A lone figure was moving through a war scared city. He was wearing a fishing hat and a night vision patch. He was wearing a black uniform that resembled the ones used by the SAS but sleeker and lighter. He was also wearing a fishing hat. His name was Jacob (Think captain price from call of duty 1 with the fishing hat and eye do-hickey added to his SAS fatigues) The buildings had a green tint and were organic looking. The trees looked like they were made of melted plastic. As he observed his surroundings he also took note of the fallen enemy soldiers he had fought for so many years. The dead soldiers looked insectiod in appearance. They were around 6ft. tall and had green skin. Their mouths had a lower jaw and six mandibles in the place of the upper jaw. They had 3-clawed fingers. On their right hands was a tube shaped weapon with a small tank on the bottom. Their eye were a brighter green then they're skin but not by much. In the dark you couldn't even tell they had eyes. These creatures where called the Niverati.

So far he had not came upon any more troops in the area. He knew they're were still more out there, all they needed was a target and they would attack. He heard a sound that resembled a cricket chirping but 10 times deeper. Anyone unfamiliar with that sound would've regarded it as nothing more then a random insect. Many people had died early in the war for assuming such. 6 of the creatures charged out a ruined building toward the man, 1 of which wielding a 6 ft. long, wicked sword. The figure wasted no time bringing up his rifle. At first glance it would appear to be an M16 but closer inspection would reveal several key differences. For one it was way sleeker, and less blocky. Its scope was built into the rifle and had the ammo count in the corner of the screen. Its clip wasn't actually a clip. It was a container of liquid metal. The gun would take a glob of the stuff, harden it, and then fire it out the barrel at super sonic speeds. In essence its a container of "I can't believe it's not bullet". All human weapons now use liquid metal as all they had to do to make ammunition was melt down any supply of metal and fill their clips with it. It doesn't even have to be a specific type of metal as the guns built in molders will shape and harden any type of metal.

He fired 3 shots with pinpoint accuracy and nailed 3 of the aliens in the head. The other 3 not caring about the loss of their allies charged firing their guns. Sizzling balls shot out the barrels toward the trooper at high speeds. He rolled out the way just as the shots impacted onto the ground, leaving a blackened soccer ball sized holes where they landed. The insectiod with the sword charged at the figure that was still on the ground. The besieged man reached behind his back, knowing he wouldn't be able to shoot the hostile alien at so close. He pulled out a blade that resembled a 2 ft. long butcher knife. That's pretty much what it is. When the creature swung down he sidestepped it. He used his sword arm to elbow the creature in the face, and then he swung the blade diagonally across its chest. When the creature was sent reeling he plunged the knife through its chest making the creature screech in pain before going limp. He pulled the blade out the creature's chest then beckoned for the other 2 to come forward. The other 2 charged after it only to be cut down in seconds by the large butcher knife. When he was positive there weren't going to be any more attacks he spoke through the COM he had in his ear.

"This is Delta 1. I've disposed of all hostiles in the area." His voice had a heavy British accent

"Delta 2 here. All clear on my end." Said a voice with a slight slang dialect and hint of cockiness.

"Delta 3. All hostiles neutralized." This voice was deep and gruff.

"Delta 4. Nothings standing over here." His voice wasn't very deep. He was maybe in his mid twenties.

"Delta 5. All clear." His voice was the oddest. He had a kind of deep voice with a Jamaican accent.

"Good. Regroup at the Mauler. Expect to come into contact with hostiles on the way there. We're done here." The first voice stated before closing the COM link.

As the identified squad leader moved through the city quietly he heard inhuman screeching. This time however it was too far away for it to be an attack on him. He sprinted toward the noise. When he rounded the corner he came to an abrupt halt as he saw a battle about to take place. In front of him were twenty or so Niverati. They were circling 1 man, who had 5 dead Niverati at his feet. The man was a Jamaican with stereotypical chest length dreads. His 2 front dreads on both sides of his head had long sharp teeth tied to the end, most likely belonging to a dangerous predatory animal. His eyes were grayish blue, and his skin tone was dark brown. He had on his black fatigue pants, and a black muscle shirt. On his back was an x shaped sheath. In his hands were 2 Katanas. They were dripping with glowing green blood. Eli, Aka Delta 5. He was squad close-quarters specialist.

