Here's the third installment of Gundam 00 Seed

I thank Sparky48 for all of her help with the ideas of this story and for drawing Griffin.

I do not won Gundam 00 or Gundam Seed. I do however own the GAT-X199 Griffin, and the OCs Rachel Simon and Aliza Wolf

Let the Chaos that this world be unleashed.

Gundam 00 Seed

Mission Three: Breakin' Up

January 25 C.E. 71

Heliopolis Park

"The Archangel…" breathed Murrue as the warship flew into the colony's interior.

For a moment, everything seemed to stand still in shock. The CGUE turned from where it was about to engage the Griffin to trying to attack the ship. The Archangel returned fire with its missiles.

"The new warship?" Rau said to himself, "Looks like the team failed to destroy it."


Heliopolis interior

Archangel Bridge

"We've broken into the Heliopolis interior." Arnold Neumann announced.

"Morgenroete's been destroyed. The Strike has been activated. Wait a sec… No, it's in combat." Jackie Tonomura continued," There also appears to be another suit in the air in addition to the CGUE. No matches in the library, but the 'puter marked it as friendly."

"Oh, great." Natarle Badgiruel muttered to herself. "An unknown."


Heliopolis Interior

The white CGUE dodged back and then led the missiles on a merry chase. Rau turned and shot down a few of them and led the others into the colony's main shaft. Shafts cables flayed and a large portion of the shaft fell, provoking shock from all the observers from the ground.

"O, you've got to be kidding me." Kira said and turned and began rapidly looking through the programs for the Launcher Park.

The CGUE turned and flew towards the Strike but the Griffin intercepted partway. "Kira, I'll hold him off until you're able to hit him with that big cannon of yours. OK?"

"Give me a sec or two," Kira responded distracted over the radio distracted.

"Can do." Was the immediate response.

Rachel used her Surge arm to intercept the CGUE's sword.

"Done," Kira said, "Now, whenever you're ready."

She grabbed the blade and used the leverage it gave her to throw the mobile suit away from her. "Kira, Now!"

Kira pointed the Agni at the CGUE and aimed for the cockpit.

"Kira wait," Murrue yelled. "That's too…"

"The Agni wasn't designed to be used inside a colony." Lyle said simultaneously with horror evident in his voice. "This is NOT going to pretty."

A red-blue plasma beam shot out and destroyed the CGUE's arm and continued onwards to strike a portion of the colony wall and blew a large hole in it. Kira froze in horror at the destruction he had wrought.

"Holy…" Rachel whispered stunned.

"No way," Aliza responded shocked.

"How is that possible?" Rau Le Creuset questioned himself, worried as he pulled his CGUE back towards the hole in the colony wall. "A mobile suit with that much firepower…?"


Heliopolis interior

Warehouse 5

Hanger 2

The silver haired man watched the three siblings get into the Thrones.

"Dumb kids, they don't know what they are missing." Jonathan said to himself.

He turned and walked over to a door and opened it. A fourth machine lay in the room beyond. Jonathan shrugged off his white lab coat and went to get into the machine. "Better get this back to Milady."

The hatch closed behind him and the machine's red eyes lit up.

"I'm getting to old for this." The man muttered.


A Short While Later


Hanger Bay

The Strike landed on the linear catapult on the left leg of the Archangel. It opened up its hands and Murrue, Lyle, Bennet, Kuzzy, Tolle, Mir and Sai all stepped on to the deck. The Griffin landed lightly and walked to stand next to the Strike.

"Lieutenant Ramius!" called a black haired woman at the front of the group of people, her voice sounding relieved. Murrue looked over at her.

"Ensign Natarle Badgiruel," said Murrue, sounding somewhat relieved herself.

"It's a tremendous relief to see that you're safe," said Natarle as she saluted. Murrue returned the salute.

"You as well," said Murrue. "I'm pleased that you protected the Archangel. You do realize you saved us."

Kira opened the cockpit of the Strike and clambered out, drawing shocked stares from the Earth Forces soldiers as he descended from the mobile suit.

"Come on, will someone tell me what's going on here?" asked Murdoch, the Archangel's chief mechanic. "He's just a kid. Just learned how to shave, and he's piloting that thing?"

