Chapter 1

L stared blankly at the screen before him, showing nothing but a sleeping man, subtracted by a strait Jacket. He was sleeping, apparently, it was 12:04 of the night anyways. L had been staring at the figure for quite along time now, he waited for anything to happen, anything. But apparently, the figure didn't even move, he stayed quiet and still, breathing heavily and calm. L sighed and decided to turn off the projector and go to bed. But something made him stop his movements. L looked back at the screen only to see the figure move various times, his legs kicking roughly, and having his head turn left and right on the stone floor. L bit on his thumb and sat back down on his red arm, well, in his normal slouch actually.

"Augh" The figure groaned, kicking his legs harder on the floor, yelping and panting louder. He gagged and coughed as L just watched him from a different location without actually doing anything to make him wake up from his nightmare.

L tilted his head to the other side and moved his head forward, only to get a better look at the prisoner. He didn't stop kicking nor did he stop yelling. L moved his hand to his left, pressing the right button of his microphone that allowed him to speak to the human from where he was.

"Beyond!" L shouted, trying to snap the human named Beyond out of him nightmare, he apparently succeeded. Beyond shot his eyes open, panting loudly. He groaned a he sat up, looking around him in what seemed to be fear.

"W-what? W-who's there?" Beyond shouted, struggling to move away and crouch next to a corner, bringing his knees against him chest. "Who's there?" Beyond shouted again, gritting his teeth in anger.

L slapped his forehead by his mistake, Beyond didn't know L had been watching him this past year. This was the worst mistake L had ever done. Was it because he cared about B? L leaned over and spoke softly into the microphone. Oh well, Beyond can understand.

"Backup, it's me, L. Are you not feeling we-" L was cut off by loud screaming that came out from the raven's pale lips.

"Don't call me that!" Beyond spat angrily, closing his eyes tightly before he spoke again, "Lawliet…If this is really you…" Beyond stopped speaking and instead let his head hang in a depressed manner, letting his ebony colored bangs fall across his pale, sweaty face, covering his dark red eyes.

"Beyond…Look up." L demanded in his usual mono-tone, looking directly at the screen. Beyond hesitated at first before he raised his head at stared at pure darkness, frowning. L sighed at the screen before him. 'Look at him…He ruined his life because of me…' L thought as he lifted his hand and stroked the cold television screen, moving his spidery fingers across the cold glass and stopping at the quiet figure who sat on the corner, still looking at nothingness, blankness painted his face, not wanting to know anything from the world.

L didn't say anything and neither did Beyond. Silence grew, L could even make out if Beyond had fallen asleep or he was calming himself down from pure rage. L decided to end this uncomfortable silence by speaking into the microphone once again, repeating the question he tried to ask before.

"Back-" L stopped. If he referred to him as Backup, Beyond would most likely yell at him in anger and not want to hear L's voice again so L chose to call Beyond by his name for now on, he didn't want the poor murderer hold a heavy grudge against him, well, heavier that what he is already holding against him. L knew Beyond would be ever so happy if L referred to him by the name he was born with instead of just a torturing name that held him back on his life.

"Beyond, is something bothering you?" L asked, finally, without having Beyond cut him off with his whines or yells. L waited for a moment from Beyond's reply, he only opened his mouth and tried to have the words form but he only managed to give out mumbles and sighs. L waited impatiently, staring boringly at the screen, waiting for the time Beyond spoke normal words out, and that time, eventually came.

"Yes…Something is absolutely bothering me, Lawliet." Beyond grumbled, closing his eyes tightly, once again, shaking slightly. L thought for another minute or two before he replied.

"Is that so? Will you care to explain to me what that is?" L asked.

"Why?" Came the ragged reply.

"Beyond…Tell me." L commanded, as he looked at his now cold highly sugared coffee that sat on the coffee table beside him, reaching out for the now cold cup and raising it to his lips as he stared suspiciously at the psycho.

"Why do you care? I know you don't care, L." Beyond said, exhaling silently, opening his eyes once again and narrowing his eyes over the room, trying to make out where the camera was. Usually, L had a grey cameras set down on corners of a room that showed the entire room without having any other camera around. Beyond thought of that method and he finally found it, he could barely see the camera from this angel he was and the darkness that was inside the room. 'How did I not notice that stupid camera? It was right there!' Beyond shouted inside his head, fury running throughout his veins. But that just got even worse by L's reply.

"Beyond…How could you say that? I do care about you. I always did…" L replied in a softer tone, observing Beyond with his dull pitch black eyes. L clutched his teeth angrily once he saw Beyond stick his tongue out in a mocking way, saying 'Nya Nya Nya' while he did, tilting his head from side to side cutely. L sighed and spoke into the microphone in an annoyed tone, "Real Mature, Beyond" L said.

"Sorry Lawli…Was I annoying you again?" Beyond said in a child-like tone, smiling innocently at the camera. L frowned at that, 'childish as always…'.

"Beyond…What was wrong with you while you slept?" L asked again, this time clutching the microphone tightly in his right thin hand, waiting for Beyond to reply with an answer that was actually part of the question L had asked him.

"I'll tell you Lawli…That is, if you come and visit me more often…" Beyond replied, smiling sweetly at the camera since he already knew L was behind it, staring directly at him while he drank up his tea which was exactly what L was doing. L sighed before speaking.

"Very well then…How does tomorrow sound to you? Tomorrow at 3:45 PM?" L said, sipping on his coffee and drinking the cold substance slowly as he eyed the murderer. Beyond nodded.

"It's settled then…Tomorrow at Three Forty Five PM…I'll be waiting, L." Beyond said, smirking like a little child.

L sighed and that was when he turned off the projecter and took out his cell phone from his pocket, dialing Watari.

Three rings were heared before he heared Watari's voice.

"Yes, L?"

"Watari…Arrange an appointment on the Aslyum Backup is kept in…I want to visit him"

"Right away…Anything else?"

"Yes…Will you bring me another cup of coffee?"


And with that, L hung up, staring out the window of the large hotel suite, hearing car honks and people yelling from outside. L holded the bridge of his nose as he walked over to his bed, flopping down on it and staring at the ceiling, biting his lip slightly.

"Tomorrow…" L said to himself, "I'm going to see Beyond Birthday…" L smiled at the thought of seeing his look-a-like hugging him tightly, that is, if he wasn't being subtracted by a white strait jacket, he'll arrange for the nurses to take it off from Beyond once he gets there.