Chapter 2

Giles, Willow, Xander, and Spike all lay sprawled out from one another a short distant apart, groaning, and moaning, as they struggle to get up, while taking a look at their surroundings. They look around and discover they are in the middle of a beautiful village like area, where birds are chirping and ahead there is a large lake, surrounded by various trees.

"I think we're dead," says Xander as he struggles to get up, noticing his and everyone else's surroundings. "We'd have to be in order to be in surroundings like these," he says as he looks around.

"Yes, that would appear so," says Giles. "Oh my Lord, Spike! You're alive? How?" Giles says. They turn around notice that Spike is standing there, blinking his eyes a few times, still completely amazed that he is still alive.

"It appears so, Watcher, I wonder what happened," he says.

"Are you still a vampire?" asks Willow, with her eyes narrowed, a bit.

Spike suddenly morphs his face into its vampire form and growls, fangs bared. "Yep, I am still a vamp."

"A big question I have is, how in the hell are you able to be outside in direct sunlight? You should be nothing dust right now," says Giles.

"I don't know, I wonder if this was because of the amulet. It had to have been. Angel and I never really got along at times, but he wouldn't do anything like this to me," he says.

"Well, we need to put that aside for now, and find out where we are and how to um, well how to get back to Earth," says Willow as she looks up in the air, and sees three of Naboo's three moons in the sky.

"I cannot believe this!" says Xander, as he slides a hand across his cheek. Giles and Spike are likewise stunned. Could the First Evil been responsible for their current predicament? Could it have really sent them to another dimension entirely as a failsafe in case they managed to defeat it?

"Yes, yes of course, we do need to find a way to get back to Earth, it is possible that the same could have happened to Buffy, Dawn, Faith, Robin, Kennedy, and Andrew, as well. The first course of action is to find information, food, water and shelter. So, um, I guess we all need to start walking," says Giles, taking off his glasses, cleaning them and starting off walking. "I am sure we will find some friendly soul to give us assistance, in this um, gorgeous environment,"

"Wait, hey Willow, if you can still use your magic, then maybe you can open a portal," says Xander, thoughtfully. "Whenever you sent Buffy back in time to meet the dudes who created the First Slayer, then maybe you could do this. Plus, after you touched the Scythe and merged it with your magic, something happened, maybe you got more power or something, in any case, it's worth a shot." Xander says thoughtfully.

"I don't know but I can try I guess," she says as she stops opens up her hands and tries to create a portal in mid-air. She opens her hands, closes her eyes and concentrates, her hair turning white and her eyes turning white as she summons the energy needed to create a portal, not realizing that she has made clouds gather and the sky darken.

People walking around in the street, stop and stare at the sky, alarmed at its sudden darkening as a small swirling white poo of energy in mid-air appears and starts to spin counterclockwise. People start coming out of their houses, alarmed as they all start to look at the sky. Willow is struggling to keep to portal stable, which is now the size of a tire, but the strain is becoming too much for her, as her nose starts to bleed, and sweat comes off her brow.

"Willow, maybe that was a bad idea, people are starting to notice what is going on they don't look very thrilled," Xander says, as people start to converge on them while looking at the portal. Soon, they are all surrounded by Naboo Security Officials, and a tall strongly built African-American male in his 40s steps forward, apparently angry at the disruption of the peace.

"What is going on here? Who are you people? Why are you creating such a distraction in this city?" he says, glaring at the four of them.

"Sir, we can explain, you see here is-" Giles says apologetically.

"You better start to explain fast and do so now! This is a peaceful city and a peaceful planet, it's too peaceful to be bothered by the likes of people like you! Look at the distraction you have created here!" he gestures with his hands.

A crowd has now gathered, as the portal continues to get bigger. Lightening and energy starts to crackle inside of the center of the portal, of which is now only about twelve above the ground, and is steadily lowering itself. Suddenly a bolt of energy strikes a statue on the side of the road, obliterating it and sending small pieces of it into the air. Several people scream and run back into their homes as well as away from the scene.

"Whoa, our bad!" says Spike, hands in the air, "I swear we will pay for that!" He says.

Willow, gets distracted by her accidental destruction of the statue and turns in the direction of it, but when she does so, she accidentally loses control of the portal. "Damn, I almost, almost," and then she passes out, "had it," she moans, then passes out, and Xander catches her. "Oh my God, Willow!" he says. "I am so sorry Willow, I am so sorry,"he says. The magical portal disappears, and everything seemingly returns back to normal.

"Xander, she is going to be ok, her pulse is good, she is still breathing, she just fainted from the strain," says Giles.

"Anyone mind telling me what is going on here?" says the irritated security guard.

"Yes, yes, of course, may we do it on private?" says Giles.

