Taylor grumbled to herself as she clambered down the tree house ladder, if this was truly her choice she would've happily walked away for a night and attempted to sneak on the school grounds in the middle of the nigh to collect her bling. But this wasn't truly her choice; Kelly had pushed her into facing the consequences of her actions and one simply didn't say 'no' to the omniscient Kelly Jones. Taylor was starting to wish that she had said no now and ran away while she had the chance. It wasn't that Taylor was a coward; she would floor you if she heard that word come from your mouth, it was just in Taylor's nature to take the easy way out. Deep down Taylor knew that one day she would have to change this personal trait.

"Stupid Emo's," she muttered. "Pair of 'em, always thinkin' they right. Bints."

"Stop whineing, you're in the wrong." Kelly answered, silencing weak and grammatically incorrect protests from Taylor's loud mouth.

Slowly (after Kelly and Taylor had eased Andrea down the ladder) the trio began to make their back to the school in a deathly silence

. Kelly wasn't sure whether she liked this silence, it felt like she was having dinner with her strict and very traditional grandparents except she wasn't constantly being told to hurry up and find a husband. Usually this time would be filled to the brim with petty bickering and imaginative insults being rallied back and forth between the Chav Girl and the Emo Queen. This newly discovered love between the pair would take some getting used to; Kelly just hoped that they wouldn't lose themselves in each other. There was nothing worse than people being consumed by their respective partners.

Taylor squared her shoulders and lifted her chin up high before boldly entering St Trinians School For Young 'Ladies', she felt like she was a First Year trying to stare down a serial killer. She strutted into the building with Andrea on one side and Kelly on the other. She was a St Trinian, she was the predator and she would hunt down her prey if it was the last thing she ever did. Taylor's plan, as usual, was simple for there was no point in overcomplicating or over thinking a situation Polly and the Geeks would disagree on the principle that it was always better to be prepared). She would march into that dorm with her head held high and show everybody what it looked like to swallow your pride. She was the top dog in the school and nothing except a black eye from Kelly would make her believe or feel any different.

As soon as Taylor reached the surprisingly intact dorm door she took a moment to brace herself, she knew what she would be greeted with. It would either be a fist fight between her tribe an Andrea's with everybody else placing bets or it would be less fatal slanging match between almost every girl in the room. Whatever was going to happen when she walked into the room, it would change the ending to her life and freedom at the only school she wasn't kicked out of. To most it would sound sentimental and stupid but Taylor wanted to end this chapter of her life on a high.

A small squeeze to her left hand snapped her out of her thoughts. Automatically she pulled her hand away and faced the daring soul with a mild glare on her face, it would take time for her to get used to these small actions. Taylor's face softened when she saw the confusion and masked hurt on Andrea's face, that's when she had thought. No matter what happened in that room, no matter how much abuse she was thrown or how much shouting she would endure, she would be leaving here on a high. If today was the day that she would leave then she would leave the place with Andrea by her side softly insulting her and her amount of market bought jewellery that hung around her neck. Andrea was her sugar high now.

As soon she twisted the handle and stepped into the dorm Taylor was bombarded with insults and accusations. Silently the Chav made the decision to simply not answer these insults; she would take it on the chin and pass it off as a bad dream. It wasn't as if she would be around for much longer.


"Aggressive bitch, told you that she should've been sectioned!"

"You should use anger management instead of going around and stabbing people!"

"No, don't give her a gun! She might go around shooting random people!"

"She'll kill us all!"

"Oh stop being such a drama queen Chelsea, if she shoots at your head then the bullet will simply pop your head like a balloon."

"Oh shut up Lucy, you're just jealous that you're not qualified to be one of us."

"The world really must be going downhill if you need qualifications to be washed up slapper!"

"Enough!" Kelly yelled at the top of her lungs, effectively putting an end to the argument between Lucy and Chelsea. The Head Girl was beginning to feel sorry for her successor next term; those two were steadily becoming the new Bianca and Zoe except with less violence and more bitchiness. "Zoe and Bianca will be fine; neither of them will suffer anything more than damaged egos. I'm sure that they will be back to tearing each other's throats out by next week. Polly and I have agreed that Zoe, Bianca and Taylor are all to blame therefore that decision is final. Now, if I hear another peep out of you lot about this I'll have your mouth permanently and painfully sewn together. Is that perfectly clear?" Kelly paused as she waited for a chorus of 'Yeah'.

Andrea rolled her eyes at Kelly's empty threat; she highly doubted that Kelly would actually sew somebodies mouth together simply because Kelly couldn't actually sew. The amount of times the Emo had seen her Head Girl prick her finger on a needle and swear loudly about it was unbelievable, that was one of the few things Kelly Jones was hopeless at. After gracefully rolling her eyes, Andrea walked over to her tribe's area and approached her bed. Ignoring Beth and Janie's unimportant moans at the injustice, Andrea began to throw most of her clothes into a small suitcase. She wouldn't be needing much where she was going but she still but some of her favourite knick-knacks into a rucksack.

Taylor joined in with this motion. She too strutted over to her area and began to throw all of her track suits, short skirts and hoodies into her trunk. Fuck it, she thought. The Chav knew that half of her belongings would probably be burnt on a bonfire with overenthusiastic Emo's dancing around it so she saw no point in sending for it. St Trinians would always be the place to show her the warmth of a mother's love and she was certain that she would return to it one day. Now was the time for the Chav to fly the nest and make her place in the big bad world. But she wouldn't do it alone like she had originally planned. She would do it with Andrea by her side telling her that she was destined to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show to find out who was the father of her first-born.

Taylor and Andrea left the dorm that day together with their hands joined and belongings in tow but with small grins of satisfaction on their faces. They had achieved the impossible. They had managed to silence Britain's loudest school.

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