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January 11, C.E. 71

Heliopolis Spaceport

"Finally," Saji Crossroad yawned as he walked off the transport, "That was a long trip."

"No kidding," muttered Louise Halevy, as she walked off next to him, "and boring too."

A casually dressed young man waiting by a counter walked over to them and asked "Are you Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy?"

"Yep," Saji said, "that's us."

"Nice to meet you," the man said, "I'm Lyle Dylandy."

Same time

Outside Heliopolis - Bridge of the Muerte

"Do you three brats think you're ready for this mission?" yelled the red haired man.

"Yes, Sir," the three brats in question answered, "We do."

"Good, because whether or not you're ready," the man growled, "you're going. Now get into that damn pod and go find those freakin' prototypes!"

"Yes, Sir," the three siblings responded.

"Sir, we'll report back in two weeks," continued the eldest of the three, "when the actual hijacking takes place."

"Understood," the red-haired man said with an evil smile, "Now get going."

"Great," grumbled the man as he sat down in the captain's chair on the bridge watching the three sibling leave, "Now I have two boring weeks sitting here and waiting until the fun really starts. DAMN!"

Same time

Unknown Location

The green haired man looked over at the person sitting across from him and spoke as his eyes returned to normal, "The first move of this round of the game has been made."

"Thank you," said the red haired man, "Ribbons Almark."

"Yes, indeed," said another man, this one with long black hair, sitting next to Ribbons, "Things will certainly be getting interesting soon."

"Hmmm," thought Almark, "we'll see how my children do, shall we?"

Same time

Different Unknown Location

Her fingers hitting the keys on the piano with a flourish, the red haired girl grinned and laughed, "Let this round begin."

"Yes, dear, let it begin," the man in the military uniform said as he turned away from her, to look at all the other people at the shadowed table, "For the preservation of our blue and pure world!"

Unnoticed by the man and the rest of the men and women at the table, the girl at the piano scowled.

January 25, C.E. 71

Outside Heliopolis - On the Bridge of the Vesalius

"We're here to grab the new Earth Forces machines and then get out," confirmed the red coated girl, "we're not here to go around killing every single natural in the colony or here to destroy it."

"Yes, that's true Aliza," her commander Rau La Creuset said, "Everyone understand?"

"Yes, sir!" responded the six red coats and the 15 green coats behind them. "Athrun Zala, Aliza Inshiro, Yzak Joule, Dearka Elsman, Rusty Mackenzie, and Nicol Amalfi, acknowledged and proceeding with mission."

Same time

Inside Heliopolis

Kira sighed as he typed away at his laptop. He leaned over and tapped the girl's shoulder to get her attention as she sat next to him.

"Rachel," Kira said exasperated, "if you wanna listen to such horrible music, could you at least turn it down, I can hear it through your headphones."

"Hey, just because you don't like my music, Kira, doesn't mean that it's bad." The blonde haired girl responded as she pulled out one of her headphones. "How's the work Prof. Kato gave you going?"

"I'm doing great, but I still have a lot to do," Kira said as he glared at Rachel, "Besides it would go faster if somebody helped!"

"Hey, I already did my part last night," the blonde haired girl retorted.

"How?" Kira asked jokingly, "Do you not need to sleep?"

"Heh," Rachel responded, "Not at all."

"Crazy Natural," Kira said with a sigh. "You're just a crazy natural."

"Hey," Rachel said indignantly, "You're not any better, you nutcase coordinator."

"Well, I'm not the one who stay up all hours playing violent shoot-em'-up games," Kira said, "Now am I?"

"No," Rachel responded hotly, "But –"

"Yo guys," interrupted a voice.

Kira and Rachel turned around and saw their friends and fellow students, Tolle Koenig, Mirriallia Haw, and Bennet Hill walking towards them.

"The two of you arguing again?" Mir asked. "A person would almost think that you're going out."

Both Kira and Rachel turned bright red and Rachel sighed, "Mir, how many times do I have to tell you? Kira and I are NOT going out. Besides that's really not the reason that you are here, right?"

"Nope, not at all," Tolle said.

