Disclaimer: I don't own Batman. All I own is the plot. Written for the Gotham Fanfiction Academy (GFA) by Princess613

Chapter 1.

Bruce Wayne looked up from his breakfast. Normally that wasn't unusual, but Alfred had sneezed. "Are you alright, Alfred?" The butler really didn't look well.

"I'm fine, Master Bruce. Just…ah, allergies that's all," came the response, though Alfred was sniffling.

Bruce frowned. In all the years he had known the loyal butler, he had never known the man to have allergies. Puzzling over it, he offered to at least call the doctor. "He should be able to proscribe something for them, Alfred."

"Master Bruce you shouldn't….achoo! Pardon me, Master Bruce."

"Alfred, no arguments. I'm calling Dr. Ducard." With that, he strode off to the study to call the doctor.

A few hours later found Alfred being tucked in to bed with a warm cup of chicken broth. "Alfred, rest, and that's an order. I don't want to see you out of bed unless you have to go to the bathroom or shower."

Alfred sighed…Master Bruce can be so stubborn sometimes.