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Chapter 1:

It was past midnight. The night sounds surrounded the man with pitch black hair who walked calmly through the dark forest. The evil around him was like an impenetrable shield.

He came across a hut in a clearing.

"Ah...this must be it," the man thought, smirking. He walked smoothly over the clumps of dead plants and grass that surrounded the beat-up hut.

"Who dares to come to my house?" A raspy voice called out.

"They call me Naraku," the man said in a dark, deep, and ominous voice. "I require your assistance, Ursula."

"Oh...?" Ursula staggered out of the rotting hut on a gnarly cane. "And who needs to be brought back from the dead?"

Naraku smirked. "InuTaisho, the Great Dog Demon Lord."


A loud slap rang through the air.

Kagome, Inuyasha, and Shippo only sighed as Miroku lay on the ground with a foolish grin on his face, as well as a red hand print. A really pissed off Sango was standing over him, her eyebrows twitching furiously.

"It was worth it," Miroku giggled stupidly, earning him a bop on the head with the tip of Sango's Hiraikotsu.

Everyone rolled their eyes and went back to their business. Kagome was studying her math text book while Shippo was busily sucking on lollipops from Kagome's time. Sango preoccupied herself by polishing her Hiraikotsu, and Kirara was curled up in a little ball, sleeping.

Their camp was on top of a semi-high hill, and they had a fairly good view of the forest behind them, as well as a village of in the distance, and a field to their right. A steady fire was going and everyone was gathered around it.

"Eh...?" Kagome said suddenly. A strange feeling had washed over her like a blanket.

"What's wrong Kagome?" Sango asked, looking up from her boomerang.

"'s nothing," Kagome said quickly. "It's just...I felt this...strange was very powerful..."

"I think I sensed it too," Miroku said. "It emitted a very intense power."

Kagome nodded, agreeing. "But it's gone now," she added.

"Well, there's no use worrying about it," Sango tried to reassure her troubled friends. "If you feel it again, tell us, and we could go check it out...maybe."

Kagome nodded again, and receded into her sleeping bag. Miroku tried to grope Sango's rear again, but the daggers that were shot from her eyes made his hand stop in mid-movement.

"Curse this cursed hand," Miroku said, feigning annoyance and surprise at his hand.

"It's your personality that's cursed," Sango muttered. (Yeah, I know that was taken from the episodes).

Inuyasha made himself comfortable against the base of a tree, sitting with his legs crossed. He took a deep breath and started to fall asleep. All of a sudden, an eruption of a powerful aura filled his senses, and his eyes snapped open.

"Was it just me, or..." Inuyasha began.

"Nope." Sango said, her eyes nearly as wide as Jaken's. "I felt that. Everyone definitely felt that."

Kagome shivered. "Yep, there it was again."

Miroku stepped forward. "All who vote to check it out say "Aye".


The group found themselves walking through the dark woods, following the aura.

"You know..." Kagome was interrupted by a yawn. "Maybe we should've waited till morning...I'm so tired..."

"Well, the aura would just keep us awake anyways," Sango explained, stifling a yawn.

"Yeah, I guess you're right..." Kagome sighed. Personally, she thought it was crazy to walk in the woods at night, looking for the source of an incredibly powerful aura.

"It's getting closer," Inuyasha said firmly, silently saying that they weren't going to turn back now. Kagome rolled her eyes, but kept going without an argument.

"Hey, what's that?" Shippo said, pointing to a light piercing through the dense trees.

"Whatever is is, I think it's what's the aura is emitting from," Miroku said as-a-matter-of-factly. The group nodded in agreement. They stumbled through a couple of bushes and ducked under some branches to try to reach the light.

"I sense Naraku!" Inuyasha scowled. Everyone tensed up. "I can't believe I didn't sense him earlier," Inuyasha continued. "This powerful aura must have been covering up his scent..."

Their group of misfits stumbled upon a clearing. Everyone gasped simultaneously.

In the middle of the clearing stood Naraku, a smirk pasted over his face. "I've been waiting for you," he said smoothly. Tentacles shot out and grabbed Kagome.

"Eek...!" she screamed as she was yanked towards Naraku in a beeline.

"KAGOME!" Inuyasha shouted.

"If you want her will come to my castle," Naraku said, turning into a tornado, about to fly away. "I think you will find a...nice...surprise waiting for you..." his deep chuckle reverberated through the woods, creating scowls on all faces.

"What are you guys waiting for?" Inuyasha bellowed. "Let's GO!"

With Miroku and Sango on Kirara and Shippo perched on Inuyasha's shoulder, they leaped into the dark forest, only concentrating on following that despicable black and purple tornado flying over their heads. They had to rescue Kagome.


Sesshomaru sniffed the air and smirked. 'Naraku's scent is close. That lowly half-breed will fall by my hands.' Then Sesshomaru's smirk turned into a small scowl as he caught Inuyasha's scent as well as his group of misfits. Honestly, why does his bastard brother have to turn up every time?

"Is something bothering you my lord?" an innocent voice came. Rin had seen his small scowl.

"Rin, stay here with Jaken and Ah-Un," Sesshomaru said indifferently.

"Yes my lord!" Rin said, carefree. Jaken grumbled something about always being stuck with Rin.


Sesshomaru shot through the trees near light speed. He wasn't going to let Naraku get away this time. Naraku was HIS prey.

He erupted through some trees only to run into Inuyasha.

"SESSHOMARU!" Inuyasha bellowed on cue. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Mind your own business, half-breed," Sesshomaru said coolly. The two brothers leaped beside each other, Sesshomaru not saying a word and Inuyasha casting him frequent glares, causing Sesshomaru to return Inuyasha's with his own.

"I hope they don't start arguing and fighting again," Sango muttered.

"Yeah..." Miroku sighed.

"Let's hurry," Inuyasha said, trying to ignore Sesshomaru. They looked up and saw Naraku's wispy tornado start to drift further.

"I think it's obvious that Naraku's trying to lure us into some sort of trap," Miroku said.

"Yes," said Sango. "He captured Kagome to lure us, and he's even making sure that we follow him."

"THERE IT IS!" Shippo cried out. Looming right in front of them was a huge black castle. Naraku's castle.

"Time to die, Naraku," Inuyasha hissed.


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