"Yes, follow me the private chambers in the Theed Palace," he says flatly. "Before we go, guards, search them for weapons and identification, confiscate anything you see that is out of the ordinary, and put it in this bag, he says holding it up."Don't search the female, just the males,but be sure to search her whenever she wakes up," he says eyeing them all. Giles, Xander, and Spike all hold up their hands, as the security guards do as they are told. "Hey be careful with my cigs, mate!" Spike says. The guards ignore them and continue to search.

"Sir, these men have strange identification. None of their IDs match anything that is issued by the Republic," a young recruit with a metal chip on the side of his face says.

"How so, Recruit Typho?" he says. "Well, sir for starters, the name of their identification is a white piece of hard substance, and it has the name of their home planet, "California" at the very top of it," he says.

"Planet California? I have never heard of such a name, no matter, we will find out more about them in the palace, if you and your fellow guards are done searching them, lead the way, and put two guards each on the older gentleman with the glasses, and three extra guards on the gentleman with the spiked blonde hair, there is something strange about him, now go!" he says.

"Yes, Sir!" he says, turning and motioning for Giles, Spike, Xander, with Willow in his arms, to follow him to the Imperial Palace.

About 15 minutes later, they all arrive at the doors of Imperial Palace, and Captain Panaka steps in front of the door and punches in a code. The door opens promptly, and they all walk through a large corridor into a secure room with what appears to be royalty seated in front of them, with a large veranda area, several feet across the room.

"Captain Panaka, did you find out the source of that strange activity in Theed Plaza?" asks the Queen of Naboo, a young teenage girl in white face paint and adorn in multi-colored clothing. "Captain Panaka what is going on here? Who are these people? Are they source of that mysterious activity?

"Yes, your highness, they were, in fact, they were just going to volunteer this information themselves," he says, matter-of-factly, smirking at all of them.

"Were you or were you not the source of the strange activity in the plaza of my city?" the Queen asks them.

"Yes, your um Highness, we were, and I would like to apologize on behalf of my young friends, here says Giles, politely bowing before the Queen. My name is Rupert Giles, and these are my young colleagues and former students Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg, and Spike, my colleague and assistant. My student Willow has um, mystical abilities, and she was trying to open a portal to send us home. We are a from a planet far away called Earth, and we just want to go home. Ourselves and another student of mine fight evil and right wrongs on our home planet and we just finished fighting a major evil that was about to take over the planet on our home world, and not too long after we finished fighting it, something happened and we woke up in the plaza of your home planet.

"Hello your highness!" Xander says bowing. "Wilow here would like to introduce herself, but at the moment she can't she passed out from trying to do a spell that could us home." he says curtly.

"Hey there your Highness, my name is Spike and I am a vampire, I drink blood in order to survive, but I am not evil or bad or anything like that anymore. I actually died helping save the day, and I should be nothing but a pile of ashes right now, but for some reason here I am. Um, this sounds weird an' everything, but do your mates here have any blood?"

"Well, Rupert, I don't know what to say right now, I do want to thank you for being honest with me. You are more than welcome to stay here as long as you like. I have never honestly heard of your planet, but I I will make sure that we will do all we can towards helping you. I do have private living quarters for the four of you to stay at as long as you like. I will be sending my handmaiden Padme to help you with any needs you may have.

"I would like to introduce myself now, my name is Queen Amidala and this is my planet, and it's called Naboo. Naboo is a very peaceful planet, I was born here and I love it. This is my personal bodyguard, Sabe and my handmaidens, Padme, Nariss, Alasi, and Kora. This is the head of my security agency Captain Panaka, and his nephew, Gregar Typho the newest member of my Security agency." Both Captain Panaka and Gregar Typho wave at the four of them. "Sio Bibble here, is one of the many council members I have that supports me," she finishes. Sio Bibble also waves at them

"Captain Panaka, this woman needs medical attention immediately place a transmission to my medical droid staff to take her to the Palace Infirmary, and have them take care of her needs. Now that we have finished our introductions, Padme, please show our guests to their living chambers. I will be calling you later this afternoon, please relax, right now I have a meeting with our planetary Senator and representative, Finis Valorum. Private Typho, please make sure I am not to be disturbed during this meeting. Thank you," she says.

"Yes, my Queen," he says politely.

Padme, introduces herself, "Hello everyone, my name is Padme Naberrie and I will be showing you to your living quarters, so please follow me!"

Two medical droids come out with a stretcher that hovers above the ground, and Giles, helps Xander heave Willow onto the stretcher, while Spike holds the floating stretcher, which makes a soft humming sound. The medical droids take Willow off to the Palace Infirmary so her injuries can be treated. Two Naboo Security Guards, split up and walk with the medical droids carrying the floating, and humming stretcher.

The three men take a last look at Willow as she is gently carted off to the Infirmary in the opposite direction, while two Naboo Security Guards walk alongside the floating stretcher.

"Don't worry about your friend, she is in good hands," says Padme. "Now please follow me."

