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"Summon Talking"

'Summon Thinking'

Let's Begin

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The Hokage Battle

"After all...you are his mother"

Konan looked at the ground below her.

'I could hardly call myself a mother'

Konan knew that her mission as the Akatsuki informant was gonna put a hold on her duties as Kajou's mother, but never the less, she owed her life to the Hokage. He spared her life even after she was brainwashed by Danzo into having a one-sided intercourse session with a ten year old Naruto.

While Konan was thinking about the past, Naruto was hopping to get back into the present.

"Come, Kajou awaits" He said in his deep voice.

Konan had a small smile on her face, barely noticeable to the anyone's eyes, but still there. On the inside though, Konan was quite a bit nervous, it's been a whole year since she has last seen Kajou. If he was anything like his father, he should already be able to walk and speak properly for a two/turning three year old infant.

She didn't even realize that she was already on the Kage's private balcony until she heard. "KAA-SAN!"

The blue haired angel immediately had a smile on her face and a few tears threatening to fall down her face as she ran to her child.

Naruto smiled at the beautiful sight that was upon him. A mother and her child are reunited. Naruto's smile became more noticeable. His child and the mother of his son.

Kajou overjoyed finally see his mother, he thought that she was gone for good because Tou-san was trying to replace her with Yugao and Mei.

"Kaa-san, Tou-san was trying to replace you, but you're here now and we can be a family together" he said with an all too happy grin, showing his little teeth.

The Mizukage turned to him.

"But Hokage-dono, you and Mei-chan are betrothed and are to get married tomorrow" he said and Mei turned to Naruto with a mortified look. This couldn't be happening, she wasn't gonna lose Naruto, not now.

Kajou turn's to his father. "Tou-san, i don't like Mei" which shocked Mei to the core. "And Kaa-san said that she lov-"

Konan's eyes widen and she put her hand over Kajou's mouth, before looking away from her secret object of affection. It was hard not to fall in love with the Hokage, he was so sweet, even though he had a VERY different way of showing it. He spared her life, he kept her away from jail, a part of her told that he was doing this because she gave birth to his son and another part of her told her that he was doing this because he cared for her. She probably didn't love him but she knew that she liked him. But she knew that there being and "us" between her and Hokage was impossible, she was much older than he and he was Hokage, while she was a woman that brainwashed into raping him.

Naruto was shocked and little relieved because he couldn't tell whether or not Kajou was telling him the truth when he said that he liked Mei, but since he just told him he didn't, it was official, Konoha doesn't need an alliance with Kiri. He turned to the Mizukage.

"I will not marry you daughter Mizukage, if it means no alliance, then so be it"

Yagura accepted the fact that Naruto did not want to marry Mei, who was ran away when she heard the Hokage's proclamation.

Suddenly, a certain ANBU chose to make her appearance. Yugao grabbed Naruto by his shoulder and pulled him away, into the hallway from which they entered.

"Where did daddy go?"

(With Naruto and Yugao)

Once Naruto realized who brought him into the hallway, he hugged her as tight as he could. Well not really seeing that she would be killed if he tried, but still tight.

Yugao pushed Naruto away.

"You have a lot of explaining to do" She said in a "Either you talk, or i super-glue your balls to your leg" voice.

Naruto swallowed before speaking. "Yugao-chan, i'm so sorry, i don't know what's been happening to me these last few day but i swear, i have no feelings for Mei".

Yugao removed her mask, looked deeply into Naruto's piercing sapphire eyes and tried to detect any lies in his words. When she couldn't find any, she said. "Well you better make it up to me"

Naruto gave her a small smile and wrapped his arms around her. When she didn't return the favour he frowned . The Hokage rubbed his cheek against the top of her head and said.

"Yugao, i swear, i thought it was you that was kissing me in my office...please forgive me" he said.

All he got as and answer was Yugao wrapping her arms around her love and saying. "I forgive you...Naru-koi?"


"...I love you" She said after a minute. Naruto couldn't help but smile.

"I love you to Yugao-chan" he said before he kissed her full on the lips.

Yugao felt that same love she felt for him before the mist whore- Mei incident and was quite happy.

She felt him lick the bottom of her lip, asking for permission. And so began their make out session, which didn't last long because they found closet.

They both walked in.

(Lemon Time)

Yugao looked behind her and saw a chair. She sat Naruto down on the chair. The purplette got down on her knees and unzipped Naruto's pants. She was hit in the chin by Naruto's 9 inch rod but she didn't mind. She backed up her head a bit to look at it and admire it.

It was still as she remembered it. 9 inches with a pink head, an intoxicating scent and some golden pubic hair on his lower abdomen. She put her hand around it to get a better feel and noted that it was not as hard as usual so she removed her ANBU armor and skin tight shirt, along with her bra and began playing with her breasts, teasing her nipples.

