From Afar

This story is a Spike/Dawn one shot. There is a Smutish-hint of stalkerishness, plus some romanceishness undertones.

Dear Diary,

The Bronze was full tonight. A local band was on stage, and they were just rocked the place. Listening to them made me miss Oz. He was cool. The scoobies were at thier usual table just chillin out on a summers eve. No Vampire hunting for them tonight. It was a monster lul with the sun being out for so many hours. So I guess it was nice for them to just sit back and relax and enjoy the break.

I snuck out of the house that evening and followed the Scoobies to the bar. As far as they were concerned, I was just a young kid and as I was yet not 18, I wasn't allowed to have a life outside of the sunshineyness of daylight in Sunnydale. As if that made life here any safer. I was supposed to be home tucked into my bed like a good little Dawnie, yeah right. As if!

I watched them, from a safe dark corner as they enjoyed themselves. And there at the table was the man of my dreams. Not that he knew I was alive since I am pretty sure he is in love with my sister, like SHE knows and or cares for him at all. If only he turned those beautifl blue eyes my way, he would for sure have a forever lasting love. If only I could get him to notice me the way I see him notice 'Her'. She doesnt care care for him. Augh! The way his eyes turn all glowyish when he looks at her. But then again that just might be the fact he would love to suck her blood and he cant, so it just might be his Vampireishness trying to come out.

I know Slayer blood is powerfull and all, but I bet My blood would be just as tasty as hers 'cuz I'm the Key and all. I would so let him have some of mine if he asked. Sigh.

If I could I would so show him a good time. They think Im all pure and virgeniey, but thats not true. The guy from trig class sure had a good time, he he. But hey! You know what they say 'practice makes perfect'. And I could so show him perfect. Those Kegel excercises I found in that book of Willows that I, uh 'borrowed' form her, (She still hasnt noticed that it is missing) really come in handy. The guy from gym class would really have to agree there. Ha! So there dear sister of mine, I am so not a vergin!

But I so totally sighed as the dear, dear man of my dreams laughed at something Anya said, even though it made everyone else at the table shudder. I guess it was one of her glory, gory stories form her old days as a Vengence demon. I dont know why everyone else gets creeped out with those stories, I think there cool, 'cuz you know history was 'very' bloody. And better hto hear them form someone who was acutally there, than read form a book. I love listening to the Blond Sex God of my dreams retell his exploits. Such a beautifl voice he has Diary. I could listen to him for hours. Sigh again.

I have to wrap this up my dear diary of my tottaly secret and forbiddin secrets. Its late, and I have to get up early tomorrow to go shopping with Anya. Maybe I could get her to let me get some leigere, she doesnt kneed to know who I am going to wear it for. Hint Hint. Just an accidental oops, with Spike acidentaly seeing me from a door ajar after a shower of mine, so he accidentally sees me. All acidental like. Let you know soon if my plan comes to fruition. Later Diary.

Spike and Dawn Forever!