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7. Delighted


I couldn't help myself. It was as if I was loosing control over myself as soon as I was within arms reach of her. That's why I didn't give it a second thought when I felt the urge to touch her. I just reached my hand and cupped her cheek lightly, letting my thumb to feel her soft skin.

My conscious catches up quickly though and I hide my hand under the covers immediately.

What the fuck is wrong with me? What am I doing?

I search her eyes for panic, or any sign of distress caused by my previous action, but I find nothing. Her gorgeous eyes were not filled with surprise nor anger or sadness. All they communicate is an unspoken question. 'What is going on?'

I know she is lost by my behavior, just as I am lost by my own surprising actions. But does that mean she actually enjoyed it? Did she enjoy my touch? The feel of my fingers on her soft, flawless skin? Does she feel the same about me as I do about her? And if so, is it just the damn effect of the treatment? I tried to find all the answers in her eyes. Unsuccessfully.

Her eyes suddenly change from curiosity to anger. Some serious thought must have passed through her mind. Because she directs the anger in her beautiful doe-like eyes in my direction. Then she rolls over and turns her back to me. I somehow fucked up, again.

I close my eyelids and hope for redemption. I want the numbness only sleep can provide. I almost find it.


I open my eyes, defeated. I won't find the desired sleep yet, apparently. What should I do now? I am looking at Bella's back for a second until my hand find it's own will again. My fingers brush the fabric of her tank top softly and I immediately ache for more.

Is she asleep? It seems as if she is.

I tentatively reach my hand towards her hair and brush it aside from her neck. She smells divine. I brace my head with my arm to be more comfortable. I lay a finger on her neck and move it inch by inch around her frame, above her tank top, until I reach her shoulder. I spent some time there, drawing little circles on the naked flesh. Then after a while I move further. On my way down her arm I can feel her goose bumps.

Is she awake? I don't know which option I should hope for...

Anyway, if she is awake after all, she doesn't let me know. I reach her little hand finally. Her small fingers lost in my big hand immediately. But I want to feel more of her. I ache for more. I intertwine our fingers, one by one, as not to wake her up. But I almost have a heart attack, when she suddenly squeezes my hand lightly.

I am fucked.

She loosens her grip on my hand and turns around to face me. I don't dare move an inch; terrified of what will happen now that she has caught me.

I see fascination in her eyes. She mirrors my body by lifting her head and supporting it with her hand. Then she slowly lifts her hand to my face. I close my eyes, as she burrows her fingers into my hair.

I can't believe it's happening.

I feel her thumb brush over my temple. I sigh with delight. She moves down my neck, my shoulder, my arm. She is showing me she was awake the whole time. I open my eyes and watch her closely as she intertwines our fingers and squeezes them lightly again. She takes our joined hands to her face and strokes her cheeks with the back of my hand, looking right in my soul during it all.

I want to kiss her.

I release her hand and cup her cheek. I move closer to her and she lays on her back in response. She is watching me the whole time. Her eyes are speaking volumes.

She wants this as badly as I do.

I move an inch closer and I feel her breath getting quicker. I move another inch and the goose bumps are all over her again. An inch further she closes her eyes in anticipation and I am not able to stop myself anymore.

As if I ever was.

I plant a chaste kiss on her little nose; another one on her left cheek, until I finally approach her slightly parted lips. I brush my lips there once, twice. They are wet and warm and so inviting. I kiss her upper lip and give the same treatment to the lower one. The need is overwhelming and I crush my lips into hers. Her hand tugs my hair roughly, while we are lost in eager kissing. As it gets more heated, I lay my left leg in between hers to get a better access. I hoover above her body as I move to explore her neck and collarbone with my mouth. Her breasts are pressing into my chest from breathing so heavily.

My dick is fully awake.

As I contemplate how to get this annoying t-shirt out of my way a sudden wave of reality hits me. I turn my head to see three sleeping, unaware, figures a short distance away. I bow my head in my lack of luck, with that move effectively burrowing my head in her breast. I lift my head again and look into her questioning eyes. I look in the direction of others and whisper to her ear: "We have to be more discrete." I lick the flesh behind her ear, while I am so close. She nods silently and waits for my next move.

I shove her duvet aside and cover both of us with mine, tip to toe. We lay both on our sides, my leg in between hers, with our noses touching. I can't taste her with my mouth this way, but I can feel her with my hand at least. That must be enough for tonight.

We are kissing tenderly, trying not to make a lot of noise. While our hands, hidden in the privacy that covers provided are compensating the lack of desire on surface. Her hand is exploring my naked flesh - my abs, my chest, my chest hair; while my hand is concentrated around her breasts. I move higher and higher along her ribcage until I finally reach the holy place under her breast. I graze over the area several times with my thumb until her breath hitches when my thumb finally brushes over her breast. Her head is thrown back in pleasure as my fingers move around the swollen flesh to find her perked nipple. As I reach the tip, her pant is muffled by my groan. Our mouths work in unison while I make love to her breasts with my hand.

