The Revolution of Chaos

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Summary: It's been nearly a year since a Titan died. Now the Titans must face an enemy like no other, wielding a power from beyond the past. A man whose revolution shall unite the worlds...or destroy them all. The question now is, who's on what side?

A.N. This is AU. Everything from before 'Titan Rising' is the same and diverges off from there. The only thing different before then is that the RedX suit is already stolen.
Challenge by flood125.
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Raven stared out of the passenger seat window in a daze as Cyborg drove back to the Tower. They had all gone out for pizza that night, but none of them were in a good mood. It's was one week from now that the day they all hated came. In one week, it would be a year since Beastboy, AKA Garfield Mark Logan, died.

It had been so simple, a regular burning building. They had done those dozens of times before, but something different happened this time. Beastboy was in the basement, searching for survivors. No one's sure what happened exactly, only that there was some kind of explosive material that went off when he was down there. They had searched high and low for any bit of the changeling, only to come up with a piece of his costume that had survived the explosive. Robin and Cyborg had picked that place apart trying to find a clue to what happened, who the explosive belong to, why they were there, etc; only to come up with nothing. The explosive material seemed to have been completely vaporized and no one knew anything about the explosives. The following week had been nicknamed "The Week of Titan Sorrow and Terror." It fit due to how they acted: no one talked to the press, they snapped most of time when asked about anything,(especially about their now deceased Teammate) and they were extra vicious when taking down villains.

A boulder flying by over head caught Raven's attention. Half a month after Beastboy died, Terra had come back, with greater control than when she first met them. She hadn't heard about Beastboy's death until then. Raven had taken her to a spot far out in the desert, away from people, where she promptly let loose so much with her powers, Raven wasn't sure who did more damage there while venting: Her or Terra. She and Terra had grown surprisingly close after that. They weren't the best of friends, but it was close. It had taken a while, but they eventually trusted each other.

They had all taken the loss hard, but the others were surprised at how hard Raven took it. She seemed to become even more introverted than when they all first met. If it wasn't for their continuous pleas to come out at times, she might have stayed in there forever. Terra, surprisingly, had been the biggest help. The others wondered why, but with the way Raven and Terra stayed at Beastboy's grave longer than anyone, they had a guess.

One day, after they had finished a spar, Raven and Terra had both said the same seven words to each other, "He would have been proud of you." They had both come a long way with their powers. Terra only rarely lost control, and then it was small things, like a small rock. Raven had tried harder and harder to express herself without her powers causing any damage. She didn't smile more, probably less, but she did express herself with a lot less worry now.

Raven came out of her reminiscing as Cyborg stopped at a red light. She look out and saw a man on an all black Ducati Desmosedici RR.(1) He was wearing black cargo pants, black steel-toe boots, a black trench coat,(tied together to prevent it from getting caught in the wheel) leather gloves, and a helmet that was blocking his face. He seemed to be staring at her, but she couldn't tell if it was her or the traffic. He gave her a 'farewell' gesture as he turned right and sped off. That guy seemed...creepy, as much as she hated to use that word. Something seemed to be blocking her empathic powers around him. She could usually sense, and ignore, most of the feelings of those around her. This man didn't give off anything, like a blank slate.

Suddenly, their communicators went off. "Titans! Robbery at Jump City Bank! Unknown assailants with powers!" Robin's voice informed through the devices. With a jerk, Cyborg started speeding up and expertly avoiding traffic as they sped towards the bank. It was strange though. Crime had gone down and all the villains were going for smaller things than the biggest and most secure bank in the city. People had joked that it was the fact that they were using the villains as stress relief since their friend died. Judging by the look on Cyborg's face, they were probably right.

Jump City Bank

Cyborg pulled up behind the police cars. There was a lot of money in that bank, and they literally couldn't afford for whoever was in there to get away with it. As Raven got out of the car, she spotted a familiar black motorcycle pulled up not too far away. 'It's probably a coincidence,' She thought as she shook her head.

