A/N: Re-watching seaosn two of Leverage. I love this episode about the future. Loved how Elliot instantly agreed to kill the guy for Parker. I hated what he did to her, how upset she was. Anyway, this is a little add-on scene.

Spoilers for 2x13 the future job.

"You know, just sometimes I worry about you," Tara spoke up and the team looked at her in confusion. Elliot raised an eyebrow.

"Me?" he asked, worried, considering he was the last to speak. Why was she worried about him? Parker was the one that was different to everyone else and the one who they should be concerned about - or Hardison. There was something wrong with him.

"She just suggested we kill someone, and you shrugged raising your hand without even hesitating, like it's the most natural thing in the world."

"Tara, I have killed people before," he told her and she nodded her head, knowing a little about his past.

"This is pre-meditated murder. This is different; it's not killing because you have to."

"I'm doing it for Parker. He hurt Parker, and I want to hurt him back. Get revenge for what he did to her."

Hardison went to speak but Tara raised her hand cutting him of.

"And I agree with you there, I'm not arguing about that. We all want revenge for the way he hurt Parker," Tara looked down at the blonde lying on the floor, against the couch, eyes red from crying, before chancing a look at Nate, before her attention went back to Elliot, "I just think we should look at a non-violent solution before jumping straight in to murder."

"Can I at least break his knee-caps?" Parker laughed a little and Elliot smiled, glad that he was able to make Parker feel at least a little better. Elliot looked at Nate, asking permission, and the mastermind sighed.

"Not yet. We need him to walk. Parker, I promise you this. We will destroy him."