The cockpit of the Griffin opened, and Rachel turned and took her bag from the cockpit, then gripped the line and dropped towards the deck.

"Amazing," said Mir as she and the others rushed over to Kira. Ben looked up at Griffin and whistled. "Wow, nice machine. Neat systems."


"What is going on here?" Murdoch asked again. "I've never seen that golden and brown one before."

"Lieutenant Ramius, what's going on?" asked Natarle, her confusion obvious. Murrue glanced over at Kira and Rachel before looking down.

"Wow," interrupted a new voice, from the depths of the Archangel, drawing everyone's eyes to a blond man in a purple and gray pilot suit walking over to them. "What a surprise."

"I'm Lieutenant Mu La Flaga, of the Seventh Orbital Fleet, at your service" he introduced, stopping in front of Murrue. He saluted. "It's an honor."

In Griffin's cockpit Aliza stopped her typing for a second, surprised, "The Hawk's here too? Cool."

The other soldiers, including Murrue and Natarle, returned the salute."Lieutenant Murrue Ramius, of Sector Two, Fifth Special Division," said Murrue, introducing herself. "I'm a crewmember of this ship."

"Ensign Natarle Badgiruel, same division," introduced Natarle.

"Special consultant Lyle Dylandy, ditto," Lyle said, walking over and saluting.

"So that's how you know her," came a mutter and glare from Ben.

As the soldiers relaxed again and lowered their guns, Mu spoke up. "I would like permission to come aboard this vessel," he said. "May I ask who's in command around here?"

Natarle frowned slightly, her expression downcast. "The captain," she began slowly. "And all of the superior officers of this ship have perished in battle. Therefore, I believe its Lieutenant Ramius who's next in command."

"Oh shit," whispered Aliza to herself and started typing faster.

"Huh?" said Murrue, distinctly worried and surprised.

"Only about a dozen of us are left, sir, mostly non-commissioned officers," said Natarle. "Fortunately, I was in the shaft and managed to survive."

"You mean the captain's…? It can't be," said Murrue.

"Oh man, what an unmitigated disaster," said Mu. "In any case, please grant me permission, Lieutenant Ramius. The ship I was assigned to engaged the enemy, and was downed."

"Oh, um, sure, permission granted," said Murrue, obviously uncomfortable with being in command.

"And…" drawled Mu, turning to look at Kira, Rachel and the rest of the civilians. "Who's that?"

"As you can see, he's a teenage civilian," said Murrue, while Kira and the others looked up at them. "I saw him and the girl," pointing at Rachel, "in the factory district when we were attacked. While fleeing he stumbled on the Strike and drove off a GINN. The girl got in the Griffin and activated it somehow and then later the two of them damaged Rau Le Creuset to the point where he retreated."

"Fought off a GINN and Rau Le Creuset's CGUE?" Natarle said, incredulous. "Those two kids actually did that?"

"I came here as an escort for the five officers who have been specially trained to pilot the machines," said Mu, looking back at Murrue and referring to the Strike. "Where can I find them?"

"The bombs detonated near the control booth," said Natarle. "Where the captain was welcoming them at that very moment. So they were also…"

"Yes, I see," said Mu sadly. "No one was assigned to pilot the Griffin, can I ask why?"

"Yeah," Lyle responded, "we were to build it, but then take it to Alaska to get it finished."

"Hmm," Mu then started walking up to Kira and the rest of the civilians, the others following behind.

"What? What's the matter?" asked Kira.

"So tell me," said Mu kindly. "Are you two Coordinators?"

There was a somewhat shocked silence following Mu's words.

Kira squared his shoulders.

Rachel grinned. "Hell no."

"Yes," Kira responded slowly. A few of the Earth Forces soldiers pointed their rifles at him, but Tolle stepped in front of Kira, glaring at the soldiers.



The entire crew turned and looked at the Griffin, excluding Rachel who just face-palmed, muttering "Aliza, Aliza, Aliza …"

"Oops." came the voice of the recently electrocuted girl from the Griffin's cockpit.



Hanger Bay

"All unauthorized personal are restricted from accessing areas designated for captured mobile suits." A voice announced over the intercom system. "Security clearance is in effect for all maintenance crew until such time has that captured mobile suits pose no immediate danger. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

Athrun typed away at the Aegis's keyboard as he thought back to the thought of Kira being on that fifth machine. "How is that possible?"


