Venomous Beast

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Translating to English

Beastboy opened his eyes and saw, to his amazement, that he was crouching... on the side and near the top of a seven story building. He wasn't holding anything, yet he was staying in the same spot. As he stood, he looked down and notice that he was covered in the black stuff, like a second skin. It had no design, just black. He looked at his reflection and notice that he had two large, white oval spots where his eyes were. They seemed to move with his eyes some. He looked over himself and noticed he had more muscles then before. Not overly so, and thankful he kept his lean appearance, but he still had a decent amount more. His hands had pointed fingers, which you could tell were sharp.

He looked downward and saw a lower building across the street. Feeling daring, he did a back-flip and went soaring through the air before landing in a crouch. He stood and looked himself over again. Everything was a little fuzzy, but he felt so powerful right now. He went through the day in his mind to get things in order. He remembered dreading the day in the morning, a usual breakfast by Titan standards, Robin acting stranger-meaning nicer in this case- than normal, stopping a few small time crooks, trying to go to the woods, the citizens harassing him, him getting to the woods then going home, reminiscing about why he ate Tofu and not meat, then...

'Oh yes, Cyborg taking away my Tofu and then me snapping at whoever spoke up, and finally my rampage on the canyon,' He thought to himself with a hollow chuckle.

'And then I came along,' A familiar voice sounded in his head.

'Venom?' Beastboy asked in slight surprise. He figured Venom would have spoken up by now.

'Yep, enjoying the benefits of our new partnership, are ya?' Venom asked with glee.

'And just what are the conditions of this 'partnership'?' Beastboy asked cautiously.

'Not much on your part really. I need a host to survive and in exchange, I give you several abilities.' Venom explained.

'Abilities?' Beastboy asked with interest.

'Normally it's just everything I got from former hosts. Usually, my host gets heightened senses, super strength, enhanced speed, and all around the closest thing to perfect by whatever their species' standards are. Another one is the abilities of a super hero from another dimension,' At Beastboy questioning look he quickly added, 'Don't ask. Let's just say a former host was a friend of a wizard who was an amateur at the time and leave it at that,' He vaguely explained as Beastboy nodded, 'Anyway, the hero's name was Spiderman, and I got a few interesting abilities from him. Wall crawling, web-swinging, even a sixth sense that tells you when you should move. I'll give you a better list later.'

'Hmm, I'm liking these abilities already,' Beastboy thought as a particularly savage grin worked its way onto his face.

'That's the normal case. You, however, are far from normal. To be blunt, I have no idea what else you could gain from this. For all I know, I'm turning you immortal and invincible,' Venom explained with a mental shrug.

'Either way, I think this'll be entertaining for both of us.' Beastboy responded with a chuckle.

'Oh and Garfield? There is one potential drawback, two if you count my weakness,' Venom warned before Beastboy decided to test out his new powers.

'Them being what exactly?' Beastboy asked, somewhat impatiently.

'My weakness is that I'm vulnerable to certain frequencies of sounds, so stay away from any church bells. The potential drawback is that me being here kind of messes with your emotions a little,' Venom answered, getting a look that said 'explain now!', 'My race in general feeds on adrenaline, but we also unintentionally change your emotions some. With me, you become...look, I looked though your memories real quick and the best way to describe it is how you acted before you became the Beast.' Venom explained oddly. This was one of the only times he explained half this stuff to any of his hosts, 'There is an upside though.'

'What would that be?' Beastboy questioned, scowling at the thought of being a jerk for no reason.

'I think you're immune to that, or at least to going over the edge. I'm not entirely sure since you never really acted like the real you,' Venom said, feeling rather unhelpful for once in it's life.

Beastboy's ears picked up alarms from far away. 'How about we change that?' He asked as he turned into an eagle, the suit changing with him. He was amazed at how fast he was flying and so easily.

