The Revolution of Chaos

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The HIVE Academy; or, if you desire the full name, the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination Academy for Extraordinary Young People- H.I.V.E.A.E.Y.P. It is, in essence, a boarding school of sorts for young villains-in-training. Aliens, mutants, and even regular yet gifted humans were permitted enrollment to this institution. It had been run for several decades by a woman known simply as the Headmistress.

Recently, however, the school had gone under the management of a new Headmaster, Brother Blood. The man was an excellent teacher of the finer arts for being a villain: The Theory of Mayhem, the factors to consider if a plan was too dangerous to commence, the basic rules for any operation based on the use and/or creation of a super-weapon, etc. On top of that, they had classes on weapons, combat, and armor-all of which were basically gym class to them. They also had advanced classes for promising leaders on how to recruit regular criminals if one so desires, how to train and keep them in line, how to set up a crime network, where NOT to hide your secret base, how best to engage one or more heroes with or without back up, and what common mistakes to avoid as a crime leader.

There also was a...modern history class of sorts on villainy and heroism. Essentially, it was class dedicated to imparting as much information as possible to the students on the various heroes and villains of the world, and beyond. There were three purposes of this class: learning how many powers worked and how to counter them, knowing the major players amongst the villains and heroes, and help them learn from the failures of others. It boiled down to it being real life examples for what the student would face one day.

However, while Brother Blood was the Headmaster of the Jump HIVE, that didn't mean he was completely in charge of the facility. No, the true master of the HIVE was the man who funded and expanded the Academy…the man that had hired Brother Blood to teach the students…a masked man that even he only knew as Chaos.

"Ahh, I see you three have made it back alright," Brother Blood greeted with his disarming smile as he saw Chaos stroll down the hall from the entrance with Blackfire and Red-X by his side, both of whom had a large sack of money over their shoulders, "I trust everything went without a hitch, Mr. Chaos," He said knowingly to his benefactor.

"Turn on any news station, I'm sure you'll be seeing and hearing about what happened for the next day or two," Red-X answered with a chuckle.

"So, your plan is in motion then?" Brother Blood asked with a smirk.

"Indeed. With their attention focused on me, you and the HIVE with be granted a lesser degree of scrutiny from the Titans for now, unless you do something to endanger the entire city," Chaos answered evenly. Despite the fact that Brother Blood was more than a head taller than him, Red-X and Blackfire still saw their master as the more intimidating of the two.

"A clever move, but are you sure that is wise? Won't the Justice League get involved now that they know a cape killer is on the loose in Jump?" Brother Blood asked cautiously, wondering if Chaos could handle that.

"Unlikely. Robin will be too proud to willingly take help from the League right away. And the Titans will all desire to avenge their teammate personally. However, I have a contingency plan if the League decides to get themselves involved too soon," Chaos assured as he nodded to Red-X, who put his bag of money down. "Here, give the students a party. After all, I'm sure they'll be celebrating the anniversary of a Titan's death," Chaos suggested offhandedly as he headed past the Headmaster, Red-X and Blackfire following after him dutifully.

Brother Blood stared as the trio walked away, his eyes glowing red, frowning as they continued on without pause. Chaos was still a troubling and mysterious being to him. The man was a complete mystery, never removing the mask and never giving hint as to his true identity; or how he and the other two were able to resist Brother Blood's mental abilities. Even after all these months, answers still eluded Brother Blood. Still, he smiled to himself. While Chaos and his two helpers were out of his power, the rest of the HIVE students weren't. And Chaos decidedly was not his enemy at the moment, meaning he had little to fear of him.

Said trio headed through the halls to a specific room that had built into the HIVE on Chaos's orders. However, the higher powers decided to delay them as Gizmo started flying round the corner with his jet pack, flying backwards at that, "Will you stop chasing me ya Scrub-muncher!" He yelled as a very angry Jinx came around the corner and hit Gizmo's jetpack, blinking as she noticed Chaos and the others after the deed was done. The result was Gizmo's flight system going haywire and making his flight erratic. Chaos didn't even react as Gizmo barely missed him...and went face first into a Tameranian valley.

Jinx stared in shock while Red-X looked amused and Chaos was unreadable due to his ever present helmet. Blackfire just smirked coyly down at the blushing midget between her mounds, "Gizmo? While I understand how much you must appreciate my form, you had best remove yourself from my body before I make you a bit smaller," She warned, her playful tone and smile never changing in the slightest, making the small genius shoot away quickly, stuttering an apology in light fear. Her coy gaze turned towards her master, "Of course, you're welcome to my body any time, Master," She offered with a seductive tone.

