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The Godaime Hokage was seen walking down the street of Konoha with his 2 year old son in his arms securely with everyone bowing his way,
every female very stared at him with hearts for eyes young and old,the male populace looked on in admiration with those who have been in war with him looked on in fear as the Godaime Hokage, Kuroi senko (Black flash), Gunshin (God of war) and the Million man slayer entered the Hokage tower.

He is 17 and had long dark golden that fell around his head like a mop (like Dante from Devil may cry but dark golden hair not white hair) and cold dark blue eyes that looked like ice and he wore black shinobi pants(Like Gaara's form shippuden but darker black) over his black boot, on his torso, he had a black long sleeve skin tight shirt under an ANBU armor,over it was a red short sleeve haori with black flames liking the bottom of it with the kanji for Fifth on his wore a long black headband with a metal plate on it with the konoha sign on it and he wore a black face mask.

(In the Hokage Tower 11:15 am)

"Hello Hokage-sama"said Shizune the assistant of the Hokage and assistant of the head medic Tsunade Senju with a big blush and hearts for eyes.

The Hokage just nodded without looking with his son waving at her and saying

"Hi shizi-chan"Shizune smiled and said

"Hi Kajou-kun (spiral) how are you today?"asked Shizune

"Good, bye bye"said Kajou as he waved and Shizune waved back.

As soon as they were gone she squealed'Oh god look at me i'm a assistant that has crush on her boss,oh god the Hokage is so hot i wish -no no he is your boss you should not think that'thought Shizune as she sighs.25 minutes later Anko came up to Shizune.

"Hey Shi-chan me and the other girls are gonna get some dango you wanna join?"

"Sure let's go"

(In the Hokage office 11:40)

The Hokage was reading the latest report from Jiraya of the Sannin and Kajou was on the floor playing with action figures when there was a knock on the door.

"Enter" said The Hokage in his usual cold and emotionless voice.

Shizune walked in.

"Hokage-sama i was wondering if could i take a break?"

The Hokage nodded and went back to reading.

"Thank you Hokage-sama and Team 7 and Team 8 are here to see you as well as Team 10"

The Hokage nodded again and Team 7,Team 8 and Team 10 walked in with a young 15 year old girl with long black hair.

"Team 7 consisted of genin Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura and Shimura Sai under Hatake Kakashi with P.O.W. Momochi Haku (prisoner of war) reporting sir" said Kakashi

"Team 8 consisted of genin Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata and Aburame Shino under Yuuhi Kurenai reporting sir" said Kurenai with a blush

"Team 10 consisted of genin Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino and Akimichi Choji under Sarutobi Asuma reportng sir" said Asuma

The Hokage held his hand out for the report that was givin to him by Kakashi and he gave a paper with the pay they get and they bowed and left leaving him to read Kakashi's report with Haku standing. He held out 5 fingers and the ANBU left.

"So Haku-san you wish to become a medic-nin of Konoha do you?" said the Hokage in his usual Voice that sent shivers down Haku's spine.

"Hai Hokage-sama"

"From the report you are a natural in healing and curing that's impressive".Making Haku blush and the Hokage pulled out a scroll.

"Take this scroll to the head medic Tsunade no Sannin at the hospital i am assuming you know where that is?"

"Hai Hokage-sama and thank you " Haku said with tears of joy as she Hokage went back to reading Jiraya's report.


As soon as he finished reading Uchiha Mikoto, or the woman all the women in Konoha admire because she is the only person that can talk to the Hokage without fear or shyness not even Mitarashi Anko , walked/busted through the door.

"Hi Hokage-sama" she said/squealed/shouted

The Hokage sighs.

Kajou squeals and says"Hi Miko-nee-chan" as he is picked off the floor by Mikoto as she hugs him then put him back and runs to The Hokage and tries to hug him,Keyword "Tries", but he moves backward in his seat and she misses and her chest and belly land on his lap and legs.


"sighs must you do that every time you see me?"

''Oh come on Naruto-kun it's just a hug''

''Don't call me that''

Mikoto pouted

The Hokage raised a golden eyebrow.

"Are you pouting?"

"No i am sulking"

"sighs can you get off me?"

Mikoto hugs him while siting in his lap.

"Oh come on grouchy"

The Hokage sighs.

