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A week had passed since our rescue, and we had all returned to our semi-normal lives on Castanet Island. Dale made Luke and Bo go right back to work the second they returned from the Choral Clinic, and also grounded them for two weeks, not allowing them to do anything but work. Dale pinned most of the blame on his son, (it was his idea in the first place, after all), so he ended up letting Bo off easy. But Luke was worked to the bone after that. One night, five days after the cave incident, he illegally stopped by my house after chopping down some trees in Fugue Forest just to tell me how horrible it was. I couldn't help but laugh when he once again commented on how lucky I was to live alone.

Owen was recovering very well, especially after he drank the healing potion I instructed the Witch to make. She warned me not to just hand it to him and tell him to drink it, though; she didn't want her work "going public", as she put it. So I told Ramsey to just slip it to him in a drink, which he happily agreed to. So far the effects were quite nice: the bones were healing much quicker than anyone expected, and Owen was almost completely back to his old self, besides the fact that he now had to use a crutch to walk around, and he couldn't go mining for several weeks, which he wasn't too happy about. Ramsey couldn't thank me enough for the potion, which I was happy he didn't ask too many questions about.

I thought what happened at Choral Clinic between Chase and I would make things awkward now, because that's what usually happened when the occasional signs of any romantic interest reared its ugly head. But, surprisingly enough, we actually became close to friends after that day. We hung out more, visited each other sometimes, and shared quite a few laughs, (something I wouldn't think possible for the waiter when I first met him). I was really happy. And I think he was really happy, too.

It was one step closer to love.

The adventure with the guys had ended, but it certainly left its mark. And what a good mark it was!

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