"Don't tell me that Prof. Kato has more work for us?" Kira groaned, "I still haven't finished the work he gave me yesterday."

Next to him Rachel stuck her tongue out at him, and laughed, "Hehe, I already did it all last night."

"Yeah, but I actually have to sleep," Kira responded jokingly, "You don't."

"True, true, true," Rachel said tauntingly.

"I will never understand how you manage to do that," Bennet said with a sigh. "Anyway, what were you watching, Rachel?"

"It's the announcement about the testing of the new machine that the AEU is experimenting with." Rachel said, turning to Bennet. "The new AEU-09 Enact."

"Huh," The darker skinned boy responded looking over Rachel's shoulder, "Honestly, it still looks slow and clumsy just like all the other mobile suits that AEU, the HRL and the Union all have been experimenting with. The ZAFT troops would probably be able to take it out in a matter of moments. Come on, it's pathetic."

"Your right, Bennet, but you still have to say the HRL's Tierans, the Union's Realdo, and the AEU's Hellion aren't bad starts for a good mobile suit." Tolle interjected.

"Ok, you have a point there Tolle," Kira said as he started putting his stuff in his bag, "but out of those three none of them can really stand up to a GINN in a one on one. The new Union suit, the Flag, which they rolled out about two months ago, on the other hand, can actually hold its own against a GINN with a skilled pilot inside."

"Agreed, the AEU's Enact actually looks like it is a really bad ripoff of the Union's Flag." Rachel said. "Both nations seem to be making suits that can adapt to the combat situation at will. The HRL's Tierans however are just pathetic excuses for mobile turrets with legs and multiple guns."

"You got that one right, Rachel," Bennet responded. "The Tierans are also slow and clumsy in comparison to any of the suits. They really are just tanks with legs and armor. But then again in comparison to the 5-year-old MSER-04 Anfs that the HRL still has lying around, they aren't that bad."

"Well in my opinion," Mir interjected, "out of those five units the Flags are the best not because of their power or maneuverability but cuz they work together as rapid moving squads. The Hellions like swarming their opponents and the Tierans are primarily a slow moving, long range bombardment unit.

"You summed up their abilities and tactics pretty well, Mir." responded Tolle, "Nice job."

"Hhhhmmmmn," Rachel said as she turned her computer, "What do you people thing about how the Enact will perform in actual combat?"

"Guys, we can look it at the lab, didn't Prof Kato want us?" Kira interrupted and asked.

"You and your sense of responsibility," Rachel muttered, as she packed up her computer and all the little wires coming out of it, "Okay, I'm ready."

Elsewhere – Interior of Heliopolis

The Le Creuset team silently moved through the bowels of Heliopolis, heading towards the secret hanger of the Archangel.

When reached the hanger, Athrun performed a series of handsignals. The other red and green coats nodded and split up. They set bombs while remaining unnoticed by the workers there.

They quickly regrouped and made their way towards the interior of Heliopolis. It was time for phase two.

Prof. Kato's Lab

"Hi peoples," Rachel said as she, Kira, Tolle, Mir, and Ben all entered the lab.

"Hi," responded Kuzzey, Sai, Lyle, Saji and Louise.

"How's the work going?" asked Sai, while holding up a disc. "You know that the Professors been looking for you?"

"Erghhh, I'm still not done yet with the stuff the Professor gave me yesterday," Kira complained.

"What is it anyway?" asked Louise.

"Morgenroete stuff," Rachel responded lazily as she dropped her backpack on the floor, "Structural engineering and programming analysis stuff, sides anyone know who that is?"

"That" was directed at the blond-haired kid standing on the side of the room.

"I have no who he is," responded Lyle, "but he's waiting to meet the Professor."

"Lyle, can you give me a hand for a sec?" Saji asked their mentor, looking up from computer screen where he was working on a project with Louise.

"Sure, coming," Lyle said as he walked over. "Work never ends does it?"

"Nope," came from Louise, Saji, Kuzzey and Bennet.

"NEVER," laughed Rachel, Kira and Tolle.

Mir just looked at Lyle and shook her head, laughing.