Robin and Terra walked up to them as Starfire floated down next to them. "Okay team, here's the situation. At least two unknown people, meta-humans most likely, snuck in undetected and basically started causing hell in there, causing everyone to evacuate the building. Police are in the front and in the back of the building. They tried going in, but they always fainted for no apparent reason just outside the bank. Raven, Cyborg, can either of you detect anything?" Robin informed as they both started scanning the building in their own ways.

"None of my scanners are picking up anything, except for a concentration of unknown energy. Sorry dude, I got nothing." Cyborg apologized as his leader nodded.

Raven had a confused look on her face as she spoke, "That energy is chakra."

"You mean like your powers?" Robin asked, slightly worried. He didn't want to have an all out fight with someone that had even a good fraction of Raven's powers.

"No, this is...different. I've never felt it used like this before. It's a spell, for lack of a better term, that causes the victim to fall asleep for a short amount of time. I can break it, and the police will wake up on their own, but I'm not sure what else this stuff can do." Raven informed.

Robin took this in before nodding to Raven. "Azarath Metreon Zinthos." She chanted a moment. The air seemed 'lighter' after she finished.

They all cautiously made their way through the bank, heading for the vault in the darkness since the power had been turned off. As they did, they couldn't throw off the feeling they were being watched, but no one could pick up on anything, so they figured it must be their nerves. As they approached the vault, the uneasiness continued to grow. Just as they reached the open vault, they heard clapping behind them.

"Well, I'm impressed sister, I would have thought at least one of you and your friends would be snoozing outside along with the police that tried to get in here." Blackfire said mockingly from where she was floating, near the ceiling.

Starfire gasped as she saw her sister, "Sister! I thought you were in prison?" Starfire asked, more surprised than anything.

"Ahh, yes. A new friend of mine actually busted me out. One who wants to meet you shortly." Blackfire answered, cryptically.

"Hey, Blackfire! A little help here- well that was fast, I figured they'd take another five minutes at least." A voice called from inside the vault. They turned around to see none other than RedX standing there with a large bag of money on his back.

"Your new friend I'm guessing?" Robin asked Blackfire, while glaring at Red X. He never did discover who had stolen the suit.
"No, we met through my 'friend' or boss I should say." She said with a slight giggle. Starfire then noticed her sister was blushing ever so slightly.

"So who's this boss of yours, Blackgirl?" Terra taunted lightly. Upsetting someone, even a little, generally had the effect of making them more likely to slip up with something.

"We can't tell you, but I think we can show you." RedX answered, you could tell he was grinning by his voice.

Before they could ask anything else, they heard footsteps from the side of the room. Out walked the same man Raven had seen on the motorcycle outside. "Blackfire, Red, grab a load and get back to headquarters, I'll deal with them." A mechanically altered voice came through his helmet.

"Please do leave my sister in one piece, Master Chaos. I do have a score to settle with her." Blackfire's voice took on a more respectful and submissive tone, as she floated to the vault.

This caused Starfire to gain a worried expression. Her sister only acted like this when two things happened: someone was stronger than her and that person somehow gained her respect, maybe even admiration by the looks of her. But for her sister to not only obey someone, especially willingly, but to also call him master, he must have gained her loyalty. She didn't know who this 'Chaos' was, but he wasn't someone to take lightly.

"Five on one, odds aren't looking good for you man." Cyborg said in a smug tone, as he charged his sonic cannon.

"You underestimate me, Cyborg." Chaos said evenly.

"Starfire, you and Terra stop Blackfire and RedX!" Robin ordered as he, Raven, and Cyborg charged Chaos.

Said adversary promptly disappeared by the time they were half way to him. He reappeared in front of Terra, now floating on small bit of earth under her feet, and Starfire. He struck them in the middle of their chests with his palms. They both flew backwards and skid towards their fellow titans.

"Your fight is with me Titans." Chaos said firmly, making it clear they weren't leaving without fighting him.

"Titans Go!" Robin roared as they charged him.

End of Chapter

1. Fastest road legal bike.

Well that's that. I've been meaning to do this one for a while now. Beastboy died a year ago, and now someone makes an appearance. So who is Chaos and what does he want? And why is Blackfire acting this way? And how will this fight turn out? Read and Review!