Naruto genital quickly shot up and hard. Yugao smiled but knew that she could still go for more so she stuck her hand into her pants and began rubbing herself, as well as sticking a finger in her vagina. Yugao unzipped her pants and undid her belt to show her nicely trimmed purple pubic hair triangle.

Naruto shot his face forward and rubbed his nose against her pubic hair as he stuck his tongue out to lick her clitoris. Yugao gave a loud moan and used her right hand to finger herself while her lefty was lowering her pants. Once her pants dropped, she began to run her hands through Naruto's silky gold locks.

Naruto loved the smell of musk in her pubic hair. He had his left hand continue to finger her pussy while his nose nuzzled her pubs and took his right hand went under her vagina. He grabbed her right ass cheek before his index and major fingers found their way to her anus.

Yugao grabbed a handful of Naruto hair from the sensation. His fingers penetrated her anus.

"Ah!..ah...AH!" She was moaning quite loudly. Not long after that, she came all over Naruto's face as he was swallowed as much as he could. Yugao had a huge blush on her face as her breathing came back to normal. Naruto stood up straight and his penis was up against his armour.

He began removing his armor and shirt. Once he was done naked waist up, Yugao licked her lips. Naruto was sooo built, even more than the Hachibi jinchuuriki and second only to the Raikage. But that was exaggerated with steroids, her Naruto was all natural. She looked down at his "fifth limb". Oh yesss, ALL natural.

Naruto was only three inches shorter than the Raikage. (In Body Height I Mean)

Yugao began stroking Naruto's penis fast and hard. Naruto's back was against the wall and he was breathing hard. Yugao smiled and moved up to kiss him on the lips, never slowing down her pumping. When she left his mouth, his tongue was left hanging out for her. She felt him suddenly grow and knew what was cu/coming. As he came, she was sprayed all over on her flat stomach with his seed and she loved it.

When Naruto's breathing came back to normal, Yugao turned around and bent over. He knew what to do, but he wanted to try something else. The Hokage grobbed his rod and put the head against her anus. He felt Yugao clench her ass cheeks against him, but they slowly parted again.

"Do it Naru-koi" She said.

Naruto began thrusting into her and waited like a gentlemen for her to get used the feeling of him. After about a minute, Yugao nodded.

Naruto leaned forward and began kissing, liking and sucking the back of her neck while he rocked back and forth in and out of her. He wrapped his right arm around her stomach so she has help holding while his left snaked around her to grab her right breast and began twisted her right nipple while his forearm was rubbing her left nipple.

After about four minutes of thrusting.




She sprayed his legs with her juices. After another minute Naruto shot his hot seed in her anus, filling her up, but he kept thrusting to get as much of his seamen out of him as possible.

(Lemon End)

They were both a sweaty mess as they held each other, naked.

"mhh..i've missed you Naruto-kun" She said as she nuzzled her face in his chest, not caring that it was full of sweat.

"Me too Yugao-chan" He replied. Normally they wouldn't be sweating so much but since they were in a janitors closet, it was really hot.


Their eyes shot open.

"What was that? Yugao asked.

Naruto looked at her. "I don't know but it sounded like an explosion" Then his eyes widen even more. "KAJOU!"

They both got dressed up and ran out to see most of the stadium destroyed. Many sand and sound village shinobi were running around getting killed by Konrad shinobi. Naruto let the small sense of pride rush through him before returning to the task at hand. He turned to Yugao and said.

"Yugao, find Kajou and keep him safe, i will find the cause of this destruction" She nodded her head following her order.

Naruto looked at the roof of the Kage box and stood there in with his sickening grin was Orochimaru, fighting Jiraya. Suddenly, he saw two people helping Orochimaru that he thought he would never meet in his life. The Shodai and Nidai Hokages.

He ran to his destination and managed to prevent Jiraya from getting stabbed in the back of his head by Orochimaru's sword by wielding it before it could do any damage as it seemed to be able to move itself.

Naruto turned to Jiraya.

"You will Orochimaru, i will fight my predecessors" he ordered.

Jiraya nodded. He knew the Hokage could handle himself. He was stronger than him, stronger than the Yondaime, stronger than the Nidame and maybe just MAYBE even the Shodai. The Godaime Hokage was second only to the Sandaime Hokage in his prime.

After Jiraya left, Naruto turned to the Founders of Konoha and said.

"Let us begin"

Senju Hashirama ran at Naruto with wooden spears shooting out of the ground, towards Naruto. The younger man evade them and locked hands and foreheads with the Shodai as they pushed each other.

"A man as young as yourself is Hokage?" The Shodai said with a dead look.

Naruto had sweat rolling on side of his head. What the hell was going on? He could easily lift up up Gamabuta with just his muscle strength, why couldn't he move one man?

