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"Demons side"

Kammey's eye twitched. Why does it seem that every time she takes a bath it feels like she's being watched? "AHHH" Kammey splashed down in the water covering her chest and glancing around. "Oh...That's me!" She grinned as she looked at the mirror across the bathroom and waved at herself. "Hi me!" she exclaimed. She reached over at the counter Next to her and grabbed a pink fluffy towel and stood up. She wrapped it around herself and stepped out of her bath and unplugged the drain.

She started to giggle as she watched the bath water swirl in the drain. "Slosh goes the bath water!" She screamed as she stood up. Kammey looked in the mirror and grinned at herself. She had shoulder length brown hair with bright pink highlights and spiky bangs that ended at her eyebrows and bright blue eyes.

She got dressed and skipped out of the bathroom while singing the waffles song. She walked down the hallway and stopped at a door. All over it were stickers and signs saying 'do not enter' and 'stay the fuck away'. The girl ignored the warnings clearly labeled and barged in screaming "masturbation is healthy!"

Sitting on the bed was a girl with red hair that was spiked in the back two long bangs framing her face, small bangs that covered her eyes, heavily bright green eye lined eyes, she has a piercing in her nose and one in her lip both sliver, she was wearing a black tore up shirt that said 'fuck yu bitchzz' and gray skinny jeans with rips in them. She looked up and raised an eyebrow with a 'what the fuck look'. Kammey raised her arms and spun in a circle and said "it's a beautiful day to be sexy! Live up in the moment Shannon!" Shannon just shook her head and continued to read her book. "Come on Shannon schools in two hours and you have to get ready!" Kammey screamed. Shannon sighed. "You idiot it's Saturday. There's no school dip shit!" Kammey turned her head to the side and blinked"...ohhh...hehe..." Shannon shook her head and placed down her book. "So what are we doing today?" she asked. Kammey walked over to her and flopped down on her bed. "I don't know I guess we could go to park for a while" Kammey said. Shannon shrugged and said "fine with me." Kammey grinned and bounced up. "Well let's get ready then!" little did they know but that decision was going to send their life into living hell.

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