tell her I'm seeing you?"

Rose looked at me in shock. "You'd still have to tell her at some point."

"Are you kidding me? I'm not telling her I'm seeing things. You know how crazy that is. Besides, she's probably got enough of her own craziness to deal with."

"This isn't funny!" Rose snapped. "Are you still going on with this 'seeing things' business? You're not exactly seeing things Adrian. I'm a ghost. You're seeing a ghost, a real one. Just like how I used to see stop trying to deny it."

I stared at her face for a while. Was I actually believing this? Was it possible I could… see the un dead?

"I-" I ran a hand through my hair. "It's a lot to take in you know, it's not lik—"

"Oh, Incoming!" Rose said quickly.


She disappeared.

Lissa's door, finally, swung open. I flinched.

She looked… not good. Her hair, usually so straight and smooth, was frizzy and sticking up in all different directions. She was wearing what looked like her pyjamas, winter ones, despite the fact we were in summer. And her face was all red, with wet swollen eyes.

"Where you just talking to someone?" She asked. Her voice came out croaked and she cleared her throat.

"I, um," I looked at the spot where the dream or… ghost figure of Rose had just been standing. "I was just... talking to myself." I said, feeling like an idiot.

She gave me a strange look but seemed to shrug it off. She quickly brushed her hair down with her hands, it didn't do anything, that hair looked stuck like that for life. "What do you want, Adrian?" she asked.

"I… wanted to talk. Well, I wanted to apologize for the other night. I was drunk, and acted like a jerk to you." I said.

She breathed in slowly and continued to play with her hair. "Okay." She said quietly.

Was that it?

She looked up at me, tears filled in her jade green eyes. "Um, there's s-some f-funeral arrangements that I just.. can't figure out. Would, would you be able to help me?" She whispered, her voice cracking.

Looking at her, I genuinely did feel sorry for her. She was taking it worse than me. I hadn't even drank at all today, actually. I still felt bad, just not as bad.

And I knew that had a lot to do with the hallucination/dream/ghost Rose hanging around and being so… normal.

"Sure." I answered and walked into her room. "I'll help you with anything."

When I left Lissa's room two hours later I felt like I was stepping into fresh air. A huge difference from what her room felt like, trapped, dark and clotted.

But I had helped her, with everything. And we had finished all of the funeral arrangements better late than never.

"Happy Rose?" I muttered to myself.

"Very!" A voice said beside me.

I jumped, my hand going to my chest. "You scared the shit out of me!" I hissed to the brunette beauty who dissolved next to me.

Rose bit her lip to hide a smile. "Sorry about that." She said, although I could tell she really wasn't.

I glanced around the halls quickly to make sure no one could see me talking to what would look like to them – thin air.

"I do have one inquiry though." Rose said walking along beside me.

"Of course you do."

"You're having Roses?" She scoffed. "Roses at Rose's funeral? How cheesy. I don't do cheesy. I'm disappointed you guys didn't think about that"

"Well I apologize for making your funeral too 'cheesy' Rose. What would you like? Let me guess, a dance party…"

I saw her smile. "That's more like it. Better yet, a club."

"You want your funeral to be held in a club?" I asked incredulous.

"God how awesome would that be. And instead of talking about how nice and caring I was and bla bla bla you could talk about how bad ass and hilarious I was… or, am" She said. Surprisingly, I laughed.

When a memory finally came to mind I stopped dead in my tracks. Rose took a second to realise I had stopped since she was stuck in her own daydream and had to walk back over to me.

I looked at her seriously. "You.. you said last night something about there being a way to… bring you back. What did you mean?"

Rose regarded me seriously too and looked slightly uncomfortable. "Well… there's talk."

"Huh? Talk from who?"

"From… spirits." She said.

I raised my eyebrows and tried to keep the doubtful look off my face. "Spirits?"

Rose rolled her eyes. "See it doesn't even matter. Because if you don't really believe you're seeing me as a ghost, there's no way you're going to believe you can bring me back." She looked like she was about to leave so I reached out to grab her. Of course, my hand went through her, but I did get a weird sense of feeling. Like some kind of familiarity washed through me.

"Wait… I do. I do, believe you… well, believe myself. That I'm seeing you, as a ghost."

Her face turned to relief. "That's good… because I can promise you that's the truth."

I nodded. "Okay. Let's go to my room and discuss this."

"Alright but once I'm done explaining, you need to work fast. My funerals in three days and, once I'm buried…It won't work and I'll be stuck here forever."

I shivered. "Stuck where?"

Her face darkened. "In the in-between, in limbo."

In case you don't know what Limbo is, it's like being stuck between heaven and earth, or heaven and hell. In this case, it's heaven and earth because despite some of Rose's bad traits, she would go to heaven :P

So all of the explaining will be done in the next chapter. At the start we've found Dimitri's gone a bit woop woop and want's to get revenge on the people who killed his Roza.. awww XD

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