Brother thought I resented him. Al couldn't stop thinking about it, even though he'd already reassured Ed that he could never hate him. How could he keep that a secret from me during these past few years? These thoughts had completely replaced all those he'd worried over before, when he was questioning his humanity. Now, he wondered how he'd ever doubted his brother to begin with. It all seemed so silly. If only we'd told each other what we were thinking, what we'd been feeling, our fight could've been avoided. Brother wasn't the only one hiding his fears; I was so afraid everything I knew was a lie – that our brotherhood was a lie.

I didn't mean to hurt you. Well, maybe at the time I wanted to hurt you, make you feel a little of the pain and devastation I was feeling right then. Even then; though, it cut me deep to see the look on your face as I ran off that night. At the time, I couldn't help but wonder if you'd made those memories so I would feel this attachment to you, never want to leave you, ache if I even considered leaving. Now I know better.

I was shocked by your question when you found me. Winry, the Ishballans, even Barry – none of them mattered right then. All I was aware of was you. In that single moment, I knew that I had nothing to fear, because you were there by my side no matter what.

"Brother...I could never hate you." I love you.