Aboard the Vesalius

Rau Le Creuset glanced at his watch and smiled. It was time. By now, the team should have successfully infiltrated Heliopolis, planted the explosives, and were ready for the second phase to begin.

"It's time." he said to Captain Ades.

"Weigh anchor!" Ades commanded. "Vesalius launch!"

The bombs, that the infiltration squad had planted went off and killed many of the people inside the hanger bay.

Morgenroete Factory District

"What was that?" yelled Lt. Murrue Ramius "Did ZAFT fire on the colony?"

"I have no clue," yelled back Hamana, "but we need to get these to the Archangel, NOW."

"Agreed," responded Murrue, "Get the X105, X303 and X199, prepped for combat, and get the X103, the X102, and the X207 prepped for transport to the Archangel.

Prof. Kato's Lab

"What was that?" yelled Louise as she was tumbled from her chair.

"A meteoroid?" questioned Sai "I don't know"

"I don't know either but whatever it is," Lyle started.

"It sure as hell ain't gonna be good," Rachel finished.

"Let's head to the shelters," Ben said.

"Definitely," Saji responded. "Get your stuff and let's go."

Rachel was the last one to leave the room. Before leaving, she removed a pair of flat objects from the back pocket of her bag and slipped them up her sleeves.

Unknown location inside Heliopolis

"Well, that's the signal is it not?" questioned the red haired girl of her two brothers.

"It sure is, sis," said the younger brother with a bloodthirsty grin, "let's get this party started."

"Yes, let's go," the eldest of the three siblings stated as they left the room, "remember we don't want anyone to find out about this, so make sure no alarms go off, OK?"

"Awww," wined the girl, "fine."

Heliopolis Interior

"That's it," exclaimed Yzak "it's exactly like what like Commander Le Creuset said,"

"What?" questioned Dearka, "with the right amount of prodding they are sure to come out of their holes? After all the Naturals are stupid and pathetic."

"Hey," interjected Aliza, "They did create us after all."

"Natural lover," sneered Yzak.

"She does have a point there though," Nicol said.

"Will all of you shut up?" Athrun asked irritably. "Yzak, did you find the suits yet?"

"Yeah, tell Miguel, Olor and Mathew that the machines are in Sector S, Factory District 37."

"Understood," Miguel smiled sadly as he turned his radio off, "Well, I guess I won't be finding any good opponents here."

A moment later, three GINNs appeared over the Morgenroete factory district and opened fire, destroying many of military vehicles that were escorting the mobile suits.

In Kato's Lab

More tremors shook the building as Kira and everyone else from Professor Kato's lab reached the elevators and stairwell.

"What is going on here?" he said to no one in particular.

"Let's worry about getting out of here first, then we worry about that." Sai replied as he pushed the elevator call button.

The second he did, the power failed.

"Well, it looks like we're taking the stairs." Tolle said as he opened the door to the stairwell.

There, other people were climbing the stairs towards the surface, and shelter pods.

"Hey! Do you guys know what's going on?" Tolle asked them.

"I heard we're under attack from ZAFT." one man said.

"Yeah, there's mobile suits entering the colony." another said.

"What?" muttered the blond haired kid to himself.

Suddenly, the blond haired guy that had been waiting for Professor Kato, took off down a hallway.

"Wait! Come back!" Kira shouted as chased after the guy.

"Kira!" Tolle shout at his friend.

"I'll be right back," Kira yelled back.

"Idiot," muttered Rachel, "Tolle, you and the others head to the shelters, I'll go after Kira and Mr. Blonde over there."

"Can do."

Lyle turned as he slung his bag over his shoulder, "I have to go," and ran off in the opposite direction.

"Wait up," yelled Saji and Louise as they followed him. As the three got to the surface area they saw a GINN destroying military vehicles.

"Why did the two of you follow me?" asked Lyle as they ran.

"You're supposed to be our mentor," responded Saji dryly.

"Crazy kids," Lyle muttered, turning he saw an open shelter. "You two go get into the shelter, I've got work to do."

"But," Louise said.

"But nothing," Lyle yelled "go, get into that shelter."

"Got it." Saji turned grabbed Louise's hand and entered the shelter. Lyle smiled, turned away and muttered to himself, "Now to find the source of those GN emissions…."