"Oh fine i will get off" says Mikoto.

"You should relax more Hokage-sochi(son)" says Mikoto, her eyes widen as she saw her mistake and pray he did not hear.

"What did you call me?" The Hokage asked as Mikoto silently thanked the Gods.
"I called you Hokage-sama" Mikoto says like she is innocent.

"Oh really i could have sworn you called me...-never mind" he says.

"Well bye Hokage-sama come over soon i will make you some of the cookies that you love so much remember you ate like 25 cookies last time" says Mikoto as she smiles.

"That was 15 years ago" The Hokage deadplanned.

"It dosen't matter just remember to come by soon". says Mikoto as she left.

'sigh Mikoto how can i do that when i was the one that killed your husband', thought the Hokage.

(At the dango shop 12:05 pm)

We find Shizune, Anko, Hana, Kurenai and Yugao siting on a bench in the shop.

"So Shizune what had you so down, berating yourself for having fantasies of you and Hokage-sama again?". asks Anko as Shizune blushes

"Anko!". shouted Shizune as Anko looked at her innocently


"Grrr". growls Shizune

"Oh come on Shi-chan every girl in and out of Konoha has fantasies of him even me and the girls right girls?" asks Anko and the girls blush

''ANKO!'' yell the girls while blushing a new shade of red each.

''Oh come on you know it's true besides what are you doing here Yugao shouldn't you be guarding the Hokage''.

''Hokage-sama gave us an hour off'' says Yugao.

''Oh well ain't that sweet look's like he return's only your feelings Yugao i'm so jealous'' says Anko.

Yugao wraps her hand the ruby pendent on her silver necklace and holds it to her heart with a lost look on her face


October 10 12:03 13 years ago

A 4 year old Naruto was beaten and a bloody mess on his fourth birthday after what the villagers did to him again like almost everyday.
He is currently in an ally where they left him holding onto his necklace.A fresh 8 year old genin Yugao found him and brought him to the hospital where the head nurse a women, that looked about 64, named Yuka Keisei took him and then came back to her and told her.

''Thank you if we had lost Naruto-kun...he is most dear to us thank you so much'' as she said this she cried alot.

''Us?'' Yugao says.

''Hai ''us'' you see not many civilans like Naruto-kun for what he holds so he can only rely on those who are shinobi especially the ANBU'' she says as she leaves to treat Naruto.

Yugao comes back the next to visit naruto but finds out he left and a nurse said he ''changed'' when asked what she means she says he dosen't trust anyone but the ANBU and the Sandaime Hokage.

The next week her team heard that Naruto is going to the acadamy rediculous a 4 year old going to the acadamy even Hatake Kakashi went at the age of 5 because his father was THE Hatake Sakumo and trained him since he could walk but had he no ninja training so she went to the Hokage as she was at the door of the Hokage office she could hear voices she reconized of the Hokage teammates and the who gave the speach at the graduation of genin.

''Sarutobi have you lost your mind letting Naru-chan enter the acadamy so young he has no training at all and he is only 4'' says Koharu

'Finaly somebody says something'' thought Yugao

''I saw what Naruto-kun can do and he strong enough to be genin i assure you'' the Hokage said

''Hiruzen please'' pleaded Koharu

'Was Koharu-sama begging' thought Yugao

''Enough'' the Hokage said

(A year later)

A 10 year old Yugao learned naruto graduated on his first year that's amazing he is the youngest shinobi in the world but she never saw him , a few weeks ago she found out he became chunnin and that is unbelievable chunnin at 5 years old CHUNNIN! not even she is chunin yet and she is double his age.

As Yugao thought about all of this she noticed she and her team were already at the Hokage tower.

They were givin a simple C-rank mission patrol around the border for any enemy nin because the fourth great shinobi war going on, nothing she had never done before

As they were walking she dropped her bag and everything fell out and her team were waiting but she told them she would catch up and they kept walking once she was done she ran to get to them but a iwa-nin grabbed her and knocked her out an brought her back the their camp.

''Hey look we could have some fun with her'' said the iwa-jonin

''she is just a little girl'' said a female iwa-jonin

''So what?'' said another male iwa-chunnin

''Do whatever you like i'm gone'' said the female as she left.

By this time Yugao had woken up heard everything and was crying.