The Niverati all charged in unison at the man expecting to beat him in close quarters. That mistake cost them their lives. The first bug swung his weapon in an attempt to use it as a club. Eli dipped under him and swung his left sword across the cross the insects back, making it howl in pain. The other lunged at him in an attempt to punch him. He swung his right sword across its throat, then carried the momentum all the way across into another head. A 4th bug tried to jump on his back but a powerful roundhouse to the jaw snapped its neck. Only 2 seconds into the fight he had killed 5 and was about to exploit the best of his abilities. He twirled the 2 blades in his hands like a baton before engaging the other 15. The first Niverati with a sword tried to swing down on him from behind with another of those wicked swords. Eli raised his left sword in the air to block it while simultaneously kicking the bug in its hamstring, making its right leg explode in pain. He spun around and swung down with his right sword on the pained insect, using his momentum again to carry the attack through another Niverati head. 2 Niverati came from both sides of him in an attempt to bludgeon him. He spun in a circle once, with his arms fully extended to cut through the throats of the insect. Another came to try and hit him in the face, only for the man to sweep his legs, and then come down on him with both swords. The fight went on for 10 more seconds with him dancing through the insects as they threw failed punches, kicks, and swings. The last one made a charge at him, only for a sword to cut into his leg, making him fall on one knee, another to slash across his chest, then for the last swing to go through his head, all in 1 second. Eli sheathed his swords then turned to see his squad leader Jacob walk up to him.

"Nice work. Shall we proceed?" Jacob asked. Eli nodded once, and they both continued creeping through the city, killing enemies periodically as they went along.

The 2 were moving through the city but stopped at the sound of a large explosion. It came from an organic looking building several blocks ahead. After the explosion, the sound of a shotgun firing repeatedly followed. It stopped for 2 seconds as a Niverati and another black fatigued figure went flying through a circle shaped window. Several Niverati ran up to the window firing sizzling balls down at the black figure. He ignored them as he tumbled to the ground positioning himself and the flailing Niverati. When they landed on the ground the Niverati's chest was caved in as the black figure landed full force on top of the insect breaking his fall. He rolled off the flattened bug then looked up at the Niverati, who were still trying to shoot at him with poor marksmanship. He pulled a detonator out his pocket then waved at the bugs. They stopped shooting at the site of the detonator. They all turned away, searching for an explosive, no noticing him removing the rocket launcher on his back and put away the detonator at a leisurely pace. They turned back toward the window just in time to see a missile screaming toward them. The entire floor on that building was destroyed, causing the upper level floors to collapse on the lower level ones. The entire building came tumbling down.

"Well that was subtle Jarvis." Commented a voice from behind him. He turned to see his 2-squad mates standing behind him, watching the building collapse. He placed the rocket launcher on his back, and then picked up his shotgun of the ground. Jarvis was the demo-man in the squad. He was balled, had black eyes, and a 5 o'clock shadow. He also had a scar across his right eye, which was why Avery always called him scar face, general scar, old one eye, and so on. It's a wonder Jarvis never tried to shoot him before.

"Subtlety is for pricks. How many people do you know would have the balls to attack an enemy upfront?" He asked smugly.

"Only you and Avery. Speaking of which, where are Avery, and Louie?" Asked Jacob.

"Probably at the breading grounds by now. They said something about the enemy being most likely to be bunched up in that area and because it was in the Mauler's direction, they wouldn't be disobeying orders." Jarvis explained resting his shotgun on his shoulder and his left hand on his thigh. Eli stood there quietly scanning the buildings for enemy movement.

"Well lets get going. I have the feeling something really bad is about to happen." Jacob said as he began jogging toward the Niverati breeding grounds. They didn't care about discreetness anymore, as the collapsed building would no doubt alert all remaining Niverati to the augmented humans presence in the city. In fact they were starting to get chased. There were already over 30 Niverati and counting chasing the 3. They rounded another building and kept running toward the breeding grounds, where the echo of a minigun could be heard nearby. You could also hear someone shouting.

