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Alternative universe Chapter 1 (In the forest of Konoha)

A portal opened in the sky and a blond teen fell out."Fucking Shinigami not giving me a warning" said the blond teen.
Said boy looked about 13 or 14 years old, he wore very baggy black leather pants tucked in his black leather boots. On his torso he wore a black and orange jacket with a red spiral on his back over a black skin tight long sleeve wore a rather large chain with a medallion that says "N.K."(explain later).On his head he had a long black bandana with an orange spiral and a black face arms he wore an elbow pad on his right arm and fingerless gloves.


"You will be sent back farewell and goodluck on your mission Naruto" the Shinigami said.


"He could have at least givin me my 19 year old back, well i am alive again at least" Naruto came into his line of vision and he ran at speed a kage would be jealous at with fire in his trail.

(In the Hokage office)

He appeared in the office with heat in his tracks "Hello Sarutobi-sensei we have to talk".He said shocking the Hokage he then put his hand over the head of the Hokage and it glowed green,the Hokage's eyes widen then"So Naruto-kun you have come to save your parents have you?"
he said/asked."Well they are not really my parents before the Kyuubi died he changed me so i have the same blood as Minato".Naruto said.
"I see you will have rank elite Jonin and you never wore the Jonin vest not even when you became Godaime Hokage".Saritobi said.
"Jonin vest are to carry scrolls and other objects".Naruto said.'He is not emotionless as before that's good'.Sarutobi thought.
"By the power invested in me as Hokage I hereby name you Kamikaze "King" Naruto Elite Jonin come to my office tomorrow morning ".
Sarutobi proclaimed."Thank you Hokage-sama".Naruto said as he left.

(In the Jonin apartments.[the Jonin live together because of the 2nd war going on]).

Naurto flashed into his apartment 2 bedrooms 1 kitchen 2 bathroom 1 in the hall 1 in the master bedroom.
Naruto sighs"I got another chance i am not gonna waste it".Said Naurto.


"For the crimes you have commited against Konoha you are sentence to DEATH!".Naruto said as he ripped out Uchiha Madara's soul.


"I will get you this time Madara i promise and i never break a promise".Naruto proclamed

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