Tanokki here! There will be nothing adult and no swearing other than the occasional "Aw crap". Also, some sections will be extra gory, so I'll mark those for the casual readers. Oh, and a few OCs, but they'll just be minor and most die within two chapters after first appearance.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Sonic the hedgehog characters. If I did, I'd kill off Amy.

Night of the Flesh Eaters

Prologue: Prelude to doom

July 12th, 2010

St. Charles Family Arena

9:30 P.M.

Time before mass infection begins: 2 days

It was all planned out. Jet knew this. Which is what made the fact that his Albatross friend was missing even stranger. He and his girlfriend/partner in crime, Wave, had been waiting for about an hour, and the fact that Storm wasn't here during their best heist yet was disturbing. You see, the president was attending the Weird Al concert and since none of his aids could stand the guy (as a note, the two birds enjoyed some of his songs, although they didn't enjoy the one about not illegally downloading his songs, being thieves), and the president only had some secret service agents that could be easily taken out by Storm, and they could get his cash and maybe some weird al stuff. However, they were missing the key member to this operation. They waited another two hours.

"Oh forget it! We'll just try his limo tomorrow, with or without that moron!" said Jet, who was being a bit impatient. They then went inside to watch the concert.

Simcoe Labs

1 day, 30 min. until mass infection.

Storm knew he shouldn't have followed the man who told him about how he was very rich and didn't believe in security systems. Still, he took a chance, and he was inside some sort of cell, with men yelling outside, along with gunshots.

"All right, a prison break!" he said. However, his happiness was crushed when his door flew open, and he saw four men, each with a rifle. One of them gave him a blindfold. The last thing Storm heard was one of the men apologizing. Then a loud shot and Storm moved no more.

Aztec Theater

1 day until mass infection.

Miles was running for his life again. It seemed that that was his purpose in life. Get called a freak by locals. Get chased into the outskirts of town. Take boat back to Cocoa Island. Find new town. Lather rinse and repeat. Some people would say his life was bad. However aside from the occasional knife wound, he found his life fun.

"Heh, you guys are the slowest bunch yet!" he said before using his twin tails to propel him faster and away from the mob. As he sat on his boat, he thought to himself about life.

"It may not be the best life, but at least it can't get any worse." H said with a smile.

Little did he know, he was dead wrong, as things were about to get very messy.

Time until Mass infection begins: 7 hours.