''Ohh don't worry we are going to good care of you hehe'' he said as he brought out his member.

Yugao closed her eyes with tears still falling waiting for the pain.
But it never came instead she heard something big fall and blood spillin.

''AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH'' she heard.

She felt herself being carried by a figure smaller than herself and blacked out.

She woke up to the sound of her mother and father weeping and she hugged them both.
She saw her surrounding and saw she was in a Hospital.

''What happened?'' she asked

''We don't know after you left and saw you were taking a long time we went to back and saw you were missing and searched for 2 days then we got a bird messenger saying you were all right and came back''. said her sensei and she saw her whole team was here.

The next day she saw flowers and that she was wearing a necklace that was not hers and remembered it was the necklace Naruto wore all the time and she held it so tight that if it was not made of real silver and rubies it would have broken.

When she was released from the hospital she went to the Hokage.

''Excuse me'' said Yugao

''Yes Yugao-chan?'' asked the Hokage

''Was Naruto-kun the one save me and the one who brought me back home?'' asked Yugao

''Yes and he gave you his necklace'' said the Hokage.

''Oh one more thing he had a message for you'' said the Hokage

"What is it?'' asked Yugao

"He wanted me to tell you "We are even". said the Hokage as he left, leaving Yugao to think.

''So you only trust the ANBU do you Naruto-kun? then i swear on my headband that i will become an ANBU''. announced Yugao as she held Naruto's, now hers, Expensive necklace to her heart.

On the other side of the door the Sandaime Hokage smiled and thought.

'I am sure you will".


As Yugao held the necklace Anko was calling her.

''Yugao, Yugao YUGAO!''. shouted Anko

''Huh?'' was Yugao's intelligent reply.

''You spaced out come on we are leaving and you have to get back to Hokage-sama''. said Anko

Yugao's eyes widen.

''Oh no'' she says as she left using shushin.

(In the Hokage office 1:37)

As soon as she shushined in the office without looking she bowed.

''I am so sorry Hokage-sama". she says

The Hokage looks at her and says.

"It is alright Neko no harm done Yugao''. he says

Yugao's eyes widen in her mask she looks at him.

''The scent, hair and necklace gave it away''. he says

''Um Hokage-sama would you...could you ummm''.she stutters.'Come on you have been on dozens of A-ranks how hard is it to ask someone out?'

''Could i what Yugao?''. He asks

''Would you like to go on a playdate with me?. she asks.'What the hell why did i ask that?'

''Excuse me?''. he asks

'Come on Yugao think think',"well with your son and my little sister''. she says and thinks 'Nice one'

"Oh okay how about tomorrow at lunch?'' he suggested.

''Great i will tell my sister tonight i am sure she will be thrilled''. she says

''Okay ANBU you have the rest of the weak off''. he announces

''Bye Hokage-sama'' and she with that she shushined herself home.

Once in her room she let out a huge squeale that could be heard around the village

(In a bar in Konoha 10:45 night)

Jiraya and Tsunade were having a drink

''Man we really fucked up huh Tsunade?''. asks Jiraya

''Shut up you have been saying that for past 7 years'' says Tsunade

''Dosen't make it any less true and am i lying?''. asks Jiraya

Tsunade slaps Jiraya hard with tears falling out of her eyes.

''You think i don't know , you think i don't regret not being his godmother...i am...was his ante till he changed his name to Kamikaze ''King'' Naruto but no matter what he will always be a Senju it's the only way he is not dead holding by the Kyuubi for so long, he became the strongest shinobi in history and we missed it, he became genin at 4,chunnin at 5, jonin at 7 and Hokage at 10 the youngest of every rank in history,huh Hokage at 10 years old FUCKING HOKAGE AT 10 YEARS OLD AND WE MISSED TI JIRAYA!''. loudly shouted Tsunade causing everyone in the bar to stare at them.

She noticed and left leaving Jiraya to pay the bill...again

''Fuck not again''. cursed Jiraya

The Next Day

''Come on Yuhi(Rose)-chan time to go meet the Hokage's son''. says Yugao

The now named Yuhi smiled brightly and ran out with her sister.

As they sitting down on a bench.

''Are we really going to meet the Hokage and his son?'' asked the 2 year old Yuhi

''For the last time yes we are and look there they are right now''. says Yugao and true to her word there they were.

