After being humiliated and introduced to tormenting states, Beyond couldn't take it anymore. He was losing it- his sanity, the last bit of it, it there was any to begin with. Torment and hatred is all that he had learned to hold onto since he had been kidnapped, by his father, of course. Nothing mattered, the sensation of warmth was foreign to him, the thoughts of escaping were irrelevant. He was completely broken, shattered into thousand pieces. He thought of nothing, he simply stared blankly at the random blood-stained pebbles and glass that lay a few feet before him, staring at his dry blood from days before, he had forgotten why he even resisted at the time, he had no chance of escaping his grasp anyway, such a waste of blood and energy.

All Beyond had found himself feeling was pain. Pain and the coldness of the dark basement was all that was set upon his pale and abused complexion. His ebony strands of hair were stiff, desperate in need of being washed. Taking note of his current state, Beyond cringed- this was wrong. Guilt had taken over his mind, Why did he kill those innocent people? For his own selfish obsession of over-passing L? Or was it his sadistic excuse for fun? Becoming unexpectedly nauseated by the thought of blood, which had become a regular thing since his abduction, Beyond simply avoided his attention from his own murders.

Unexpectedly, The 'hell door' had quietly begun to creak open, signaling the sudden arrival of the devil himself. Shoulders rapidly trembling in complete traumatizing fear. A cold manic laugh caused his entire body to tremble unconsciously. Fear had overrun his nerves and had caused his heart to panic u uncontrollably. Unable to do anything that was destined to happen, Beyond simply huddled himself as far away as possible from the devil.

"Why are you running away, Beyond?" the devil mocked, "there's nowhere to run silly- careful, You're crawling towards the glass you idiot!" but Beyond didn't listen, his entire body had already been numb to the bone, a couple shard glass punctuating his skin is not such a big deal, if it meant escaping his grasp for a few more moments, so be it. Anything is worth a few more moments of self-isolation from the reality of this hell.

"Don't be such a tease, now." Stopping slight movement, Beyond tensed. A sudden spark of rage had been lit up from within him. Snapping his attention directly at the devil, Beyond's ruby eyes glared intensely at the figure above him.

"Tease?" Beyond choked out, a broken smile plastered upon his lips, the action had become to foreign to him that it was almost awkward doing it- "You humiliated and abused me for how long now? A month at most, and you still expect me to be a tease? You bastard!" Beyond's weak body had lunged itself forward, desire to claw this man's eyes out was evident at this point.

Alex, however, had become oblivious of the act and simply shifted himself from Beyond's area of target, resulting in Beyond falling, face first, into a pile of blood-stained razor sharp shards of glass. He watched Beyond helplessly push himself up from the painful fall, shard intact with his face, blood spilling once again, lucky a shard hadn't come intact with his eye- that would simply be unfortunate.

Beyond, realizing his sudden outburst, had once again feared for his life, his body trembled, he tried to maintain his tears from dripping from his eyes before his nappy hair was roughly and painfully tugged behind him, forcing his head to jerk up, facing the devil himself, by staring into his emerald gaze, he had no effort to contain the tears from slipping. Alex noticed his sign of weakness as an invitation to so what he has originally planned to do. Grinning, Alex had flung Beyond's quivering helpless body on its back, glass puncturing his semi-healed wounds, once again.

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