Heliopolis Interior

The ZAFT infiltration team activated their jetpacks, flying towards three of the six machines while the GINNs systematically destroyed the remaining escort vehicles.

"Destroy the parts we can't carry and the factories." Yzak ordered over the comm. "According to the intel, there should be six machines."

"There's three here which means the others must still be in factory." Aliza said over the comm. as she opened fire on the guards below.

"Rusty, Aliza and I will continue on to the factory." Athrun said. "Yzak, you guys take these."

"Alright." he replied before turning to the rest of the team. "Listen up, those who take the one of those machines, disable the self-destruct first."

Yzak, Nicol, Dearka and half of the ZAFT soldiers landed near the transport vehicle of the first machine and quickly wiped out the guards closest to it.

"I got this one!" Nicol shouted as he climbed into an open side hatch on vehicle. "You guys get the other three!"

"Let's see what Orb and the Union, have come up with." He thought to himself.


"Hey, wait up," yelled Kira as he ran up to the kid and grabbed his arm. "What do you think that you're doing? They told us to evacuate."

"Why did you follow me?" yelled the blond kid back, "You should hurry up and head back."

An explosion shook the corridor, and Rachel now just having caught up to them, said dryly, "We'd love to, but the way back is blocked. Anyway, where the hell do you think you were going?"

"I needed to go and check on something by myself," responded the blonde hotly. The moment after she said this another explosion rocked the hallway, knocking off her cap.

"Um, you're a girl?" Kira stuttered out.

"Yeah, what did you thing I was?" she said rudely.

"Erghh, does it matter? Come on, let's go," with these words Rachel grabbed both Kira and the girl, and ran down an open corridor, "If my memory is correct, and it usually is, there should be some shelters in the factory district that's in this direction."

"But…," the girl said.

Rachel turned, and said, "But nothing. Let's go."

Morgenroete Factory District

Athrun, Rusty, Aliza and the 6 ZAFT soldiers with them, ran towards the hanger of the three remain EA machines. They had for the most part, avoided combat, thanks in part to the distraction by the GINNs.

Athrun looked in and whispered, "Aliza, you go get the one on the far side, Rusty and I will go in and get the middle one and the one on the left.

"Got it," Aliza said and separated from the group. Two of the ZAFT green coats followed her. She thought to herself "I've got a bad feeling about this. And my bad feelings are usually correct."

Athrun and Rusty's team had quietly moved around to one of the smaller side entrances on the left side of the heavily guarded warehouse.

Athrun slowly cracked open one of the doors and he and Rusty tossed in grenades. A few seconds later, there was a pair of explosions.

"Go go go!" he ordered to the rest of the team.

They charged into the warehouse, guns blazing.

Using Athrun as a distraction Aliza, and her two greencoats entered from the other side, mowing down the soldiers due to their surprise.

Morgenroete Factory District

When Rachel, Kira and the blond girl reached the factory district, they found a warzone. They were on a platform that ran around the area with the center one right below them. Armed Morgenroete employees and Heliopolis security forces were fighting off ZAFT soldiers around three mobile suits.

The blonde haired girl froze, fell to her knees, and yelled "Father, I knew you betrayed us all!"

A surprised armed, female Morgenroete employee that was using the right suit as a foothold turned and pointed her rifle at them. She muttered to herself before turning back to the firefight, "Kids, but what are they doing here?"

Kira grabbed the blonde girl and ran off to the right with her. Rachel, on the hand, turned, ran and jumped the railing off to the left, flicked her wrists backwards, and then forward as she did so, slapping the knives hidden there into her hands. Rachel spun and threw the knife in her right hand at one of the green coats, and then landed heavily on top of the other green coat, killing him.

Rachel muttered, "Damn lucky that I fell right."

At this point, the redcoat had that was on the left mobile suit was furiously hacking it to open the hatch. As the red coat finished, she turned, hearing her teammates fall, as Rachel ran down from the spot she landed, near the mobile suits head, with a knife still in her hand.