He soon arrived at a broken down, three story apartment building, having heard from police radio, with his further advanced hearing, that the HIVE five had robbed a bank and the police had lost their trail, thanks to Kid Wicked most likely. He could smell Mammoth's stench miles away if he had to. As he was about to enter, he heard his communicator go off. Robin's voice didn't call over it meaning he thought it best not to disturb Beastboy. That or they could take on these five on their own.

'Lets see, at this hour and so little traffic, it would take them at least ten minutes to get here without Raven teleporting them and no more then twenty with Robin's and Cyborg's driving,' Beastboy mused in his head. He chuckled a dark and dangerous chuckle, "Plenty of time!" His doubled voice rang out as he soundlessly jumped onto the building and crawled into a broken window.

Fifteen minutes later

The four other titans arrived at the building. Raven said that this is where Kid Wicked's power were coming from. She wasn't sure why, but a few minutes ago, he seemed to start using his powers like mad, but just in this spot. That made his normally near undetectable presence a spot to Raven and Cyborg's sensor to a lesser extent.

As they all cautiously approached the building, Raven stopped dead in her tracks. "What is it?" Robin asked as they all stopped to see why she did.

"Something's not right. I'm sensing an unusual amount of fear coming from inside there." She explained as Robin's eyebrows scrunched in thought. Suddenly, the door flung opened and Mammoth, Sergeant Hive, Billy Numerous, and Kid Wicked all ran out of there. The Titans immediately got into battle stances, only for the four villains to run by them. The Titans looked at each other in surprise and/or confusion as they saw the villains hide behind the T-Car. They took a better look and discovered they all looked like they had each gone through some kind of hell. Their uniforms had claw marks slashed all over, as were the rest of them. They had some blood leaking, nothing fatal. They all had the look of absolute terror stuck on their faces as they shook in fear.

"What happened to them?" Starfire asked, concerned for anyone, even the enemy.

Raven held out her hand and attempted to read their minds. Before she could, she got a surprised, 'We wouldn't do that if we were you!' A voice, which sounded like two voices, cackled in her mind, causing her to look around in shock.

"Whoever you are, get out of my head!" She said out loud, causing the others to look at her in confusion, "Some kind of Telepath," She said getting a look of understanding from the titans.

'We, just thought you might like their last member to take off to jail,' It said ominously.

"And just where are you?" She asked.

"Right behind you." The voice said, but no longer in her head. She turned around in shock and nearly fell backwards at what she saw. Crouched on top of the T-Car, was a creature that was completely black, minus the white shapes for eyes. In its hand, clutched by the scruff of his neck, was a terrified Gizmo. It looked humanoid, but something about it scared her. It snuck up behind all of them without anyone noticing.

The other HIVE members looked up and when they saw it, their terror increased so much, they could no longer move an inch. He looked at them and they just about fainted. It looked at Robin, who was looking at the creature with a calculative look, "We believe this is yours," It said simply as it threw the shaking Gizmo to them, who was caught by Cyborg.

"Who are you anyway? And who's 'we'?" Robin asked cautiously. Though this thing's methods seemed...severe by hero standards, it didn't seem to be evil or a criminal. 'More like someone taking lessons from Batman about how to deal with criminals,' Robin thought with some displeasure.

"We? We are Venom!" It declared proudly.

The titans looked at each other for an instant and when they looked back, Venom was gone. Cyborg went to the T-Car and was amazed to find nothing on the roof other then some of Gizmo's blood.

As the Titans took the mentally scarred villains away, none noticed that a black wolf with white eyes was looking at them with amusement. The black seemed to ripple and disappear, showing green fur.

End of Chapter

Chapter Two is done. Venom explains some things and Beastboy got to test his new powers. If anyone is wondering how Venom/Beastboy got in Raven's head, I looked it up and Venom is actually telepathic and doesn't need physical contact for it. Also, the suit is plain because Venom kept it that way, he didn't think BB would want his suit to be like Spiderman's. Questions to Ponder; Is Venom evil? Is Beastboy turning evil? What powers will Beastboy get? Will Beastboy reveal his new 'friend' to the titans? Is Beastboy going to leave the Titans?