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"American Lip Singing"

Staples Center was packed with people wanting to catch a glimpse of their favorite So Random stars LIVE, and the whole stadium practically shook when Chad Dylan Cooper, arguably the most famous person in the regular So Random cast, stepped out onto the stage and got the entire stadium cheering for him.

"What's up, Staples Center!" he cried out, causing the fans to cheer even louder. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first ever edition of American Lip Singing!" That got the crowd cheering even harder. "I am Chad Dylan Cooper, and if any of you here don't know who I am, get back to the cave where you came from!" That got laughs from the stadium crowd. "Obviously, I will be your host for tonight," Chad continued, "and because I'm the host, I've got the rights to get this show on the road! Presenting our first ever contestants: no other than your beloved So Random cast! Give it up for Sonny, Nico, Tawni, Grady, Zora and Dinka!"

The crowd erupted in applause as the six other Randoms stepped out onto the stage, and they formed a single line facing the audience.

"All right, now the rules of this contest are simple," Chad said. "Each contestant will be given a random song by the DJ, and you have to lip sync through the entirety of the whole song. Now, all we really need from you guys is lip syncing to the song, but if you want to do the instrumentals, the second voice, whatever takes your fancy, no one's stopping you. Now, to determine our winner, after every contestant has had a turn at lip singing, I will be pointing at the contestant, and it's up to you, the audience to cheer for the contestant that you liked best. See, like I told you, simple rules. All right, now let's really get this show on the road! Our theme for tonight is 'Throwback'! That means all of our songs will not be the songs we're currently hearing on the radio right now.

"Our first contestant for the night is the beautiful Sonny Munroe," Chad said, and when he called Sonny beautiful that got a lot of cheers and applause from the crowd. "Now, Sonny, if you'll just step up to the center of the stage, pleaseā€¦ All right, now, DJ, strut your stuff!" Chad quickly ducked out of the stage, leaving Sonny standing alone in the center. The stadium was quiet for now, and then a guitar chord began playing. It was a familiar chord, one that a lot in the audience are sure that they've heard some place or another. What else is it but Norman Greenbaum's Spirit in the Sky!

"Let's give it up for Sonny!" Chad said once Sonny's number was finished. "That was a really nice rendition of Spirit in the Sky back there. Also, did you know that that song's name was Spirit in the Sky? I mean, I just found out about that right now! TIL, right? All right, folks, now give it up for the amazing Nico Harris!" The crowd applauded as Nico took Sonny's place at the center of the stage.

"All right, man, you already know the drill," Chad said.

Nico nodded, and then he said, "Man, I'm really quite nervous right now!"

"Don't sweat it, dude." Chad then turned to the audience once again and said, "All right, DJ, you know what to do!" As Chad fled the stage once again, Nico was left standing in the middle of the stage, waiting for whatever song had in store for him. The first notes of the song began to play, and Nico couldn't believe his luck. The song playing was Dianne Reeves' Better Days, a song that Nico would later admit he knew very well.

"Give a big round of applause for Nico!" Chad said as he returned to the stage after Nico was finished with his number. "Man, he really nailed Dianne Reeves back there! You must have prepared for this, right, man? Anyway, now that that's over, let's give it up for the other beautiful girl in So Random, Tawni Hart!" The crowd applauded once again as Tawni took Nico's place at center stage.

"You okay over there, Tawni?" Chad asked. "Don't be nervous, just wait and let the song flow through you. DJ, cue music!" Chad once again ducked out of stage, leaving Tawni behind waiting for whatever song the DJ wanted to make her sing. Some familiar beats begin to play, and then Tawni began to laugh when she recognized the song: it was Michael Bolton's When a Man Loves a Woman!

"Magnificent performance by Tawni right there, ladies and gentlemen," Chad said once he was back onstage. "Man, she really sounded like Michael Bolton back there! What do you guys think? But before we get to that, let's give it up for the talented Grady Mitchell!" The crowd applauded as Grady took Tawni's place in the middle of the stage. "DJ, music!" Chad shouted as he once again disappeared from the stage. Grady shifted a little as he waited for the DJ's song, and then some familiar beats began to play in the stadium, and Grady couldn't help but laugh at himself when he recognized the beat. It was none other than Madonna's Like a Virgin!

"Give a round of applause for my man Grady here!" Chad said as he returned to the stage, and the crowd indulged him. "Man, that felt like I'd gone back in time to the eighties! You really channelled Madge back there, Grady. All right, let's give it up for our next contestant, the one and only Zora Lancaster!" The crowd cheered as Zora took Grady's place on center stage.

"DJ, cue the music!" Chad shouted, and then he disappeared from the stage once again, leaving Zora alone and waiting for the song the DJ had chosen for her. Her eyes widened with amazement when she heard the first words of the song: ooga-chaka-ooga-ooga, ooga-chaka-ooga-ooga. What else would it be but Blue Swede's Hooked on a Feeling, popularized once again by the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy?

"Yeah!" Chad said as he returned onstage after Zora's number was done. "Those were some fantastic vocals from Zora. I almost thought that Blue Swede was having a live performance here at the Staples! All right, let's not forget the last contestant we have. He may be last right now, but he's certainly not the least when it comes to comedy. Give it up for our favorite foreigner, Dinka Kashirovic!" The crowd erupted in applause once Dinka had taken Zora's place in center stage.

"DJ!" Chad shouted. "You know what to do!" he said as he ducked out of the stage once again. With a spotlight suddenly focused on Dinka, the Glendovian looked like he was ready to faint. But he held himself together, and then when he heard the first notes of the song he was about to lip sync, he couldn't help but laugh. After all, it was Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance with Somebody!

"Oh, my gosh!" Chad said once Dinka's number was up. "That was pure Whitney Houston you just did back there! I almost thought she was back with us again!"

"All right, now it's time to choose a winner," Chad continued once Dinka was back in the lineup. "Like I said before at the beginning of this show, the winner will be decided by none other than the audience itself. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the power to choose the best lip singer among the contestants in front of you now lie in your hands. All right, are you ready? Let's hear it for Sonny!"

There were loud cheers and applause from the audience as Sonny stepped up to the front of the stage once again.

"Nico!" Chad shouted, and Nico moved forward as Sonny retook her place in the line. There was some cheering and applause; not as loud as that the audience gave to Sonny, though.

"All right, Tawni!" Chad said as Tawni took Nico's place in front of the stage. There was some applause and cheering, but it was a little softer than the one they gave Nico.

"Grady!" Chad said as Grady took Tawni's place. The cheering and applause was louder this time, but still not as loud as the one they gave to Sonny.

"I'm sensing a winner right now, but I'm not gonna spoil it yet," Chad said. "Now for Zora!" he shouted as Zora took Grady's place. The applause and cheering for her was between the level they gave to Grady and Sonny.

"And now, last but not the least, Dinka!" Chad said as Dinka replaced Zora in front of the stage. The applause and cheering that he receiving was thundering and astonishing. There may have been a little bit of scripting involved in this one as some crewmembers could be seen waving their arms in a bring-em-on-like style at the audience.

"And there we have it!" Chad shouted. "We have a winner! And it's none other than our favorite Glendovian, Dinka Kashirovic! He's your first ever American Lip Singing champion! Give it up for the winner!"

Dinka snatched the microphone from Chad's hands and began profusely thanking the audience for letting him win American Lip Singing. Unfortunately he was thanking them in his native Serbo-Glendovian language, therefore no one was able to understand what he was saying. But the substance of his thank you speech was there.

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