"Ever the temptress, Blackfire," Chaos commented, clearly amused with her behavior. Said princess looked annoyed for an instant at the lack of effect she had on him, but composed herself before anyone could call her on it.

"Boss, Chaos, please save me!" Gizmo pleaded as he hid behind the masked man's legs, Jinx marching towards him menacingly.

"Mr. Chaos, kindly hand over my teammate so that I may return him to his room. I'd hate to trouble your busy time with something so mundane as this," Jinx requested with a tight, faked smile on her face. She tried to suppress the sweat on her brow forming under the weight of Chaos's stare. An average biker helmet shouldn't be this intimidating!

"Jinx, I hardly see how it is Gizmo's fault that the bathroom door failed to lock properly," Chaos scolded lightly, making the two students gap at him.

"H-how di-did you know that?" Jinx asked with a gulp.

Chaos's helmet tilted almost comically, "Why wouldn't I know that?" He asked ominously, making the two wonder what great and terrible power Lord Chaos had that gave him such knowledge.

"Amateurs. I remember when we used to be that easily impressed by him," Red-X said with a chuckle, his alien partner looking amused.

"Now, I suggest you both head to your rooms before I decide to put Blackfire in charge of your training for the foreseeable," Chaos warned, Blackfire's smirk turning a bit predatory as the two students quickly left before the warrior princess ate them alive.

"And you wonder why the school calls you Chaos's pet," Red-X teased lightly.

"And what does that make you, Tam-X?" Blackfire asked with a small glare.

"Me? They call me his shadow," Red-X answered in pride.

"Is there nothing you two won't argue about?" Chaos asked. Though the two couldn't see his face, they knew from experience he was giving them a glare that was screaming at them to shut up and keep walking. Normally, he didn't mind their antics, even enjoyed them. However, they had business to take care, away from prying eyes and ears.

"Master, what if the Titans discover your connection to the HIVE?" Blackfire asked in concern.

"An unlikely scenario unless one of the students exposes us, which is equally unlikely. Robin's crime surveillance of Jump City isn't nearly as good as his teacher, Batman. As long as he doesn't find any evidence linking me to them within the next two weeks, we should be fine," Chaos assured, humming as he felt Blackfire's stare. "But in that scenario, I have every intention of eliminating the Titans sooner than I had planned. However, that would be a wildcard situation. There is no telling how the Villains and Heroes of the world would react to such a sudden event. One murder is an isolated incident, any more is Modus Operandi," Chaos explained.

"So, killing one draws attention but killing two or more brings in the heat…," Red-X summarized.

"Yes, and we do not have the manpower or firepower yet to win a war with the Justice League. The HIVE won't be ready for such an encounter for several more years," Chaos responded as they reached his room. He punched in his code before placing his hand on the door and pushing some of his chakra into the metal blockage. It opened without issue, allowing them to enter the room. Chaos waited until the door shut behind them before continuing. "Of course, that's only if it were only the HIVE aiding us against the League," He answered, now in his personal sanctuary of sorts. It was a simple bedroom that was shielded against all forms of surveillance and spying. There was a computer desk with a laptop, a closet, a bed, and bathroom, and a book shelf.

"Okay, I'll bite, what was that?" Red-X asked, curious and suspicious. "Why would the Titans discovering you running the HIVE so soon warrant killing them?" He asked, knowing that Chaos was far to calculative to make suck a move now without reason.

"It wouldn't. We just said that so Brother Blood would think that there is something important here, something that Master Chaos can't allow to fall into the wrong hands," Blackfire elaborated with a smirk.

"Why am I never in the loop on these things?" Red-X asked in annoyance.

"Because, my thieving student, you lack the tact needed to bring up something like that in a manner that would be convincing and seamless to the conversation," Chaos answered bluntly.

"He's saying you can be an atrocious actor," Blackfire clarified with a mocking smirk.

"I got it the first time, Black," Red-X retorted in annoyance.

Blackfire continued her smirk for another moment before frowning as she returned to her master, who she could tell was eyeing her oddly, "Master? There's something we've been meaning to ask you since you told us of your intent to reveal yourself," Blackfire said worriedly.

"Hm? And just what could be troubling both of you?" Chaos asked as he sat in his comfortable computer chair. Oddly, his tone sounded more knowing than curious, more amused than suspicious.

"You just admitted that the HIVE isn't ready for a full-on confrontation with the entire League," Red-X started, his arms crossed as he eyed his teacher suspiciously, "That's even more true with Brother Blood still here. Why have your tipped your hand now instead of three or four more years when everyone is better prepared and trainng?" He questioned.

