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Chapter 1: Bribes and Blackmail

I yawned, stretching, and then looked around my house with sleepy eyes. It was only 9 o'clock, yet I was beat. I shuffled over to my bed and hopped into it. It felt good to lie down, to rest my aching muscles. Not that I had much, anyways. When I had decided to work on the ranch, I didn't expect it to be half as tiring.

I heard Finn settle down next to me on my pillow. He was only about six inches tall, so there was no need for a separate bed or anything. In a few seconds he was snoring soundly, and I was about to get to sleep.

That's when a knock erupted from my door. Startled, I forced myself out of bed, away from Finn, and trudged to the door. I thought it was probably the Mayor or something. He tends to remind me of upcoming events at weird times.

So I was really surprised when I opened the door and found Luke, Owen, and Bo all standing in front of my house, smiling mischievously.

My first thought: Who died?

My second thought: If this is some sort of prank, I'm going to be so pissed.

My third and final thought: Maybe I should just close the door and go to sleep…

Too late for that. Luke, the carpenter's son and probably one of my best guy-friends on the island, had stepped into the doorway. So much for my third thought…

"Hey, Elana! Do you wanna-"

"No." I tried to shut the door, but he was in the way.

"I didn't even ask you yet!" He said, pouting.

"Whatever you guys are up to, count me out. I'm tired."

Owen stepped forward, giving me one of those cool half smiles. Owen was tall, confident, and all muscle; pretty much the complete opposite of me. "C'mon, Elana! It's only 9!"

I glared at him, trying (but probably failing) to make myself look intimidating. "You try working on a farm all day in the hot sun and tell me you're not tired at 9."

He snorted with laughter. "I've been in the mines all day, gathering materials, and I'm not tired!"

Oh, he had a point there. "Fine, you can tell me what you want, but don't think I'll agree to it or anything."

Now Bo stepped into the doorway. He was only twelve; he was the carpenter's apprentice, and lived with Luke. His short, dirty blond hair glistened in the moonlight as he said "Well, Luke and I discovered this really cool cave in Fugue Forest today, so we decided to head back later with some more supplies to check it out!"

Of course. "And why can't you just wait until morning?" But I already knew the answer.

Bo smiled. "Because Luke is very impatient, and we all have to work tomorrow morning."

I groaned and turned back to the blue-haired carpenter, who was now looking hopeful. "Well, Luke, if you want me to come, you're going to have to wait until morning." I rubbed my eyes then continued. "And why bring me? Couldn't you have brought someone else?"

Luke put his hands on his hips, something he did whenever he's being stubborn. "I did! I brought the Garmon Guys!"

The Garmon Guys? That was new. And, what, did Julius not count? Was he not a guy?… oh, wait, I take that back.

"I was going to bring Kathy, but she works all night." Owen added. Kathy was his girlfriend and a friend of mine. She works at Brass Bar all night, so I guess that meant she couldn't come.

"What about Phoebe? Or Chloe? Or just another dude!"

Luke beamed. "'Cause none of them are as cool as you, Elana!"

Well, the kid had a point. But I still wasn't convinced. "I don't know, guys. I'm way tired, and… what would make you think I would want to come anyways?"

A familiar evil smile instantly spread across Luke's face, and I regretted asking. "Because we convinced Chase to come. It's his night off."

Crap. They totally had me.

So, in a few minutes, I was walking alongside the boys, heading towards Flute Fields. Everyone but me had brought supplies; they had all packed some food and water, and flashlights. Luke had brought his axe, and Owen his hammer. I hadn't had time to pack before they whisked me away from my house, but Luke said I wouldn't need much; we weren't going to stay all night or anything.

So now we were sneaking through the night, past the beach and some fields, heading to Fugue Forest. Chase was to meet us there.

Just for the record, Chase is not my boyfriend. Not even close. In fact, I'm almost positive he has no interest in me what so ever. Like, at all. So why did I become convinced when they told me Chase was coming? Well, for starters, Chase is way cute. His peach-colored hair is always wavy and messy and pinned back in these hairpins that I think are really girly, (but of course I would never say that to his face!) He has adorable violet eyes, pale skin, and there's always a sarcastic look on his face. Second, I kinda sorta maybe have a tiny crush on him. And Luke kinda sorta maybe knows about that (A/N: Read my fanfic 'Cooking Lessons with Luke' for more info on that!). Which kinda sorta sucks for me.

We were almost to Flute Fields. We approached the large stone bridge that separated my ranch from the fields, and walked over it. It felt weird not to have Finn at my shoulder, telling me what to do. He was still in my bed, sleeping soundly. I was hardly ever without him.

Now the guys were dragging me past Marimba farms and Chase's house, and up the hill that led to not only Horn Ranch, but the entrance to Fugue Forest if you took a sharp left. I was never a huge fan of the forest, especially at night. The trees were thick and blocked out the moonlight, and if you were unlucky you might accidentally stumble into the Witch Princess' swamp. This used to be a problem for me until I helped turn her back into an actual person and not a frog (long story), and now her and I were almost friends. But her swamp was still a little creepy.

But, oddly enough, I felt a little safer with Luke. He spends a lot of time in the Forest, and probably knows it by heart. At least, I hope he does.

We ducked down under some branches and walked past some trees until we reached a small clearing; the official entrance to the forest. There were three things in the clearing. This first was an old door that was embedded deep in the twisting, thick tree trucks. Unless you wanted to go around, which would take a while, you needed to go through the door. And to go through the door, you needed a key. I had one, as did the carpenters and some of the locals. The second thing in the clearing was a note pinned to a tree. It was a warning sign stating that the forest was like a maze, and that it is unsafe and unlawful to enter without and axe and a hammer (although I was pretty sure Luke doesn't own a hammer). The last thing in the clearing; Chase.

He was leaning against the thick tree when we approached. He straightened up and looked at the guys blandly, as I expected. I don't know how they convinced him to do this, but I bet it was some sort of bribe. Or blackmail. Chase hates these sorts of things. He also isn't a huge fan of Luke. I could already tell this wasn't going to go too well.

Then he saw me, and a rush of anger and annoyance spread over his face, but not towards me. Instead he looked at Luke, his violet eyes meeting Luke's hazel, cat-like ones, and hissed, "You forced her to come, too? Didn't anyone ever tell you that you can't force people to do something they don't want to do?"

Luke beamed in response, making Chase fume. "They probably did, but I probably wasn't listening." Classic Luke.

"Can we just get this over with?" Chase asked, just as I said, "Hurry up, I'm tired." We exchanged glances, and then looked away.

Luke was smiling evilly as he said, "Ok, c'mon, Garmon Guys, let's go!" And he unlocked the door and charged straight into the forest, yelling out what sounded like a battle cry. Owen and Bo followed his lead, leaving Chase and I to follow at a more sane pase.

We strolled past trees and rocks, getting deeper and deeper into the forest. The "Garmon Guys" didn't even hesitate on which way to turn, which either meant they knew their way by heart, or they were just guessing. I hoped it was the first option.

At first I was nervous, walking along at night with Chase. It wasn't like I didn't trust him in the dark or anything (he's not that kind of person), I was just afraid he wouldn't want to be with me. But after a while we started talking, and Luke was cracking jokes, and Bo was humming, and Owen was just laughing the whole way. And soon I was laughing, too, despite being tired. I unraveled and opened up. Maybe this would actually be fun!

Little did I know, we were being watched.

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