The red coat started shooting but by the time she had properly aimed at Rachel, Rachel was too close and she kicked the gun out of the ZAFT trooper's hands. Bringing her foot back Rachel kicked again this time at the off-balance ZAFT trooper's chin throwing the red coat right next to the now open cockpit hatch.

Heliopolis Interior

Yzak stood the GAT-X102 Duel up and commented, "Wow, pretty impressive. Dearka how's yours?"

"Great, update activated, nerve links reconstructed, calibrations set," Dearka responded, "It'll move."

"And Nicol?" Yzak questioned as the GAT-X103 Buster stood up slowly.

"Not yet," Nicol said as he typed, "Almost there."

The GAT-X207 Blitz stood up.

"Where are Athrun, Rusty and Aliza?" Dearka asked. "Taking their time, huh?"

"I don't think that they will have any trouble." Yzak responded, "Let's stick with the plan and get there three to Commander Le Creuset before they get damaged."

The three machines launched themselves into the air.

Inside Heliopolis – Unknown location

"Well that was boring," wined the red-headed girl as she dropped herself into the cockpit of the dark red machine, "they didn't even put up a good fight."

"No kidding sis," agreed the younger brother as he jumped up from the blood stained and body covered floor onto another machine. His was a bright orange color. "Let's see what these new machines that Boss wanted so badly."

"Agreed," said the older brother as he got into the third machine, this one a dark red-brown "but let try and get back to the Muerte without anyone noticing us. Got it?"

"Yep," coursed the other two siblings.

"Hmm," muttered the girl as she smiled, "Thrones. Interesting name."

Hidden behind crates about 40 feet away a silver haired man in a lab coat smiled and whispered to himself, "You have no idea what you're missing, kids."

Morgenroete Factory District

Kira and the blond girl kept running until they reached a set of three shelters. Two of the lights on top were red, but the third had a green light on top, signifying that it had more room.

Kira pushed the call button and a voice came over the intercom.

"Is there someone out there?" the voice asked.

"Yes. My friend and I need to get in. Please open the door." Kira answered.

"Two of YOU?"


"Sorry but we're full to capacity as it is. Try the shelters in the left block."

"My friend's a girl," Kira said. "At least take her."

The man sighed and said, "Okay, we'll take her."

The door opened and Kira shoved her in.

"Hey! What are you doing? Let me-" the rest of her cries were silenced when the door closed, sealing the shelter.

Kira turned and quickly and back to the warehouse. Kira was halfway across the catwalks when he spotted a ZAFT sniper on another catwalk, aiming at the woman from earlier.

"Look out! Behind you!" Kira shouted.

The woman spun around and fired at the sniper, killing him.

"Boy, get down here right now." The woman yelled at him.

"It's ok," Kira yelled back, "I'm headed for the shelters in the left block."

"There's nothing there but a door now," the woman yelled back. An explosion made Kira's mind up for him. He turned and ran to the steps and then jumped down to the left mobile suit's shoulder and went sprawling.

A Morgenroete employee turned and let loose a burst of fire towards the red coats that were hiding in the barrels by the left mobile suit's side and killed one of the red coats.

"RUSTY," Athrun yelled. He turned with a gleam of rage in his eyes and ran shooting, out into the open and killed the man who killed Rusty.

"HAMANA," yelled the woman, and she pointed her gun towards Athrun. Athrun turned and emptied the rest of the clip at her, hitting the woman in the shoulder.

Kira stood up with a gasp of surprise, and ran to her as Athrun activated his jet pack, ditched his empty rifle, drew his knife and flew to the mobile suit's leg. He ran towards Kira and the woman yelling.

Kira looked up at the charging soldier, and asked shocked, "Athrun?"

The soldier froze as he looked at him, "Kira?"

The woman picked her gun up with shaky hands and took a shot at Athrun. The shot went wide, Athrun jumped backwards and flew to the middle suit and got in it.

The woman stood up and knocked Kira into the open cockpit and tossed herself in it as well.

Explosions rocked the warehouse as the GAT-X105 Strike, the GAT-X303 Aegis and the GAT-X199 Griffon stood up.

That day 10 machines called GUNDAMs stood up inside of Heliopolis.

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