"Whew, all done." Athrun said as he got out of the cockpit and landed on the walkway. "I wonder if Aliza is okay. She's only been with the team a month after returning, but she's been a good teammate. I hope the commander finds out what happened to her."

"Commander Le Creuset is landing," a voice announced over the intercom, causing Athrun to glance up from the display. "Damage sustained from a direct hit. Fire fighting and rescue squads to B deck."

Seconds later, the CGUE entered the hangar, flying backwards, and was stopped by the cables in the hangar.

"His unit has lost an arm," said one of the mechanics just outside of the Aegis.

"What? That's impossible," thought Athrun as he looked at the CGUE as they began the process of cooling the armor down. "What kind of weapon could do such a thing? Who has the skill to do that?"

The Commander got out of his unit and motioned to one of the mechanics around his machine. Rau then turned and lunched himself into the interior of the ship.

The mechanic turned, pushed off and headed to Athrun, and said "The commander was kinda pissed, just warning ya, and he wanted you inside for a debrief."

"Got it," Athrun said, "thanks."


Bottom of Heliopolis

Twirling, Freya dodged the first swing of the giant blade. She snapped up her sniper rifle and fired a double tap at the bright orange machine's cockpit, the machine she dubbed in her mind as the "Sword" machine. It brought its sword back and blocked both shots with the blade.

Over the radio the dark red-brown "Gun" machine contacted the "Sword" one, "Finish that GINN off fast with your sword, Michael. We don't want to attract attention."

"You're a pain in the ass, Johann," Michael said grinning, "Fine, let's try this out. Fly, my Fangs!"

Out of the bottom off the orange machine, three round things shot out of the holsters on its hips.

"Just remember no beams shots ok?"

"Got it, sheesh," the young man muttered, "Will you let me have my fun?"

"Yeah, I wanna try out my machine too," the girl complained.

"Not now Nena," Her older brother Johann said, "We can do it later, once we get back to the Muerte."

"Okay," Nena responded, "Fine."

Unbeknownst to the Trinity sibs a small message appeared each of their screens.


Freya watched the little red spike things, 'I have no idea what those little things are but they don't look like missiles.'

The orange "Sword" took a swing at her and Freya dodged the clumsy swing and pulled out her own sword. The two went back and forth slashing and dodging, neither getting a good hit on each other. The missiles-like things hadn't moved since the "Sword" machine had launched them.


"What the hell, is he toying with me?" Freya muttered, her fingers flying over her controls, "I have my hands full with just dealing with this one and if the others helped, I'd be dead in matter of seconds."

The two machine locked swords, Michael just holding Freya's sword in place, when the 3 fangs activated thrusters and beam blades.


The first Fang blew through Freya's right shoulder and came out the other side, cutting it off. The second Fang blew through her sword and her left leg.

"This'll finish this bastard off." Michael yelled. The third Fang came in from a sideways angle and sliced into the cockpit.

The pin was pulled. An angelic chorus sang together echoing through the Trinity's cockpits,



"What the fuck?" Nena and Michael yelled.




Rau gathered together his remaining veteran pilots, as well as Athrun, to review the recordings by Miguel, and Olor of their fights with the Strike, and the unidentified unit.

"You really saved my hide by bringing this back to me, Miguel, Olor," Rau said, "If I didn't have this as proof, I would have been a laughingstock for allowing my unit to get damaged in simple battle against a Union mobile suit. No one would have believed it was possible. I believe all of you are aware of the original state of the OS, with that in mind I have no idea how it was able to move so well."

"Actually Captain," Miguel interrupted as he looked over his recording, "I actually think that the one I fought, the golden-brown one, was still incomplete because when I fought it, it didn't use these wrist guard things and its right arm wasn't moving at all."

"True, but by the time I engaged it, the arm was working." Rau refuted, "I have no idea why these two units were able to move so well but we cannot leave these two in Union hands. If we cannot capture them we shall destroy have to destroy them and that new warship."

"Definitely," Olor growled.

"Hmmm, just be careful of the golden-brown one because it's not in the libraries of the machines we captured." Athrun added slowly. "We don't know what exactly it's capable of."

