The Monastery was in an uproar. Word of an attack spread like wildfire. Crusaders ran around frantically, in a state of utter chaos as they all tried to figure out what was going on and where the attacker was.

"There they are! Kill them! Kill them!" Whitemane shouted, charging as Lora and Mortimer ran as fast as they could. They darted around Scarlets, weaving around their attackers as they made a beeline for the door. A few Scarlets had to be cut down as the death knight and paladin made their frantic escape.

"Hurry," Mortimer said, "my deathcharger is hidden in the woods just outside!"

"Do not let them escape!" Renault shouted, lunging at the death knight. Mortimer responded by slashing his leg, causing the paladin to stumble and fall.

The two charged out the door. The death knight led Lora by the wrist to where his undead steed waited. She climbed on and he quickly mounted the horse behind her. Mortimer snapped the reins and the deathcharger took off at a gallop, leaving the Monastery behind, and the Scarlets in the dust.