"There are two simple reasons for that, my students. The first is that I could not remain unknown for much longer. Short of earsing or surpressing the memories of the student here, it was inevitable that the titans would catch wind of me, even if it was just the echoing of a whisper. Instead of allowing hints of my existence slip to the Titans or the League in a year or two, I decided to make a show out of it. By going out and declaring that I killed Beastboy, I have instilled a hatred in the Titans that will make them fixate on me. And with you two as my official allies, the League and everyone else will be watching us three instead of our unknown associates. I exposed myself like this, Red-X, because I have turned myself into my own smoke screen," He answered, his explanation and level tone making Red-X feel somewhat foolish now that he knew the purpose of this most recent plan. It was ingenius if done right. And Chaos was the man to pull such a strategy off.

"And the other reason?" Blackfire asked warily.

"The other is even more simple and it relates to the dear Headmaster working for me. While Brother Blood is a potential nuisance, he does have his uses. Managing the Academy is one. Another is giving me a link to Trigon the Terrible," Chaos answered, his smirk almost a palpable force on their shoulders as their eyes widen.

"Trigon?" Red-X asked in surprise, "...I see, so the demon is intending to come through his portal soon then?" The thief asked, rightfully concerned.

"Yes. As Brother Blood's powers come from Trigon, they act up depending on the demon's mood. While this is unnoticeable to most people, a person versed in the true arts of chakra can pick up on such activity," Chaos elaborated. "And in the year of contact I've had with Brother Blood, his powers have never acted up like they are now. I imagine that Trigon intends to use Raven before her eighteenth birthday. That would give us less than two years, but I would wager it is within a manner of month," He added thoughtfully.

" stepped up your plans-" Blackfire started, only to be cut off.

"To ensure we are prepared to deal with Trigon when he arrives," Chaos finished.

"Would it not be simpler to just kill the girl?" Blackfire asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You're assuming she would stay dead. No, something like Trigon is not so easily thwarted in his desire for conquest. He will reach this world; whether or not he'll actually get it is another matter," Chaos answered evenly.

"...I apologize for questioning you, Master," Blackfire said submissively, falling on one knee with her head bowed. Chaos said nothing while Red-X face palmed.

"Black, if you keep calling him Master, I'm going to start making jokes about you being Chaos's submissive bondage girl," Red-X warned with a chuckle as the alien shot back up and glared at him dangerously before pausing, then smirking.

"Go right ahead Tam-X. After all, it'll keep pesky boys like yourself from asking me out on pointless dates," She retorted smoothly.

"Riiiiight, and it's not because you don't secretly dream of him tying you up and having his wicked way with you," Red-X retorted, being rewarded by a blush on the Tameranean's face, even as she kept her face straight. Chaos just leaned against the table, watching the madness unfold.

"What I dream of is hardly any of your concern, Tam-X," Blackfire retorted, Red-X glaring at the nickname.

"When will you stop calling me that?" He asked in annoyance.

"Perhaps when you can best me in combat, I'll give it a thought," Blackfire commented dismissively.

"Ye'tak ranus ye'lep, Glurgand'r," Red-X said triumphantly.

"You swore never to speak of that again!" Blackfire snapped with a growl as her face turned red.

"No, I swore never to tell anyone," Red-X retorted with a smirk behind the mask.

"Master Chaos is standing right there!" She pointed out.

"...Koma, think about what you just said and think about what the chances are he didn't already know about that," Red-X pointed slowly, as if he were talking to a child.

Komand'r lost all composure as she looked to Chaos with a mortified expression, praying he didn't know what they were talking about, "Are you two done? Or should I trouble you with my plans another time?" He asked, clearly amused. Blackfire composed herself as she and Red-X nodded. Though, the princess kept blushing. "For now, as I said, we need to keep up the illusion that I and the HIVE are unconnected. To that end, Brother Blood and the HIVE will be acting independently to cause regular mayhem for the city, seemingly up to their normal tricks. Nothing overt, but enough to keep the Titans on their toes and their noses off us. And when we make our appearance, they'll believe we're working alone. The students in my personal class will have to refrain from using the abilities I taught them, for the most part, but they should be fine," Chaos explained.

"So, they run as a decoy to throw the titans off our trail," Red-X summarized, "What about us, Boss? What are we going to be up to?"

The smirk, once again, was a tangible feeling on their shoulders, "For this stage in the plan, neither of you will have to hold back at all. As for what we'll be doing? I have arranged for several important items to be transferred to Jump City. Normally, I would take these items through more legal or stealthy maneuvers. However, I need the attention on me a bit longer. Komand'r, you'll have your shot at your sister. Red-X, we'll need you to keep Cyborg and Robin busy. I'll deal with the Half-Demon and the Geomancer. They'll be...highly motivated to attack me and no matter how skilled you two are, there is no need for you both to put yourselves in the crossfire of such a conflict," Chaos explained with a smirk, "Hell hath no fury and all that."