Capt. Ades stepped forward and started barking orders. "You heard the Commander! All hands, assume battle-stations! Miguel, Olor and Matthew, prepare for launch! The Commander has authorized the use of Type-D Equipment! Miguel, your unit will be equipped with the new prototype beam swords that engineering just finished putting together, new the new data, try not to break em'."

"Yes sir!" the three pilots said as they saluted and headed to the hanger.

"Mike, Ethan, Emily and Chloe, you four are staying inside the ship, we don't have enough mobile suits for all of you."

"Understood," the four said unhappily.

After they had departed, Athrun immediately went up to the Vesalius' captain. "Capt. Ades! Please! Allow me sortie as well!" he requested, nearly pleaded.

"But you don't have a mobile suit to pilot. We only had six GINNs with us because we were expecting to carry back the new units." Le Creuset replied. "And besides, you've already completed the crucial mission of capturing one of the enemy's prototypes."

"Let this one go, Athrun Zala," Ades admonished. "Miguel, Olor, and Matthew are itching for action just as much as you are."

"... Yes, sir..." he replied, but his thoughts were still on his old friend. "Commander, did you see if Aliza survived?"

"No I didn't," Rau replied sadly, "I don't think see made it out."

"Damn." Athrun cursed.



Hanger Bay

Kira turned to Rachel and slowly asked, "Who exactly was that?"

Rachel scratched her head and said, "Ok, one sec, I'll explain."

She turned and yelled up at the Griffin, "You planning on coming down?"

"Not till they point those guns at something other than me, no."

Rachel grinned. "And when you do come down, I want that last knife from you."

"…damn. Fine." Came the grudging acceptance, accompanied by a whirl of sliver metal that came out of cockpit.

All the officers turned to Rachel as she grabbed Aliza's knife off the floor. "How exactly did you meet the person in your cockpit, and why exactly is she afraid to come down?" Lyle asked, confused.

"Oh, that's quite simple; she's a Zaftie I captured. I knocked her out when she was trying to hijack the machine, and I got in. Hey," Rachel grinned, "worse come to worst, I can always use her to help me finish programming the Griffin."

"Finish programming it?" Murrue asked, "But you got it to move and it's more than combat capable."

"Yeah, it is certainly combat capable, but the thing's an experimental frame for a reason. I need to custom program every single weapon on the damn thing. I can do it, it's just going to take me some time. Especially since I've never even seen some these weapons before."

"No kidding," came the mutter from Griffin, "I was trying to get the damn thing to work and it bloody electrocuted me."

"Oh…" Rachel exclaimed wisely, "so that's what the default defense system does."

"THAT. WAS. THE. DEFAULT?" Aliza said in shock, and then said in a tone not far off from begging, "Can I pleeeeaaaassse come down now?"

Rachel turned to Murrue, "It's your call. I personally want to keep her with the ship and in exchange for her life she helps me finish it."

Lyle agreed, "I'd do the same thing, especially with all the work Griffin needs."

"Ok then, but three more things," Murrue added slowly, "No accessing the bridge, the engine rooms and the weapons supply area."

"Deal." Aliza said as she grabbed her helmet and grabbed the zipline down, "I'm Aliza Wolf, it ain't exactly happy meeting you but it certainly will be interesting."


Bottom of Heliopolis

Nena Trinity looked at her mobile suit's OS with horror and said sadly over the radio, "Boss is going to kill us."

"Yeah," came from Johann, "But whatever hit us was one nasty virus. All I managed to save from it were my movement controls and my radio, but I lost all the weapons, all the data about the other machines and everything else is gone, just gone.

Michael and Nena responded, "Yeah same here."

"At least I got that stupid bastard." Michael said. He turned and grabbed the two Fangs and stuck them back into their holding cases.

"Let's return to the Muerte," Johann said.

The three machines turned and left, going slowly.



Hanger bay

Aliza reached the floor and leaned back against Griffin's leg.

"I apologize for the disturbance, I didn't intend to cause such a fuss." Mu said, "On the way here I watched a bunch of simulations with the guys who were supposed to pilot this thing run through a bunch of simulations. They really had to struggle, just to get it to move. Man oh man…" With that, Mu started to walk away.

"I'm not surprised," Rachel agreed, "the original OS was a piece of junk. I could have written better half asleep."

