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The Northern Mountainous regions can be beautiful during some seasons of the year. The trees change with the season, going from bare in the winter to lively in the spring. The mountains that littered the region were for almost nine months of the year snow-capped, at least the high ones. But for summer, the snow would finally melt, and run down to the rivers and streams below, making the land bountiful and beautiful for the eyes to see.

But Kinon knew that she didn't have the time for sight seeing. It was summer, and the humid weather was starting to annoy her. Her face contorted in a scowl at the irritating humidity.

"Why couldn't we just stay where we were?" she thought out loud as she peered through the binoculars. "Down south at least it's dry and we might get to see Kamina again too. This sucks."

The Black Siblings' encounter with the small group called "The Gurren Brigade" was interesting to say the least. It consisted of Kamina, the self proclaimed "Demon Leader" of the group hailing from Giha Village and pilot of the Guren. There was Yoko, the shapely marksmen hailing from Ritona Village. There was also a creepily androgynous mechanic named Leeron, also from Ritona. And little Simon, a kid who was around Kiyal's age, maybe younger but Kinon didn't ask, and he always hung out with a pig mole too.

While she scouted the area for Northern Army patrols and convoys, Kittan and her sisters were back a kilometer or so away making camp. Kinon chewed on the strange Beastman substance known as "Gum", blew a bubble with it, and chewed it back into her mouth. She brought her binoculars back to her eyes, scanning the woodlands for any trace of the glint of metal or a flash of Beastman fur.

Suddenly, she spotted what appeared to be a satellite dish on the face of a mountainside. She squinted and increased the binoculars' focus on the hillside.

She could see the outlines of a large rectangular silhouette, possibly a door.

"Big brother! Come see what I found!"

Kiyal bounded through the leaves, holding two dead Raccoon-birds, one in each hand. Her brother Kittan was setting up the finishing touches to their campsite.

"Nice work Kiyal! I'm starving!" said Kittan.

The base camp was spartan. Four sleeping bags centered around a fire, with their equipment near a tree along with their hovercraft. Kittan, the de facto leader of the Black Siblings, drooled slightly at the sight of what would soon be their dinner. Kiyal, still in her optimistic mood, suddenly started scanning the camp for her sisters. Only she and her brother were present.

"Where's Kinon and Kiyoh, Big Brother?" asked Kiyal.

"Kinon's out scouting for any potential Beastman targets," explained Kittan. "We're running a bit low on supplies, so we should stage another raid soon. Kiyoh's down at the creek taking a bath."

Kiyal took that information in and nodded slowly, putting the two genetically engineered animals down and going to the hovercraft. She grabbed out a cutting board, a skinning knife, and some skewers.

"Can you help me out Big Brother? I never, um, 'skinned' animals before," asked Kiyal.

"Usually Kiyoh handles that job, but I know how to. Let me help ya out."

Just when Kittan was about to cut the wings off the bird, the duo heard rustling in the bushes and snapping twigs. Kittan immediately switched his grip on the knife for combat, and Kiyal drew her pistol and aimed it at the sound.

"What is the name of our village elder?" asked Kittan very loudly.

Then a voice replied back, "Gagorye".

Kittan and Kiyal sighed in relief as they brought their weapons down, and Kinon walked into the campsite.

"Any of them fuzzballs around, Kinon?" asked Kittan. "Any towns we could raid?"

"Not a soul, but I did find something strange..." replied Kinon.

"Ooooooh, what'd ya find sis?" asked Kiyal, curiosity in her eyes.

"Ok, I think I may have found something big…."

Kiyoh gave a sigh of relief as she started drying off from her bath. Traveling from a dry desert to a humid mountain range could be tedious, especially with the climate change affecting their travel. Usually, provided they had extra water, an arid desert was easy to conquer. But a humid area full of hills and mountains to climb was, in her opinion at least, unbearable due to the heat and wet air.

She started humming a tune as she walked over to pick up her clothes and the Kuli Furry body wash she used to clean herself up. As she put on her black top with a bit of difficulty, she turned her head toward the direction of the camp, and noticed something odd. She squirmed into her skirt.

"At least the weight is going to the right place, why is Kiyal such a good cook…", she mumbled, contemplating the increased size of her shapely rear and silky, womanly plump thighs. If her mother were still alive she would have called them "childbearing hips". She grinned as she cupped her breasts and massaged the flesh that was her busom. They seemed to have grown larger since she and her siblings met Kamina.

"Guess I managed to beat out that redhead down south," she said to herself, pleased at the way her breasts bounced. She gave a slight giggle.

As she pulled on her socks, Kiyoh happened to glance down towards the creek. She paused, suddenly unsettled. Something was not quite right. Curious, she stripped off her clothes and strode back into the water. She dived, scanning her eyes across the riverbed. Seeing nothing, she rose, drew a breath, and dived again. Still nothing. She rose, drew breath, and paused. For a moment she felt foolish, thinking it just a fancy flash of imagination. But her curiosity would not yield to doubt, and she dived once again.

A rock near the centre of the riverbed drew her attention. She could not say how, but it did not seem quite right, almost as if it were out of place.
It didn't seem to fit somehow. Driven by a sudden notion, she passed her hand over the rock. She started. The water flowed differently around the rock, almost as if it were being drawn down behind it.