"You sure you just don't want a threesome with those two, boss?" Red-X joked, dodging as Blackfire tried to hit him upside the head.

"Red-X, I'm sure if I ever felt the urge that Komand'r would be more than capable of satisfying me," Chaos assured, the alien going wide eyed at that, thrown off by the blunt vote of confidence to her sexual skills.

"You sure about that boss? After all, I hear that Terra and Raven have been getting really "close" over the year," Red-X suggested, his eyes moving in a way that made them believe he was wiggling his eyebrows.

"I think we have better chances of Blackfire and her sister going sis-con on each other and making out in mid-fight," Chaos retorted evenly, getting stunned silence at his claim. Red-X stood with wide eyes for a moment before falling backwards with blood staining his mask, just below the nose. Blackfire stood there, gaping like fish at what her master had said about her. Rising to walk up to his stunted underlings, Chaos closed Blackfire's mouth and patted her on the head. He reached down, picked up Red-X by the shoulders, and placed him over Blackfire's shoulder, "Now, why don't you both get to bed," He suggested, Blackfire nodding slowly and leaving with the same stunned expression with the black-suited sack of potatoes.

Once alone in his own room, Chaos brought out a cell phone and dialed a number: 011-64-7-825-8664. However, he didn't bring the phone to his ear. He waited until he heard silence after the pick-up, "Mahara. I've revealed myself to the Titans as the slayer of their teammate. I take it you understand what this means?" He asked knowingly.

"...Yes, Master," A voice answered solemnly in his helmet, "How shall I proceed?"

"Continue as you have. And commence operation Nivzah Arahed in two months. By then, it should be warranted. Understood?" Chaos ordered.

"Yes, Master," The voice responded obediently.

"Good. Moe," He responded, hanging up. Without a word, he sat into his black computer chair, allowing himself to relax a bit. With a sigh, he reached up to remove his helmet...

With Red-X and Blackfire

Blackfire deposit Red-X on the floor of their shared room and climbed into her top bunk bed. The thief got up and smirked to himself as he began to say something but Blackfire beat him to it, "Red-X, I swear, if you make one joke about me and my sister, I will pour female dog urine all over you and leave you tied up in a wolf pen at the zoo," She warned evenly, not wanting to hear it right now

The thief gulped and nodded, leaving them in silence for a long moment, "...Guess I'll just go back to the jokes about you wanting to be Chaos's bitch on a leash," Red-X mused with a smirk, jumping out of the way as Blackfire shot violet beams from her eyes at him. "Careful, you don't want to make your Master have to replace anything you blow up, do you, Koma-doggy?" Red-X taunted. Was he playing with fire? Yes. Did he care? No. Getting under the warrior princess's skin was fun! It didn't help that her displays of obedience and loyalty to Chaos gave him SOOO much material to tease her about!

End of Chapter

Well, it's been four years, but it's finally updated! Yeah, sorry for the long wait people. As Kakashi says, I got lost on the road of life, quite literally. I went through High School, got into college, lost my writing mojo for a year or so, fell in love with several fandoms, read a lot of manga and watched a lot of anime, and not mention all the fics I've read.

But I'm back people! And to be honest, it was probably for the best I stayed away for a while. I've improved a LOT over the past four years and do these stories in a much better manner now!

So, this chapter is a bit of perspective, giving you an idea of the kind of leverage pull Chaos has. He's not part of the HIVE, he basically owns it because he's funding it. And he's fairly familiar with many of the tudents. He also knows that Brother Blood can't be trusted entirely, but as stated, has his uses. You also get a peak into Chaos's mindset as he reveals parts and pieces of his plans. Yes, he revealed himself to the titans aa Beastboy's killer with the intent of drawing their attention and wrath.

Now, key thing to remember is that everything diverted from canon a month before Terra showed back up in Titan Rising. That means a LOT of stuff didn't happen- The Brotherhood, the expansion of the Titans, Trigon coming through(yet), and Slade never dying. So, a lot of stuff is up in the air.

Questions to Ponder: Who was that phone call to? Why is Blackfire so submissive and loyal to Chaos? What kind of resources does Chaos have to be able to fund the hive? How much of Chaos's plans does Brother Blood really now? Who is in Chaos's "personal class" and what did he teach them? Why does Chaos need/want the attention on himself? What is his goal in all of this? Who are his ' unknown associates'?