"So then, what do we do now?" asked Natarle.

"What do we do?" asked Mu, stopping and looking back. "I've just been shot down, and the Le Creuset team is waiting for us outside the colony. He's definitely a persistent fellow. If you ask me, I don't think we can afford to spend too much time here."

"Agreed," Aliza said, "The Commander always respected you, Hawk, but in a situation like this we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. I'm not exactly sure what he's going to do now."

"Why exactly are you being so helpful?" Ben asked.

"We're in the same boat now," was Aliza's sarcastic response, "aren't we?"

Murrue sighed.

"Hmmm," Rachel muttered, looking through her bag. "Here we go."

She pulled out an extra pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and threw them at Aliza. "Wearing those would be a better idea than wearing your pilot suit around here, ok?"




Hanger Bay

"Load the number six container, D-Equipment onto the GINN," yelled the head mechanic.

"Operation commences at 0100. All units proceed to standby position." The voice said from the loudspeakers.

"D Equipment, I hear," Yzak commented from the pilot lounge, "Is Commander Le Creuset planning on storming a fortress or something?"

"What do you think is going to happen to Heliopolis?" Nicol asked.

"Can't be helped now, now can it?" Dearka responded uncaringly.

"Yeah," Yzak said vindictively, "Serves 'em right. And they call themselves a neutral colony?"

"Hmmm," Nicol said. "So the average everyday civvie should suffer for stuff they weren't even aware their government was up to? Cause if the Commander lets them loose in the colony that's what is going to happen."

Yzak didn't say anything. Dearka grimaced, "there's nothing we can do about it."

"Yeah," Nicol sighed. "This whole situation really sucks."

There was quiet for a few moments as the three pilots continued to watch the hanger.

"Do either of you know if Aliza returned yet?" Nicol asked.

"No," Yzak said grumpily getting up from the couch and launching himself towards the door. "But why do you care so much about the stupid greenie?"

"Hey, she's not like that, and she's kinda hot," Dearka said, "Sides' if you consider who her uncle is…"

"She's still a greenie," Yzak grumbled and left the room.

Nicol looked back towards the hanger bay and thought, "She might not have been on the team awhile, but I hope she's alright."


AEU Orbital Elevator

Space Ring

The boy looked at the time inside the cockpit of his blue machine and sat to himself, "Fifteen more minutes until mission commencement."



Crew Quarters

"I'm impressed he can sleep at a time like this," Kuzzy said wondering.

"He's exhausted," Mir responded, "What happened today was really tough on him."

"Yeah," Tolle said.

"It was difficult, yeah, well I guess it's hard to argue with you against that…" Kuzzy said.

"Just what are you getting at Kuzzy?" Sai questioned.

"Hmmm," Aliza looked up from the bed she was sitting on with her head on her knees, "yeah, what are you saying?"

"Nothing really," Kuzzy answered, "but when it comes to Kira all we can think to say is that it's tough on him and we just leave it at that. Kira was telling us all about how he rewrote the OS of the machine, when did he do that? I can't imagine he had any pervious knowledge of that machine, so when did he have time to rewrite the OS?"

"Even so it really didn't have to be a good program," Aliza interjected, "Just a quick throw together fudge, until he had more time."

Sai looked over at Aliza and asked, "A quick throw together fudge? What exactly do you mean?"

"A simple program that you make up as you go along, but from the looks of it he rewrote the entire damn thing in the middle of the battle with one of the GINNs." Tolle added, "I saw the program he made, it was pretty impressive piece of work."

Aliza sat up in shock, "You mean that he rewrote a good working OS in middle of the battle?" She whistled, "Don't tell him that, but that's damn impressive."

"Why not?" Mir asked surprised.

"He'll have his hands full out there and I don't want him going out with a big head." Aliza quietly.

"Why would you care?" Kuzzy accused.

"Kuzzy…" Sai and Tolle said warningly at almost the exact same time.

"Simple," Aliza smirking, "I know my comrades, this isn't going to be a walk in the park no matter how good he is. And if he or Rachel screws up, we are all dead."

"Why are you here though?" Kuzzy asks, "Couldn't you kill us all in our sleep or something?"