"Oh? You want some to? I got enough for all you cock roach mother fuckers!" A voice with a slight slang dialect yelled followed by the buzzing sound of a minigun. It couldn't have come from farther than 10 blocks away. They could've easily turned around and slaughtered the lot of them then and there, but they were trying to regroup first.

"Hey! Unless you wanna know what it's like being Swiss cheese, I suggest you get your asses down!" Yelled Avery as he rounded the corner, his minigun spooled up. Avery was the squad support gunner and as such had a liquid metal tank on his belt that was attached to the gun by a tub of hard yet bendable substance. Because the gun was a heavy machine gun, it molded smaller bullets than rifles did but at a faster pace. The 3 commandos got into the down push-up position as his weapon came to life. The 30 or so pursuing Niverati seeing the weapon ran even harder, probably thinking along the lines of "bullets can only pas through so many bodies". A storm of bullets shot out the 6-barreled weapon. After 2 seconds, 12 Niverati were shredded with a storm of bullets. After 4 more seconds, only 5 Niverati were still standing, all of which were unfazed by the loss.

"They're all yours Louie!" Avery called out. The Niverati kept charging the 4 commandos, intent on cutting them all down. Suddenly ones head exploded in green gore, confusing the other 4 four. Another shot rang out, taking an arm and a large portion of the chest of a Niverati. 3 more shots rang out in succession, each inflicting fatal wounds. That wasn't the scary thing about the shots. All 5 shots were fired within 3 seconds. The fact that someone can fire 5 successful shots with a sniper in such a short time alone is something to be feared.

"Louie. Get over here. The Mauler is only a few blocks away." Jacob spoke into the COM.

"I'm already on my way down." The team sniper yelled back. He didn't speak through the teams COM however. Everyone looked up to see a figure falling to the ground. He was wearing a tan colored hat in contrast to the all black the squad always wore, and had a sniper on his back. The sniper like all weapons humanity used, employed liquid metal. The clip had smaller amount of liquid metal but it made longer bullets at a shorter pace. He had dark blue eyes, and black gloves to keep his hands from getting sore after repeatedly shooting his sniper. In his thigh holsters were 2 pistols with suppressors. He often used them extensively during close quarters missions such as ship boarding, or clearing buildings. He hit the ground with a grunt. Had that been any normal human, they would've broken a leg or 2. At the very least, they'd be in a lot of pain.

2 of the perks of being genetically enhanced however are, stronger bones, and higher tolerance of pain. That's just the tip of the iceberg however. Enhanced bones, eyesight, reflexes, strength, and speed, are all part of being genetically enhanced. There are disadvantages however. If you focus too much on one field you become much weaker than a normal human in all other fields, which is why Special Forces and commandos (which nowadays is a synonym for genetically enhanced) are trained to distribute their abilities equally. An example would be, if they sprint too fast they will blind themselves as long as they're running, which may end with them running into a wall at 30 miles an hour. Ouch.

"Well now that were all here, lets double time it to the Mauler." Avery chuckled some at the way his accent made him say Mauler.

"Yea guys lets get to the "Mowla"." He said before jogging toward the vehicle. If you could glare daggers, Jacob would've stabbed Avery to death. He sighed and motioned for the squad to follow him. They began jogging toward the objective, weapons raised, with exception of Eli whom had one of his hands wrapped around the handle of one of his Katanas in case a fight came. They hadn't run into any more attacks on their trip there and that made them even tenser. Niverati have been known for holding off on attacks for long periods of time only to make a large attack when you were at your most vulnerable. After 10 whole minutes of no attack, the entire squad was itching for a fight. Luckily they reached the Mauler just then.

The Mauler is an APC designed to comfortably carry 10 people. It has a heavy machine gun on the top, capable of acting as a small AA battery. Its UV lights on the front of the vehicle distort Niverati if they're caught in front of the light, making them act like a deer in headlights (literally). Given that fact it shouldn't be hard to guess how it got the name "Mauler". They had to upgrade all the Maulers with steel bumpers because it kept happening. The vehicle was covered in 2 inches of thick armor. Used wheels apposed to treads as wheels now use a type of hard yet bendable plastic (the same type used for Avery's minigun) to replace rubber so stray bullets can't pop them.