After one last breath, she placed her hands upon the rock. The rock was neither large nor heavy, and it came away easily. Kiyoh looked down, wondering at the small round hole in the mud below the rock. She ran her fingers around it, wiping the mud away to reveal a metal pipe. She stuck her hand in the opening, felt it being drawn down.

She stood up, rising from the water with a splash. What could it be? Why would something be drawing water from the river? And why hide it?

Another thought occurred, and she looked up at the mountain that loomed nearby. For a few moments she saw nothing, except for a slight glint in the moonlight. She squinted, and eventually made out something up there. It was circular, with a thin rod extending from the middle. Kiyoh stared at it, wondering what it could be, and if it had any connection to the pipe.

"What the..."

She took another deep breath, intending to make one last pass at the hole before going back.

And with that deep breath, her bra snapped.

"Ah crap," she said as she subconsciously covered her larger bust and grabbed her bra with her free hand.

"I hope that any Beastmen we come across have my measurements, otherwise I'm gonna sag…" Kiyoh sighed sadly as she walked back to shore to dry off and head back to the campsite.

In the darkness beneath the earth, a great chamber was illuminated by the glow of a large, liquid-filled tube in its centre. Bubbles rose through the liquid, causing the shadows on the walls to ripple and undulate. Inside was a boy, floating upright, his grey hair dancing in the bubbling fluid. An observer familiar with humans would have thought him to be aged about fifteen.

The boy stirred suddenly, his red eyes fluttering open, glancing up at the pipe that pumped water into his sanctuary. He drew breath, and noted that something had changed. The smell of the liquid that gave him life was somehow different.

The boy knew that smell. It was similar to the smell of the one who usually stood outside his sanctuary, but that person was not present, and the room was dark. It was the smell of a body wash, the most popular in the Teppelin Empire amongst female Beastmen. One that his guardian liked to use whenever she would bathe with him.

Kuli Furry Bodywash.

"What's the name of our village elder"?

"Gagorye," said the voice.

"Welcome back sis!" chirped Kiyal.

Kiyoh walked into the camp only to find that her siblings were packing up. However, dinner was still cooking, at least judging by the smell of two roasting racoon-birds.

"What's with the packing guys? I we just got here a few hours ago," asked Kiyoh.

"We may have found a Beastman facility or something. We're gonna check it out to see if we can get some supplies," explained Kittan as he placed his rolled up sleeping bag in the trunk compartment of the hovercraft. "Course, it goes without saying that we'll be taking out any Beastman that might be there."

"You mean that mountain with that metallic object, right?" asked Kiyoh.

Kinon's eyebrows went up a little as she turned her head towards her elder sister. "How did you know?" she asked.

"I was bathing near a creek over there, it's actually within walking distance."

Kittan and Kiyal turned their heads toward Kinon with confusion on their faces.

"I was a kilo or two away and with the sun setting in my eyes my vision might have gotten misled. Sorry guys…" said Kinon dejectedly as she lowered her head a bit.

"Don't worry about Kinon, after all we would prefer a roof over our heads rather than the wilderness, hence why we are moving our stuff," said Kittan as he walked over and sat down by the fire and their dinner. The sisters finished placing their respective sleeping bags in the trunk compartment of their hovercraft and moved over to the fire and sat down.

"Who's up for some charred raccoon-birds?" asked Kittan with a smile on his face.

The girls nodded together as they waited for Kittan to cut the bird-mammals up into equal shares. Then suddenly,

"Hey Kiyoh, where's your bra?" asked Kiyal, breaking the silence. The three non-Kiyoh siblings turned their heads towards their sister.

Kiyoh's face went from a normal tan to a crimson similar to the fire crackling in front of her.

It was still deep in the night when the Black Siblings reached the mountain. After parking several meters away from the satellite dish, they noticed a large imprint of door on the mountain face.

"That was that door outline I told you about earlier," mentioned Kinon as she put the hovercraft in park.

The siblings got off the transport. Kiyal went over to pop the trunk open as Kittan went over to another compartment on the side of the trunk. He grabbed about two pounds of C4 and walked over to place them on the door. Just has he placed the first one on the door, the door immediately fell down inwards and landed with a large crash . All the siblings jumped in shock of the sudden loud noise.

"Well that solves any problems getting in," joked Kinon.

Deep within the facility, the boy stirred as the tube vibrated slightly. Whatever caused it to move, it was large and loud. Shrugging it off as a small earthquake, the boy closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

"Ok guys, this how we're going to do this. We'll salvage any small arms weapons and scout this base for any supplies and, if there are any, Beastmen. The electricity doesn't seem to be working judging how dark it is down there so we'll use our flashlights. Keep your communicators on and stay in contact. If you can find any power source here that can give this place a light or two, by all means be my guest and turn it on." Kittan rattled out orders as he walked back to the hovercraft and replaced the explosives, only to grab a sawed-off shotgun. Kiyoh pulled out an assault rifle and several magazines, while Kiyoh fit herself out with a pistol and a stun baton. Kinon hefted an automatic shotgun and a belt full of shells.

"Alright then, Black Siblings! Let's move out!" called Kittan with a booming yell as he gestured for his younger sisters to follow him. As one they walked forwards into the darkness, flashlights lighting up as they went.

Over the next twenty-four hours, they would set into motion events that would affect not only themselves, but the entirety of the human race.

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