Aliza looked at him for a minute, then she began to laugh slightly hysterical, "That's such a funny idea, it's almost pathetic. I could theoretically kill you, but with what weapons? And besides do you have any idea how long it takes to choke someone to death?"

"Um, um, um," Kuzzy stuttered.

"Hmmm," Aliza said, seriously tapping her chin, "Though I might just kill you just to shut you up."

Kuzzy's eyes bulged out of his head and Aliza buried her head in her knees and when she lifted her head back up she was laughing so hard she was crying.

Everyone else was grinning at the expression on Kuzzy's face.

"Just tell me you are kidding," Tolle said still grinning.

"I am," Aliza said smiling. She wiped her eyes, and put her head back down and said quietly, "even if I wasn't, I wouldn't make it off the ship alive most likely. A random question for you people, why exactly does Rachel have an extra change of clothes in her bag?"

"She has an unfortunate tendency to blow up whatever she's working on and it tends to be hard on her clothing." Tolle said wryly, still slightly started by the nonchalant death threat.

"O, joy and I have to work with her," Aliza groaned, "Anyway, you guys know where Rachel and Bennet went?"

"Bennet went to go help in the hanger bay and Rachel started work on the Griffin." Mir said.

"I'm going to stay here for now." Aliza said and curled up into a ball.



Hanger Bay

Miguel got into his GINN and turned it on.

"Try not to break those blades, Bullet, they are a kinda delicate prototype and we were only able to jury-rig a limited battery." One of the mechanics said, sticking his head in.

"Got it, thanks for the warning," Miguel said.

"I hope I'll be able to fight the golden one again." Miguel thought to himself starting up his new GINN, "This is going to be fun.

He attached to the catapult and launched.

Athrun followed him in the Aegis, surprising the mechanics. One yelled over his microphone, "was that unit supposed to go out?"

One of his fellows yelled back, "No, it wasn't."

"Pilots," complained the first one, "What can you expect?"




Capt. Ades!" the ship's mobile suit controller shouted. "Athrun Zala has just launched in the captured mobile suit!"

"What?" Ades replied. "Call him back at once!"

"It's alright. Let him go," Rau said, countermanding Ades' orders.

"Commander?" Ades asked.

"Its data has already been extracted," Le Creuset replied. "Besides, aren't you curious to see what happens... when two Earth Alliance mobile suits clash?"



Crew Quarters

"No. I won't do it." Kira said upon hearing what Lt. Ramius wanted from them. "Please don't get us involved in this anymore than you already have."

"Too late," Aliza said sadly from her spot on the bed, "I hate to burst your bubble, but you have really two options now. Them or us. Your choice."

Kira froze.

Murre gasped, "That's not right. We could survive without him."

"Survive this battle almost certainly, but later, I don't know, almost anything is possible." Aliza said, not moving, "I know my comrades, and even if this ship is brand new and top of the line, you'll have your hands full. Even with Rachel's help."

"Lt. Ramius, we have mobile suits approaching." Mu said over the intership comm. system.

"What!" Aliza yelled, looking up rather pissed, "Inside the colony? Is that man insane?"

"I don't know, but they're coming," Mu responded, "Lt. please come up to the bride and take command. You're the captain."

"Hold it." Murrue responded shocked, "I am?"

"Yes," Mu said quickly, "I have seniority, but I don't know the first thing about this ship."

"Very well, then. Prepare the Archangel for takeoff. Order all hands to level one battle stations. Is your mobile armor ready?"

"Negative. Not ready."

"Then, Lt. La Flaga, please take charge of the CIC. Tell Dylandy to head up to the Bridge to give you a hand." Ramius turned around and added, "You heard him, we're entering battle again. With the shelters on a hazard 9 level we can't just put you in one of them now. I just hope we can all make it out alive. Aliza please stay with them for right now."

"I will," the girl said, "Capt'n."

"You people are being unfair." Kira yelled.

"I'm not," Aliza said smirking, "I'd go out, but I don't think you'd trust me out there."

"Shut up" Kuzzy growled.

"You're telling me that I'm the only one capable of piloting that mobile suit right?" Kira continued to rant. "Fine, I'll pilot the thing."

He turned and stormed off to the hanger.

Aliza whistled, 'talk about a pacifist. But…' the girl grinned evilly in her mind 'I'm going to have such, such fun, teasing them.'