Several minutes of silence erupt between all of them, as Giles, Xander, and Spike all walk up a short flight of stairs into massive stone, and elaborately built palace living quarters, that looks to be about half the size of the Sunnydale Mall.

"So, what is your planet like?" she asks them once they get to their quarters.

"It's not as advanced as yours is, we only have one moon and we've only been there a few times, but we send up a lot of probes and stuff like that. Earth is noisy, crowded, and polluted in some areas," says Xander.

"We have different nations on Earth, we also have seven continents, but only six of them are able to be lived on. The seventh one is too cold and icy to live on. Earth is 75% water and its salt water, we have processing devices that make it drinkable and usable. We don't communicate with races of other planets because we don't have the technology to do so, and we are far from being peaceful, all of the nations that I told you about constantly argue and bicker with one another, and in the past wars have broken out because of several serious problems that arose. The nation we live in has just declared war with another nation, because some of its inhabitants formed a terrorist group and they launched an attack against us in the name of their religion about a year and a half ago. Our nation tried to solve things diplomatically but this other nation didn't want to hear it and it wasn't long before another terrorist attack was attempted but it failed, so we went to war," says Giles sadly.

Padme sat there, almost about ready to cry," I am so sorry to hear that Giles, that is horrible. But here are your living quarters, I will send for some tailors to come here and measure your sizes for clothing. I will see if I can retrieve your identification cards from Captain Panaka, but I think he may have given them to the Queen.

Padme led them to a corridor with four rooms, one room was set aside for Willow, whenever she comes to, and the three other rooms for Giles, Xander, and Spike. All four rooms are across and diagonal from one another and they all look the same. The three of them retire to their rooms and sleep for most of the day until they are roused by Padme and two other handmaidens, of whom each one knocks on their respective doors and lets them know that their friend Willow is fine and she will be coming to her private living quarters in several minutes.

"Is the Queen still in her meeting?" asks Giles out of curiousity.

"Yes I am afraid she is, is there something I can help you with?" asks Padme.

"Yes, I just had more questions about the planet is all, but that is-"

"Oh no! No NO!" says Willow, holding onto the wall for dear life.

Willow and Spike go to catch her, "Wills, what's wrong?" asks Xander.

"There is something very bad about to happen to the Queen and Chancellor Valorum!" We have to go stop it!, and with that, Willow magically snaps her fingers, and they are all magically teleported to the Queen's personal and private meeting chambers in front of a surprised Chancellor Valorum and an irritated Queen Amidala.

"How did you get in here?" she asks irritated. "Chancellor I apologize, please hold on!" she says looking at him.

"Chancellor, your Highness, get down now!" says Willow, her eyes turning white and her hair white as well. Giles, Xander, and Spike all shield the queen from what is about to happen, as two destroyer droids crash through the two front window and try to open fire on the Queen and Chancellor, as well as everyone else in the room.

Willow, forms a force field around herself that absorbs the laser fire coming from the killer droids, and then with a magical command shoots a barrage of energy and lightning blasts at the droids, pounding their force-fields until they both make pops as they are overheated and , and then all of a sudden Willow raises her hands and they both crash into one another repeatedly until they both make a loud resonating boom as they explode, sending debris in all directions.

"You saved us!" says the Queen and Chancellor looking at Willow with awe."All of you, you saved us!"

"I saw them kill you in my mind!" says Willow. "They crashed into the room, and they were going to kill the both of you!" she says.

Just then Captain Panaka, Private Typho, and a lot of other Naboo come into the room, hearing the commotion.

"What happened my Queen?" asks Captain Panaka.

"Two destroyer droids tried to kill assassinate myself and Chancellor Valorum!" says Queen.

"I apologize for my failure to not have been here, I would have prevented it if I was," says Captain Panaka.

"No apology necessary," Captain Panaka. "This was a most unexpected event, I need to go to Coruscant to discuss this matter further."Please thank our new guests here because they saved us," says the Queen.

Captain Panaka bent over the inspect the droid debris, "I think this was the work of the Trade Federation!" he says. "We will have to be on guard more, they have been really uncooperative about a coming trade agreement, but we can't just accuse them of this, it could have been anyone, but we still more proof.

"Captain, I was thinking that our new guests may be of some use to us! They deserve our gratitude, we will assist them in getting back to Earth any way we can. Rupert Giles, how would the four of you like to be employed in my service? You are all honest, kind, and seem to have a variety of skills." Says the Queen thoughtfully.

"Well, your Highness, I say yes, any assistance you can offer us, we can greatly give back in return. This is most interesting as well, I would like to learn more about your culture, and the um, galaxy as well, as would my colleagues, we would all gladly like to offer you assistance," says Rupert Giles, taking off his glasses and wiping them off, rather nervously.

"Splendid," says the Queen flatly. "All of you meet myself and Chancellor Valorum in the morning here my chambers." she says.