''Hi i'm kajou wanna go play?'' asked Kajou

''Okay lets go'' said Yuhi as the children ran to playground.

''Hello Hokage-sama how are you?''. asked Yugao

''I am well and you?''. replied The Hokage

''Me? i am great''. proclaimed Yugao

After 15 minutes

''Um Hokage-sama?''


''How did Kajou-kun come to be?''.

Naruto raised an eyebrow

''Well Yugao when a male and female are intimate they-''

''NO NO not that i meant how come he is your son they never said you had a girlfriend or anything so how?'' asked again Yugao with a blush that is still spreading.

''Oh that''




''sigh" long ago when i was 8 years old Danzo and his entire root army attaked me after an A-rank mission i was only low sannin level at the time and i was up against a high Kage level shinobi with 127 high ANBU level shinobi and stood no chance, Danzo wanted my bloodline limit so he stole some my DNA by having a one of his women solders rape me since i had the Kyuubi it gave me the ability to cum but i pushed Kyuubi's chakra in it to kill the seamon but it only made the time for the baby to be born longer 6 years to exact actually birthwoman my only live parent left me to a life of hell, i did not want the same fate to befall my son for being born of rape so i kept him''. said the Gunshin and kuroi senko.

''That is so sad''

''Well things happen''

''Yeah but...wait you have a bloodline?''. asked Yugao

"Yes it let's me control the wind to a 100%'' Naruto said

''So that's where Kamikaze comes from''. stated Yugao with wide eyes

''Of course why did you think i chose it?''.

''Well because it was a cool name''.


''Wait where does ''King'' come from''.

''Oh that well my father's clan the Senju he is the grandson of Tobirama Senju the Nidaime and Tsunade has no children while i have a son the Senju clan founded Hi no Kuni and with Kajou-kun being my son that would have made me King of Hi no kuni and had my birthwomen not givin her status as princess of Uzu no kuni to her sister and kept me then i would have been King of Uzu no kuni''. says Naruto

''That is so cool being King of two Lands...wait what happen to Danzo?'' asks Yugao

''Well he went missing after the incident and when i became Hokage he went into a fit of rage and i had kill him''.


Naruto stood infront of Danzo in a stance.

''Your terror ends here Danzo you will die here''. said Naruto in his emotionless voice.

''NEVER DEMON'' shouted Danzo

As they ran at eachother Danzo handsigns so fast it was almost impossible to see.

"Suiton:Suiryuden no Jutsu'' yelled Danzo

Naruto just held out his left arm and opened his hand

''RASENGAN'' yelled Naruto

As Naruto's left arm destroyed the dragon, he brought his right hand out a extremly rapedly spining blazing fire ball, a little bigger then the rasengan, so hot that it was blue in the center, with blazing flames all around his arm he then shouted.

''KAENTAMA''(Blaze ball)

As he pierced Danzo's chest the blazing fire ball grew to the size of the great fire ball jutsu, when the fire died down there was nothing left just a big burning spiral on the ground.


'' did you become Hokage not to insult you or any thing but i douht they would make a 10 ten year old Hokage again no offence to you Hokage-sama''. asked Yugao

''No offence taken and how i became Hokage well it happen like this...''


''There are 97 iwa-jonin, 47 mizu-jonin 26 mizu-chunnin and 82 kumo-jonin ahead that mean one of has to be a bait.''.

There were 7 people Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen,Kamikaze ''King'' Naruto,Hatake Kakashi,Hyuuga Hiashi,Yamanaka Inoichi, Nara Shikaku and Akimichi Chouza. As Kakashi was about offer being bait.

''I will be bait''. Naruto said

''No Naru i will be bait Konoha needs young, powerful and smart shinobi like you''. says the Sandaime

''But with the Kyuubi inside of me i have the best chance of surviving Sarutobi-sensei''. Naruto said not wanting to see his sensei die.

''No Naru i will go because starting tomorrow you will be...Hokage''. announced the now former Hokage as he left to fight as many as he could.

As soon he did the ino-shika-cho trio left to go informe the village of the occurance while Kakashi tried to get the new Hokage to move but failed.

When Naruto saw his sensei fall dead infront of him something broke and something awakened an so began the killing streak of the Gunshin and the Million Man Slayer.


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