Hanger bay

The Strike was loaded into the starboard catapult and the Griffin into the portside one.

Mu's voice came over the radio. "Alright, Kira, we're equipping the Strike with the Sword Striker, so we won't have a repeat of last time. Hold on for a second. Rachel, we're giving you your default stuff because we can't fit any of the Striker packs on the Griffin and we haven't had time to modify anything else."

There was a pause.

"There's four mobile suits incoming. What? The Aegis? Okay, it's the Aegis and three GINNs." Mu continued, calmly at first, and then he started cursing. "Wait a sec, two of the GINNs have heavy artillery equipment used to take out bases. What the hell is Le Cruset thinking? The third has a thermal pattern not in the computer. This is insane are they planning on using that sort of equipment here?"

"They split into two groups, a pair of GINNs, one with heavy equipment and one with that new set, from the first hole and the GAT-X303 and another GINN from a new hole above the 9th district." Pal Romero said from his position in fire control.

"Launch the Strike and the Griffin." Natarle ordered. "Target Korinthos AA (anti-aircraft) missiles at the GINNs, we can't cause too much damage so be careful with your aiming, fire designator. Link the laser designator to main cannons and fire at will."

"Got it." Pal said.

"Griffin, Rachel Simon launching." The Griffin shot out into the air inside the colony with its pilot grinning.

"Strike Gundam, Kira Yamato launching." The Strike followed its pilot with a serious expression on his face.

"Rachel, I'll take the Aegis and the GINNs that's with it, you deal with the other two, ok?" Kira said quickly over the radio as he saw the machine that he thought Athrun had gotten into.

"Sure, no problem." The two machines split up.

Kira pulled his anti-ship sword off his back and charged at Matthew's gun totting GINN. It ducked under the first clumsy swing and took a shot him using his Barrus Ion Cannon. Kira spun to the side and watched in horror as the missed shot put a large hole in one of the colony supports.

Rachel charged straight at Miguel and Olor, using her regular thrusters. She started thing fast, 'hmmm, let's see, how can I take them out? That new GINN looks like it has some sort weird sword that I've never seen before, and I'm willing to bet it's got beam edges.'

She radioed in to the Archangel, "Can you handle a heavy GINN?"

"Yeah, we can," Lyle said into the microphone.

"Good. I'll deal with the new one."



Crew Quarters

"Hey, we can see what's happening outside on the monitor over here," Tolle said.

The others shared a look and nodded before running over to the room with the monitor, where Tolle was standing, along with a number of people who appeared to be civilians also pulled aboard for lack of anywhere else to go, or workers from the Morgenroete factory.

On the monitor itself, mobile suits blazed through the air, weaving through and attacking one another.

Aliza started at the screen with shock before slamming her fist in to her and cursing under her breath, "Oh the damn bastard is SOOOOOO dead when I get my hands on him. This was supposed to be a snatch and run mission not a destroy everything in sight."

Mir looked at her with raised eyebrows, the others didn't notice her outburst.



Open Air inside colony

"Matthew, hit the ship, I'll take this one out," Miguel yelled over the radio.

"Let's get these bastards hard, eh, Magic Bullet?" Matthew said back. He jetted his GINN towards the Archangel and started on strafing runs on it letting loose all its missiles.

"Bastard, alright," Miguel muttered to himself, staring at Matthew's GINN, after he turned his radio off. He activated his thrusters and drew the two prototype swords, while flying towards the golden brown unit. He grinned, "Let's have some fun."

Olor turned to Athrun, "Show us the courage that made you defy orders."


Olor continually fired wildly with his rifle as he tried and failed miserably to hit the Strike.

"Ahh, it's quick." Olor panted, "Get behind it, Athrun."

Suddenly, the Aegis, which had stayed out of the fight up to this point, lunged at the Strike from behind. Kira barely evaded the Aegis. But the second he did, Olor fired at him again. Kira dodged the poorly aimed beam and threw the Sword Striker's beam boomerang at it.

The GINN dove over the boomerang and prepared to fire again. But Olor didn't expect the boomerang to return, severing his machine's right leg. Before the pilot could retaliate, Kira struck, driving his large sword through the chest of the GINN, cleaving it in two. The GINN's torso blew in two.

