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"Inner self"


Kammey blew her bangs out of her face and glared at Shannon and 'Psycho'. She couldn't believe that this friend that Shannon was so fond of was...a guy. Shannon didn't usually get along with guys. This explained why she didn't date. Kammey blew her bangs out of her face again.

"I wish we could hurry this up already, she hasn't even brought up the item we found at the park..." She continued to glare at them till her patience wore thin. "Shannon when are you going to explain are finding to him?" Kammey said, boredom lining her words. "Oh yea, hey Psycho I have to ask you something." Shannon said. He turned his head slightly to the left, clasped his hands and he got a mystic glint in his brown eyes. "Why Shannon...I knew you would come to me eventually baby!" He screamed. Everything got quiet.

Shannon's whole face turned red, Kammey was trying to hold back her giggles, and Psycho stayed in his current 'love state'. "Hahahahahaha!" Kammey couldn't hold it any longer she was leaned over and holding her knees giggling and laughing. "I...I can-cant breath!" she screamed falling on the floor and rolling around. "The-The look on your face Shannon! Y-you...hehehehe!" The whole time Kammey was rolling around on the ground Shannon's fury built and built till...

"BAKA!" she screamed while punching her best friend on the head. Kammey got up and started whining to Shannon who was shaking her fist and muttering stupid over and over again, But during this entire time Psycho got bored and decided to go thru their bags finding a small golden block with blue writing on it.

Speak these words of evince time.

Speak these words to solve the rhyme.

'Cause anything is not without cause.

When everything seems lost.

Life cannot be lived without a cost.'

"What the hell?" Psycho mumbled. "Hey guys where did you find this?" He asked them. They both looked up and answered at the same time. "Park." He just nodded and asked them if they could read it. "No, actually that was the reason we came here but I got caught up and forgot to ask you." Shannon stated. "I can read it but it makes no sense." The girls turned both their heads to the side. "What do you me Psycho?" He read the words to them. They both repeated the words and instantly felt tingly and warm. "What the-Ahh" Kammey screamed and fell to the floor in pain she started clawing at her chest. "It burns!" she screamed. Shannon screamed and fell to the floor and started griping anything in sight. The carpet, her arms, the air. Another blood curdling scream rang thru the night. After what seemed like an eternity the pain started to fade, and then everything went black.