Author's Note

Sorry Reviewers, I must take a break from this story. I have absolutely no IDEA on what to write for the next chapter, and I suddenly lost inspiriation. And I have a massive headache right now.

I also have to improve on my story writing. I thank the reviewers that have been giving me criticism and those who have been giving me positive comments. Though, the critisism, could be a little less more aggressive please? I mean. I know critisism is part of reviewing. But... Some are just plain outrageous. xD But it does still help me. Please also comment on what I need help on! I know my puntuations and grammer need help. As well as my vocabulary. But hey, I'll try to practice as much as I can on writing, by writing other samples like Pokemon or something. Right now, I have no idea on what to write next. xD

Ouchie, my head... ;_; It hurts... I need to rest. I think at least until I get an idea from playing video games or maybe watching movies or by reading fan fictions from others. And I'll try to make Naruto seem like a smart ass. _ xD

lol, anywayz, That's it. Sorry. ;_; It's better than abandoning and discontinue this piece. Right? Naruhina fans?

Inner Fan Girl Rindiny: And let her rest, give her time. And let's hope she won't forget about the story all together, she has a very bad memory. _ Ow, now MY head hurts.. damn it Rin, you passed the headache disease.

Rindiny: Wtf? Well bye. Again, Forgive me. _