Book of Black Dreams


She's my everlasting fantasy- a million moments in grace suspended in my mind, a treasure that I've been blessed to find. The sound of her name flows like the summer breeze, so cool yet so hot, her eyes light undying fires in my heart, her lips light eternal fires upon my skin. Fires that no man, beast, or god can extinguish.

Whenever I am torn apart, I know she will always be there to knit me back together, and draw us even closer. I know she'll be there to save me, whether it be from a pack of wolves, horrid nightmares, and even suicide… always. Her voice – a lullaby for my tortured soul warms me like a cup of hot tea on the coldest winter nights… like a loving embrace.

Welcome to my Book of Black Dreams- a place where the dark side sheds light on the fantasies, desires, and cravings of a tormented boy, a place where these fantasies have the potential to come true… where dreams can become reality…