Katniss in Wonderland

A/N: I have crazy, crazy ideas :D This one came to me in the middle of playing the piano! I was playing(or trying to play) Canon by Johann Pachelbel, and it reminded me of Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club! Then there was an episode called 'Haruhi in Wonderland', and I just thought, Katniss needs to go to Wonderland... and… there you go!

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Katniss woke to the sound of birds chirping outside her open window.

Yawning, she sat up and looked around. Someone had been in her room. Her clothes were strewn across the floor, the drawers dangling open on their hinges, and the door was partially open.

She sighed, slightly annoyed, "Prim! Mum!"

There was silence. Katniss frowned, confused. Surely Prim and her mother weren't out? Maybe they were just hiding, worried that she'd be mad over the mess in her room.

Sighing, she got up and dressed into a casual white t-shirt, dark green shorts and red sneakers on the floor in front of her, not really caring what she looked like.

She took out a brush from her table and tried to sort out her bedridden hair.

At the first comb, she noticed a folded up piece of paper on the desk.

She dropped the brush and picked the paper up.

"Hey…" She carefully unfolded it, and read the short letter.

Dear Katniss,

It's Peeta. I'm sorry, it's a rushed letter. I didn't mean for it to be this way! I'm surprised as well! I have to go very soon. I know this sounds funny, but its weird how everything you don't believe will happen, happens in some way. She's coming. I'm going now. I can't say I like this, but please don't come looking. Forget I ever existed. I now even regret writing this. It's not much good anyway; too short, it hardly explains anything. But you will find out somehow, Katniss, I know you. Either way, I didn't expect this to happen.

Thank you, Katniss.

I hope this won't be the last thing I write to you.

I never even said goodbye.

At the last lines, her blood ran cold. She stared at the piece of paper, and slowly clenched it up in her fist.

"What does he mean, I never even said goodbye? What is this?"

She pursed her lips, realizing she'd spoken out loud.

It's his handwriting though…

It might be a joke. She thought, scrunching up the paper even further, a joke from one of the village kids. It's not even funny. She concentrated on her breathing.

It's definitely a joke. She tried to make her breathing steady and even. This whole thing; messing up my room, it's all a twisted little joke.

Then she imagined Peeta coming into her room while she was asleep and leaving a letter on her desk.

But why was her room messed up? Was he struggling? Was he in pain? Was the care freeness in the letter all a feint?

Katniss didn't know.

She bit her lip, worriedly.

What should she do now? What could she do?

Maybe nothing on her own, but she could think of someone who could do something.

"Haymitch." She whispered.

She was out of the house within seconds.

Katniss found Haymitch, drunk in the Hob.

Greasy Sae was sitting in front of him, her lips moved as if in conversation, she laughed and winked at Katniss as she approached. "Good luck with him!" She moved away to serve another customer.

He was slumped forwards in his seat, his forehead resting on the wood table. In his right hand, he clutched a half empty glass of beer.

He didn't look up even when Katniss ran to his side, gasping for breath.

"Haymitch!" She gripped his shoulder and shook him. Hard.

"Haymitch! It's me!"

"I know, I know." He yawned and finally sat up, waving her off.

"It's Peeta! He's gone!"

"Oh?" He stretched and rubbed the back of his neck tiredly.

"What do you mean, oh?"

"What else do you want me to say?"

There was silence.

Katniss found Peeta's letter still scrunched up in her hand. She slammed it onto the table in front of Haymitch. "Read this!"

He eyed it boredly and picked it up, un-scrunching it. Katniss watched his expression as he read the letter. It didn't change the whole time, and when he finished, he yawned and dropped the letter, his head slamming back onto the table.

Katniss picked it up again and slipped it into her pocket, "you think it's some kind of joke, right?" she asked hopefully.



"It's real alright."

"How can you know for sure?"

Haymitch didn't answer.

"Where is he? Does this mean he's gone?"

"He's in district…" He stood up, his bloodshot eyes glaring into her own, "Fifteen."

"Where?" Katniss stepped back nervously, "Fifteen? Are you sure?"

"I'm almost definite." He whispered gravely.

"Where… where's that?"

"You want him back?" he asked, deliberately ignoring her question.

"Yes." Katniss was surprised to feel that her cheeks were actually wet with tears. "Please."

"Then we've got to go now!" Haymitch turned and strode down the street. Katniss wondered if the drink was really getting to him, but his strides were too meaningful and balanced to be one of a drunks.

Katniss started to follow him, but then she noticed the strange eerie silence in the Hob. She turned to thank Greasy Sae, but the hob was empty.

The glass Haymitch was drinking from has gained dust and had cobwebs hanging off it. Everything everywhere was suddenly old and dusty. The Hob had an aura of unuse for a long time.

"Hurry up, sweetheart! Peeta's waiting!" Haymitch called from some distance away.

Katniss turned her back to the Hob and ran after Haymitch.

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