I am totally lost in our heated exchange when her hand suddenly wakes me up by being behind my waistband. I open my eyes to find her smiling mischievously at me. I shook my head, but who am I to say no to this women?

While her fingers slip behind my boxers, I press my thigh in between her legs to put some pressure onto her wet sex. I brush my thigh several times above the sensitive spot, which makes her a bit frantic. Her hand squeezes my butt, while mine moves to her back and descent slowly to the new area of desire. I reach her waistband and play around with my finger, but my thigh has another mission on its own. I feel her focus fading, her touches are loosing grip as the waves of pleasure invades her mind. Her breath goes heavier and heavier with each move but suddenly her hand is on my dick and I freeze.

"Pleeeease." She purrs only.

As if I was able to stop now.

My hand travels from around her butt, to the more sensitive flesh underneath the butt cheeks. I continue on her thigh until I reach her knee. I grasp her leg there and shove it up around my waist so I have better access to her leaking pussy. She pumps my shaft two, three times, and if there were no people around I would have been inside of her in this minute.

But they are here...

My hand replaces my thigh in a second instead. Her sex is leaking in anticipation of what will come. First I just explore the area lightly with my fingers. Grazing above her naked flesh, pressing now and then just to see her response. She slows her moves too, but she gets frustrated quickly and set the pace she wants with her hand on my dick.

We work in sync. She moves I move. She hold it tightly, I gives more pressure. She invades my mouth with her tongue aggressively, I invade her pussy with my fingers in response.

In a flash of consciousness I cover our heads in covers just to be as quiet as humanly possible in this state of ignition.

Three fingers in her pussy and I don't know how many strokes of her skilled hand and we find our release together. I feel her walls squeeze my fingers tightly, while I am pressing her most sensitive bundle of nerves. We pant heavily under the covers until we catch our breaths again.

Our foreheads are pressed together as we enjoy the last moments of our excitation. I take my hand out of her, already missing the closeness, to hear her whimper about the loss. I lick them to clean the remains of our desire, so I can cup her cheek again. I find her mouth and kiss her tenderly to show her my devotion. That's when I realize she hasn't released my penis yet.

Oh no, the jizz has to be all over her hand . . . and bed . . . and t-shirt. This will not go unnoticed.

"Fuck." I mutter. I pull off the duvet from above our head to see her worried expression.

"The jizz, it has to be all over the place," I whisper. Her response takes me by surprise because she just smiles smugly and points with her head down to the spoken place. I lift the covers to see her hand holding my cock with my own t-shirt. The said t-shirt thus serving effectively as a catcher of spoken jizz. I smile widely and look up at her. "You never cease to amaze me love." I whisper and give her one more kiss. I awkwardly manage to take off the t-shirt and expose it to the ground on Bella's side. Hopefully nobody finds it until one of us wake up.

We make ourselves comfortable in a warm embrace and devote some more time for cuddling, until the sleep invades our lids.

My sight falters several times. When I open my eyes for the last time, I find out Bella turned her back to me again.

That won't work love.

I scoop her from behind, to have her as close to me as possible.

Screw the others in the morning.

She wiggles lightly and scoops closer to me too. She takes my hand in hers and presses them to her chest.

She wants this too. Screw the others. Screw the psychologist association. It's different than they think. It's different... I think at last.


I jolt awake panicked. The t-shirt. I look around franticly to locate the condemning evidence, but I can't find it.

I am fucked, I think. I look around to see everyone sleeping. So where the fuck is the t-shirt? I hear my heart beating as if I was running a marathon. I turn to Bella and shake her slightly.

"Bella... Bella!" I whisper-shout. "Bella, love." I shake her one more time. She opens her eyes reluctantly. Those big brown eyes...

"Something happened?" She asks innocently.

"The t-shirt is gone! Where is it?" I ask frustrated about her lack of action.

"T-shirt? Which one?" She places herself in the sitting position, rubbing her eyes in the process. I want to embrace her with warm kisses immediately, but there are more important things now.

"Mine! The one I slept in. The one you... you know..." I whisper and try to remind her about our last night with my eyes. She just looks at me as if I am insane. She reaches her hand towards me and I think for a second she just want to touch my cheek, but she goes lower. Does she want to touch my dick? But I am wrong again.

"I don't know" she tries to mimic my 'eye signals', "but did you mean this t-shirt Edward?" She asks amused by my sanity, while grasping the hem of the t-shirt I am wearing.

Oh no! Is all I think when I crush myself into the duvet...

It was a fucking dream!

Haha :D