"OLOR!" Athrun screamed.

Kira turned to the Aegis, ready for anything. Kira wasn't sure who the pilot of the Aegis was. He had seen whom he believed to be Athrun steal the machine, but was that same person piloting the Aegis now?

"Kira. Kira Yamato!" Athrun's voice came over the radio.

Kira gasped. He knew that voice. It was Athrun's voice. His oldest friend had been part of the attack on his home and was facing him in combat.

"So it is you, isn't it, Kira?"

"Good riddance," Miguel muttered watching the explosion as he played strike and parry with the golden-brown unit, "you raciest bastard."

The brown unit suddenly disengaged and active his glowy thrusters, each only projecting a little light band, and it shot forward and grabbed the Barruis from the falling wreckage. It held the rifle cannon in its claw arm and turned back to him and saluted, and flew quickly back to the Archangel as the Archangel shot down Matthew.

"Athrun? Athrun Zala?" said Kira in disbelief. "Why...Why are you here?"

"You should talk!" Athrun shot back. "What are you going in that thing?"

Before Kira could answer, parts of Heliopolis began to fall all around them. Kira looked around in horror. Heliopolis was tearing itself apart. A few seconds later, both Kira and Athrun found themselves being violently pulled outside the colony.

Kira screamed as he pulled into space. He heard Athrun shout out his name before the Aegis was pulled out in the different direction.

'I'm so screwed in stay here.' Miguel thought. He spun around and flew away as the colony began to collapse around the combatants.



Civilian Shelter #639

The civilians looked around as the shelter shook.

"Has another battle started up?" one of them asked. The shelter lights suddenly turned red.

"Hazard level has now been increased, to ten," came a mechanical voice over the speakers. "This shelter may be ejected as a lifeboat. All persons are to fasten their seatbelts."

Glancing around briefly, a blonde-haired, amber-eyed girl bit her lip nervously, worried about the two who had helped her and pushed her into the shelter.



Civilian Shelter #153

Saji and Louise sat together worrying about Lyle and the rest of their classmates as they were launched from the core of Heliopolis.


Aboard the Gamow

Nicol, Dearka and Yzak watched as Heliopolis broke apart.

"Heliopolis…" said Nicol weakly.

"Jeez… How the hell did Miguel and the others screw up so badly?" asked Dearka.


The Newly Formed Heliopolis Debris Field

"X- 05 Str...res..." a static filled voice called over the radio.

"Why, Why did this have to happen?" Kira started at the ruins.

A few seconds later, it came back, this time at full strength. "X-105 Strike, please respond."

"This is the Strike, Kira here," Kira called over the radio. "Is that you, Archangel?"

"Affirmative, Strike," what Kira recognized to be the voice of Ensign Badgiruel answered. "What's your status?"

"Shaken, but... I'm still in one piece, so far."

"Very well, then. Return to the ship immediately."

"I hear you. On my way. Where's Griffin?"

"Already on board, along with her new toy," the last bit was said with disgust

Kira took a quick visual check around. He spotted the Archangel in the distance and started fly towards it. On the way he saw a small blinking light. Zooming in to examine it further, the light revealed itself to be the beacon of a damaged Heliopolis lifeboat.

"Archangel, I've found a damaged lifeboat out here. I'm bringing it in," he called over the radio.

"What? Who gave you the authorization to do that?" Badgiruel asked, obviously not pleased.

"What do mean I need authorization to bring it in?" Kira yelled pissed, "its flight system are damaged and you're telling me to leave it out here?"

"Fine, the captain says to bring it in." Badgiruel ground out.

"Thank you."

Kira landed and the Archangel began to prepare to leave the area surrounding Heliopolis.


Heliopolis Interior – Warehouse 5 – Hanger 5

There she, Nefar, lay.

Her eyes dull,

Her connectors nonfunctional,

Her protocols destroyed,

Her weapons unfinished,

Her blades dull.

There she lay, unconscious within her cradle, hidden within her destroyed birthplace.


Location – Heliopolis Interior

Sub - Location: QS

The four red lights left, three together and one in a different direction. She remained.

Nefar: (soundless screaming)


AN: that was so much fun to write. I'm a bit evil but this is just the tip of the iceberg. I can't wait to get to Artemis, then things really start getting crazy.

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