"Alright squad, mount up. Avery your on the wheel-"BANG! Everyone spun around at the sound of the explosion. They couldn't see anything but they could feel the explosion. Just then the COM came to life.

"This is Admiral Cain of 4th Fleet! The Niverati leader just detonated a bomb of some sort! The explosion isn't normal though. Its not loosing momentum and it's going to engulf the entire damn planet! All Squads forget any previous orders you had and move to the insertion point! Over and out!"

"You heard the man! Lets move." The squad leader ordered before jumping into the passenger seat. Avery jumped in the driver seat. Eli and Jarvis jumped in the back. Louie manned the machine gun. Without pause the car screeched off.

"Ha! This is like an action movie! Hectic situation! Driving in a fast vehicle! All we need is everything blowing up around us and this could be a movie scene!" Avery yelled over the car's engine, which was being pushed to the max. To almost everyone's displeasure, the remaining Niverati in the abandoned city chose then to attack the 5 commandos'. Dozens of them came from all directions, seemingly not noticing the explosion that could be seen in the distance, like a sunrise of death. Louie swerved the turret around and fired the turret in controlled bursts, shredding several Niverati each burst. Considering the vehicle was moving at over 100 miles an hour that was a big accomplishment. Just then a creature that looked like a Niverati but 14 ft. tall with scaled weapons on each hand rounded the corner. It was at least a mile away but they were moving over 100 miles an hour so that distance wouldn't last for long.

"Tanker! Louie take it out!" Jacob ordered. The sniper took a deep breath and focused on his eyesight, pinpointing how he would need to shoot the creature blocking their escape. The Steroid abusing Niverati began charging the cannons in its hands. The soldier then jammed the trigger down. The bullets chewed into the face of the creature making its head snap back in pain. It cried out with the last of its strength before falling backward, the guns discharged into the ground, causing a large explosion and large amounts of gore fly into the air before coming back down. By then the vehicle had already zoomed past the beast. They weren't moving fast enough however as the explosion was fast approaching. They had escaped the city a long time ago. Now they were out in the desert with nothing obstructing their progress but dirt hills. The explosion would catch them in five minuets tops yet the insertion point was 20 minutes away, even at this high speed. Everyone looked at each other affirming there believes. They wouldn't make it. The APC was moving too slow, and the explosion was moving too fast. Even if the explosion slowed down to half its speed they'd still only have a ghost of a chance. Avery saw everyone features were now of acceptance and tried to get the morale back up while still keeping the car going full speed.

"What are you guys doing! 7 years we've been a team and your going to let a few uneven odds bum you out? The hell is wrong with you!" He yelled at everyone. They just ignored him and stayed silent. They all appeared to be deep in thought and Eli was even praying silently, mouthing out the words. The ground began to rumble again but not because of the explosion. In the distance ahead of them, they could make out warship leaving the planets surface and exiting the atmosphere. "no, No, NO! DAMNIT!" The squad support gunner raged, only for a gloved hand to rest on his shoulder. He traced the hand back to Sergeant Jacob, who looked at him with a serious look. He then spoke calmly

"Stop the truck."


"Stop the truck. It's over"

"Sarge do you hear yourself!"

"That's an order. It's been a good run but we can rest easy now. The Niverati home world is doomed. They've been repealed from all the human and allied races planets. The wars over and we played a big role in it. It was a good run."

"(sigh)" He eased off the gas and onto the brakes slowly. When the car came to a complete stop he looked out the window. Jacob followed his gaze to the departing ships.

"If I become a ghost and find out there was another ship waiting for us up there. I'm gonna kill you again." Avery threatened, sounding serious.

"You do that." Jacob replied, not really paying attention to what he said.

"Sarge. It's been an honor." Jarvis said.

"Likewise." Eli stated.

"Dido." The reply came from Louie.

By now the ground was shaking heavily. The blast was only 200 meters away now. It would engulf them in seconds.

"Sit back and relax squad. Especially you Avery. You've always bitched about there not being enough breaks." Jacob said calmly as if not even noticing his death approaching. The truck was rumbling heavily now. The explosion was now only 50 meters away. Jacob simply pulled the cap over his eye's and crossed his eyes. He let his head fall back into the seat. "I'm coming Jessica." They were engulfed in white.

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