Summary: What happened to Alice before she got turned. here is what i think happened to her. Who was the ancient that tried to save her? This is set a few weeks before she turned.

When I woke up I was cold and covered in sweat. My dreams were getting worse and more clear, it felt. They would usually be blurry or unable to remember any of it expect for the fact that I didn't enjoy it. Most of my life I always these de ja vu . I couldn't explain but it always seemed like I knew the outcome with out seeing it. I just….felt it. The worse days were the ones were I knew I lived the day over and over again. Like ground hog day or something. I didn't understand it at all, I didn't know I had a gift, until I was 12 I thought I was crazy.

The I realized it was my forth time in the hospital, my emotional outbursts had taken its toll on my parents and sister. The doctors told my parents that the electro shock therapy could work on a twelve year old, that they had seen miracles done with it. I knew that there was something wrong with me but I didn't know how to change it or stop it. I always knew that I would die. I made my peace with it,everything changed when I was in the hospital due to my odd dreams and "fits" of seeing my death played over and over, i was in my second round of the electric shock therapy that week before i had another vision….

I was taller dressed a beautiful dress with heals the birthday cake read "17 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALICE " with the 17 on the top of the four tiered laired cake. The party went well in the night and at the end when every one was in bed I watched as my whole family fought in their sleep. Their eyes fluttered not really sure of what really happened. I watched while he went room to room seeing my parents I attempted to run but didn't get very far, before he would appear right in front of me or behind me .No matter what turn I made where or fast I ran he was there. His cold hands found my face then his lips my neck. My future….gone.

My eyes fluttered open the pain of losing my whole family out weighed the electric currents running through my head and the rest of my body. My nails broke as i gripped the chair, it felt like i was falling i could feel the scratch marks that were left by someone else. The fact that my own parents believed that i was crazy hurt, my sister didn't. i would be doing this for her. if she could move on without me it would it. I saw her fate when i made my decision.I realized what I had to do. I had to lie do what ever it takes to get out here and away from my family, it is the only way to keep them alive. keeping my mouth shut about my nightmares where going to be difficult. But at least I have a time line. On my seventeenth birthday. Five years. I will be running and never coming back.