Yep that's right my several month long hiatus is over and now I'm coming back with gusto! Also I'm going to update as many of my stories as I can at once. Anyway the last chapter left off with that midget bird arriving at his bird cage in the sky to stare evilly at the giant robot named after a clock. Carmelita is having a "civil" conversation with those in Delta. The 2 mystery characters (which aren't really a mystery) are getting a bit worried, and lastly Neyla's got her cover blown. All this can only end in the most civil manor possible.


"Alright Sergeant, we've arrived at the graves of the damned." Avery stated.

The cooper gang and delta had arrived at the Contessa's castle, hiding their vehicles from sight. It wasn't a pretty place by any standard. Cob webs in every nook, spiders in every cranny. It was every little kid's nightmare. There was some good coming out of this however. Even at daytime the place was dark and needed lighting. At night? You wouldn't even know if your eyes were open unless you reached up and touched them. Now for a group of augmented humans this darkness was little trouble. The cooper gang was off aiding in Inspector Fox's "plan".

"Graves of the damned? That sounded weak even for you Avery." Jarvis responded. They were moving through the graveyard the Contessa placed in front of her castle for some odd reason.

"I've been having an off day. Give me a minute my jokes will get better. Anyway let's get this shit over with." Avery kicked the gate open and leveled his base with the castle walls. "Hey! If you wanted a higher pay, here's my raise!" He jammed his finger down on the trigger firing real bullets instead of rethela. They had run out of there green goo supply a long time ago.

"Your jokes still suck." Jarvis stated as he loaded a rocket into his launcher.

On the other side of the castle wall a large pack guards armed with hook like weapons stood ready for a fight. Some started losing morale as they heard the harsh roaring of the minigun on the other side. The rocks being grinded away by the gun itself began spilling over the wall in large amounts, further helping the guards at second guessing their career choices. All their confidence just about bit the dust when the castles front door got blown open by a large explosion. They had to cover their faces from falling debris. When they looked back they saw tw- TWO figures! That's it!

"Hey Avery! I'll give you one last chance to redeem yourself. Make a good joke about this." Jarvis motioned to the charging mass of armed guards.

Avery stopped suppressing the guards on the walls and walked up next to his fellow commando. A guard got close enough a swung his weapon at Avery. Before the guard even realized it, he got punched square in the face and flew back into several other guards. Avery slung his minigun on his back using the strap then rolled his shoulders.

"Shut up and fight."

"Best joke yet!"

Jarvis clothes lined the first aggressor with his right arm then threw a left hook to the 2nd guard while he was in mid swing with its weapon. Avery ducked under a swing, snatching and yanking his foot in the process. The commando then threw the guard at one of his allies, using him as a living weapon. Avery whirled around on instinct and caught the wrist of a downward swing and yanked his attacker forward into his punch.

"Fuck it. Turn up the augmentations." Avery stated. Suddenly with impossible speed he rammed into another wave of guards. In his rush, he bowled over everything in his way. When he got through to the next wave he unhooked his minigun and swung it in an ark to meet the next wave. The guards in the back saw several of their allies go flying back screaming.


"Well looks like the distraction is working. Probably a little too well. A quarter of the guards here are moving to intercept them…including tanks." Jacob stated.

He and Bentley had spent a full 20 minutes of arguing the purpose of tanks in a security force. Bentley and all the other animals here thought that it was a necessity. 'Every law enforcement needs armor to help enforce' was Bentley's exact quote. Even after the arguing was done he still wasn't the least bit convinced that it was "practical". Louie, him, and Eli were sneaking through the Contessa's castle to reach the clockwork eyes. Right now they were hiding in the shadow of a small building, watching a tank and around 10 guards moving toward the main gate, 2 of the guards were large blue vultures with crossbows. Likely they were the shadow guard, the Contessa's best. Jacob however wasn't too impressed with what he saw. When the last guard past they moved out, making no noise whatsoever. They came to a water fountain that 4 tanks were passing.

"Damn. If she ever thought there'd be a war here she's sure as hell ready for it." Louie commented. They snuck by, avoiding the searchlights seemingly every guard carried.

When they came upon the Contessa's little tower they found 2 things. 1 there was 8 shadow guards in front of the door, 6 more than expected. 2 there were a lot of statues of wolfs with maces. They looked exactly the wolf population among the guards here. Jacob suspected they weren't just decoration but didn't see any signs of them being cameras or weapon systems as they weren't in any particularly strategic places. He decided to take the chance that they were purely for intimidation.

"Eli, Louie, we're going in. Quiet and clean." Jacob stated.

His 2 squad mates peeled off getting into position. Jacob hid in the towers shadow waiting for the others to get in position. Jacob flashed a hand sign. Eli crossed in front of the bird on the far edge and kicked him square in the stomach, before crossing over and palming the next in line in the throat. Before the other could bend over an elbow struck his head and knocked him out. The other one had the chance to touch its throat before Eli brought a fist down on the lump of its head and floored the guard. The others all turned their heads at the commotion. Jacob took this opportunity grabbed the turned head of a shadow guard before slamming it into the side of the building and threw the unconscious body backwards. He then punched the next vulture in the back, directly between the shoulder blades, then punched it in the shoulder making it face him before he uppercut it in the jaw. Louie jumped off the roof and landed directly on top of the middle vulture, knocking it to the ground and out.

"Sorry. This spot taken?" Louie said as he hopped off the fallen guard.

The remaining 3 shadow guard charged at the 3 commandos. Eli hook kicked his attacker across the face before bringing the foot back in a fluid motion that literally took half a second. Louie kicked a shadow guard in the knee and made it fall to the ground. The second came swinging its fist, but Louie used the first vultures head to take the hit. The second shadow guard was so shocked at hitting its own it barely even registered Louie's boot connecting to its cranium. Jacob walked over and plucked out the key from the middle birds pocket.

That entire fight in total only lasted 7 seconds.

"Aaaand that's the end of that... the hell?" Louie stated in confusion.

All the statues started rumbling ominously. The one in the very back broke open…to reveal a wolf guard with a huge mace! One by one they all started breaking apart and approaching the 3 commandos. There were over 30 of them.

"Gargoyles huh? They aren't alive, so we can kill 'em." Jacob stated, un-slinging his rifle and sheathing his sword. Eli drew his sword. Louie whipped out his 2 pistols. The wolves charged full tilt into a hail of bullets.



Avery was getting frantic. He was supposed to not kill them yet find a way to beat them. Now if there were anywhere from 40 to 90 that would've been somewhat manageable. Now over 150? With tank support? Not so manageable. Jarvis and Avery were now fully using their augmentations. Jarvis dodged a tank shell, and then charged the tank. He grabbed the closed metal doors and forced the cockpit open. A bat flinched upon seeing the human. Jarvis punched him, and then flung him out. He jumped away just as a large mase slammed down where he was scant seconds ago. He introduced the red eyed wolf to his boot. Avery dug his shoulder into a shadow guard in mid flight. He rolled off the second he hit the ground, going for cover as a tank shell and several crossbow bolts nearly dusted him. Jarvis grabbed a pack of plastic explosive and threw it into the air. He quickly triggered his trusty detonator, making the thing go off above everyone's heads. It didn't kill anyone but the sound and flash stunned the small battalion of a security force. By the time they recovered the two attackers were gone. They did however see the unmistakable visage of the cooper van driving away. The alien with the chain gun was sticking out the back, his hand shot up and the middle finger followed.

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