Chapter 9.




Being dragged by the stone floor left burning rashes all over Beyond's feet, they bleed whenever his foot was dragged atop a sharp glass, stone, or even loose metal. They have been going around like this for minutes, or even hours. Beyond grunted and and grit his teeth, the combo of the aftermath of his penetration, and the burning sensation was obviously irritating him. He wanted everything to stop. He missed being locked inside a white room, strapped in a straight-jacket, being forced to take down his medication, arguing with the nurses and doctors; being feared by everything and everyone.

"What are you thinking, Son?"

Beyond was alarmed, and flinched at the voice, looking up, he noticed that he had an angry look in his face; unsure of what to do or say- he stayed quiet. His father had changed a lot during the years. Changed? No, this wasn't the "good change" many people go through, this was a "Horrible change". His father grew more sadistic and evil during the long years- Beyond could hardly imagine all the things he had done to come to this level- a level higher than himself, obviously. Beyond has never seen anything like it- and he thought he was a maniac, oh the irony!

"Ya' Know," Jerome began, "You have been quiet lately, tell me...-" Jerome stopped walking and let go of Beyond's hair, kicking him away in order to crouch infront of his figure. "How do you kill your victims?"

Beyond blinked.

Now, since when did he know about that?

"Wh-what are you talking about?"

"You know perfectly well about what I am referring to, Beyond. Don't act stupid!" Jerome spat, a frown clearly visible in his face. He was getting upset.

Beyond sat up, staring up at his "father"- trying to maintain a glare before he began to speak.

"I moved to Los Angeles five years ago, anger was rushing to my veins, I felt dead; because of you, I hated everyone. The orphanage that lived with my bull-shit was nothing more than a-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah- I don't care about your life story. Carry on with your murders! Tell me every explicit detail, describe how the blood felt on your hands! TELL ME EVERYTHING!"

The rough and excited voice scared Beyond, he felt a shiver pass through his body rapidly. After, he continued, telling everything to his "father" as if it was a father-and-son discussion.

L bit into his thumb nail, the sound of the keyboard was all that was heard inside the room. The thought of having to deal with the fact that Beyond Birthday had been kidnapped was just unbelievable!

L scrolled down Beyond Birthday's asylum entry and read the text.


Case number: 87960

Date of Admition: June 27, 2004

Name:Beyond Last Name: Birthday

Age: 19 Sex: Male

Relationship status (check one): Married[ ] Single[x] Widowed[ ]

Has Any Family: Refuses to state.

Occupation: ...hmm.

Habits Of Life: Unknown.

Religious persuation: Undisclosed...

Brought by Whom: Alexander Baffrey.

Form of Insanity:Depression and predicted to have bipolar disorder.

Supposed Cause: Unknown

Is Hereditary: No

Is Suicidal:Quite frankly, yes.

Is dangerous to others: Yes.

Is Destructive to Property: Yes

State of Bodily Health: Sick

Are Markings Violent, If Any?: Cuts and bruises, claims to be self-inflicted. But test state otherwise. '

L stared blackly at the five year six year old form of registration in silence.

"Cuts and bruises, claims to be self-inflicted; but tests state otherwise... family, refuses to state, huh?" L sighed and stood up from his arm chair and walking around the dark room, remmebering all the notes Beyond had taken at Wammy's House and the form. "So, I know perfectly well that he has been abused... There is no way of-"

DNA testing.

But where could he get blood? Or hair?

Then it hit him; Roger always takes blood samples from the orphans at Wammy's house, he keeps many from various years ago, for unknown reasons, perhaps he has some blood samples that belong to Beyond Birthday?