"I was chosen as Hokage when i was ten actually" he said.

Hashirama's eyes widen. What fool would a ten year old Hokage? That's obscured and unheard of!

"Who elected you?"

"Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage and wisest man of all!" The Gushin replied.

'So Saru (Monkey) became Hokage?' He looked at Naruto's eyes and found an abyss full of the will of fire within his blue eyes. 'You must have grown a lot to have been so very confident in this boy'.

Suddenly his eyes widen. He looked down at his abdomen to see a spear of wood penetrating him. The Shodai caught a smirk on the Godai's face.

"How?" One word that asked a whole question. How are you able to control the wooden element?

Naruto smirked again. "You are my great granduncle and the Nidai, my great grandfather"

Hashirama smiled. Suddenly he jumped away and Naruto was blasted by a water vortex. He made a giant crater in the roof and looked at his attacker to see not only the Nidai, but his sensei as well. Saurto

"You sure have grown Naruto-kun" he said with a smile on his face before it came back to it's dead look.

Naruto turned back into the Gunshi after nearly 8 years and saw that the Shodai was distracted and replaced himself with the huge piece of the roof that was behind him.

Hashirama's eyes widen as he felt his head being crushed by two strong fists.


Naruto's eyes turned dark as Hashirama's blood was all over him. He knew that if he actually fought the Shodai head on, there was a high chance of him losing so he took his chance. He threw away Hashirama's body and turned towards his other predecessors. His great grandfather had a grimaced face while his sensei was unaffected at the brutality of his former student and "son".

"Would you like to go first sensei?" asked Hiruzen to his sensei.

Tobirama nodded his head and ran towards Naruto with incredible speed while making hand signs.

"Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!"

Naruto, without hand signs, shot five fire dragons out the ground and towards Tobirama. The fire dragons so much stronger than the water dragon despite the element. Four out five dragons got past the water dragon, but only one managed to hit Tobirama, leaving him with a burn scar on his face. Due to connecting of jutsus, there a huge explostion and a lot of smoke. So much smoke that Naruto couldn't see.

Naruto felt a fist connect with his right cheek and was flown away away about 15 m. He looked at the owner of said limb and saw the Nidai with a burn scar on his right cheek.

"A cheek for a cheek" Tobirama said. Naruto rolled his eyes. Sensei always told him that Tobirama was a funny man but in the middle of battle, he would get kinda stupid.

For nearly twenty minutes, they went at each other with various techniques.

"I'm really glad that my great grandson is so talented at such a young age, and Saru chose you as Hokage at ten years old you say?" Tobirama looked at Hiruzen for confirmation and he got it with a nod from his student.

Suddenly, Hiruzen lost control of his body and began attacking Naruto aswell. Not even the Million Man slayer and Gushin could defeat the Sandaime in his prime, let alone the combined powers of the "God of Water" and "God of Shinobi". Naruto knew one thing for sure. If he didn't think of something fast, he was as good as dead.

They both suddenly appeared next to him, each Hokage delivering a punch to his face. Naruto wasn't fast enough and was hit by both, sending him 50m away.

And that went on for about ten minutes. Naruto was being kicked around by his sensei and his sensei's sensei. Naruto suddenly thought of something he noticed a while back. There were some kind seal on the paper tapped to the back of their heads. He sure that if he managed to remove one of them, then he could easily destroy them. Naruto was quite pleased with the fact that Hiruzen came at him alone this time. By the many beating Naruto has been taking, he knew what his sensei's next move was.

Naruto jumped back just before the Sandaime's fist could connect with his head. As the former Hokage was dashing across him, Naruto sent some chakra to his right hand to speed it ip. He grabbed the seal on the back of his master's head and pulled it off. As soon as he pulled off the seal, the Sandaime Hokage no Konohagakure turned to ashes.

Naruto then turned to his great grandfather.

"Time for you to go back"

Naruto suddenly appeared behind the Nidai with a Kaentama charged in his right hand. It connected with the Nidai's back, bruning to nothing. Seems like there something he didn't know about the "Impure World Resurrection" since the second Hokage reformed himself from the ashes.

Fortunatly for Naruto though, his head was the first part of his body to reform. He ripped the seal off the back of his head, turning him into ashes.

Naruto never saw the raijin blade fly towards him till it stabbed him in the kidney and darkness took over.

(Naruto's mindscape)

Naruto opened his eyes. He looked at his surroundings and saw nothing but so he guessed he was in his mindscape.

"Hello Kamikaze King Naruto" A soft and soothing voice said. He turned to the direction of beautiful and feminine voice.

Naruto nearly fell into shock because in front of him stood a woman he never thought he would meet either. And she was absolutely beautiful. Like a light red haired goddess in an elegant traditional red, with white flowers, kimono.

"...What can i do for you...Uzumaki Mito"


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