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Chapter 7:

Everyone had nearly forgot about Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un, Sesshomaru's vassals. Sesshomaru had told Inuyasha and the others to go look for them. Of course, Inuyasha had complained, saying that Rin and the others would be fine on their own, and that Sesshomaru could just go back to them when he was well enough. It was then that Kagome gave Inuyasha the S-I-T look, and without a second thought, the hanyou and rushed after Rin.


Inuyasha flew through the trees, fuming about how Kagome could easily get him to do stuff.

'I mean REALLY!" he thought angrily. 'What could happen to Sesshomaru's companions? The dragon and imp could take care of the girl Sesshomaru seems to care so much about...' he pushed himself off from a branch, earning distance as well as extra speed. 'What does Sesshomaru see in the girl anyways? She's probably really annoying to have to look after...well, I guess the same could be said for Shippo. Besides, Sesshomaru HATES humans! Heck, he makes fun of ME for being HALF why is he keeping a human with him?'

Inuyasha leaped by some more trees, trying to catch the scent of the human girl. He went back to the place where Sesshomaru and Inutaisho had battled, because Rin was bound to be nearby. He went to the place where he and Sesshomaru had met when they were charging towards Naraku's castle. Inuyasha hoped that Rin had stayed put so she wouldn't be so hard to find. He inhaled deeply, and Rin's faint scent floated towards him.

Inuyasha followed her scent, but it was so faint it seemed to disappear and reappear. 'Damn,' Inuyasha inwardly cursed. 'How hard could that brat be to find?'

Gradually, Rin's scent began to get stronger and stronger, and soon, Inuyasha knew exactly where she was. He burst through a couple of branches and a bush, and ended up in a clearing. Jaken was pacing around, Ah-Un was sleeping, and Rin was busy drawing with some..."crayons" that Kagome had given her. She looked up at the sound of Inuyasha unceremoniously tripping into the clearing.

"Oh, hi Inuyasha," Rin said happily. Then she turned back to her coloring. "Would you by any chance have any idea where lord Sesshomaru is?" she asked.

"Yes, brat," Inuyasha said gruffly. "He's with us."

"He's with you?" Rin asked, with a hint of surprise in her voice.

"Yeah, he is. Why?"

"Oh nothing," Rin shrugged. "It's just that normally he would come look for me by himself." Then a look of horror crossed her face. "This means that...Lord Sesshomaru is...hurt, right?" she gasped.

"You catch on fast, kid," Inuyasha said with indifference. "Now if you want to see your LORD, then come with me."

Without another word, Rin swept up her crayons and paper in on hand and clambered onto Inuyasha's back.

"Wait, Rin...!" Jaken cried. "Wait for me Inuyasha!" Jaken ran up to Ah-Un and leaped onto Ah-Un's back. They took off and caught up to Inuyasha.

Rin held onto Inuyasha tightly. "Is lord Sesshomaru alright?" she asked worriedly.

"No...but he WILL be. In a week or so."

Rin nodded. "How did he get hurt?"

"Apparently, Naraku opened up his barrier on purpose to lure us into the castle," Inuyasha started explaining. "As it turns out, he had resurrected our father, Inutaisho. Inutaisho defeated Naraku, and being the coward that he is, Naraku went into hiding for who knows how long. Meanwhile, Inutaisho wanted the Western lands from Sesshomaru. He claimed that if he was alive, then the West belonged to him. Sesshomaru absolutely refused to hand over the lands, so in order to fix that problem, the two decided to fight for it. Myoga predicted that Inutaisho would win...and he was indeed correct."

Rin gasped. "So...Lord Sesshomaru...LOST?"

"Yeah," Inuyasha replied. Then he smirked. "What, is it so surprising that he loses once in a while?"

Rin nodded. "It's impossible for Lord Sesshomaru to lose!"

Inuyasha laughed. "Well, apparently, it isn't! Sorry brat. The lord that you so totally worship is now reduced to a beat up, bedridden heap on the ground!"

Rin gasped. Then she peered up at Inuyasha. "You don't sound like you care..."

"Why should I care about what happens to that bastard?"

Rin sighed. "I didn't know Lord Sesshomaru could lose to anything!"

Inuyasha softened. "You know...not everyone can always win. I'll admit it...Sesshomaru's pretty powerful. And whoever beats him has to be REALLY powerful. Our father just so happens to be...REALLY powerful." Inuyasha chuckled lightly. "Boy, he really made Sesshomaru look like a puppy on the battlefield."

Rin nodded. "I just hope that Lord Sesshomaru will be alright. He WILL be...right Inuyasha?"

"Of course!" Inuyasha replied firmly. "You should see him now. He's already trying to get up! When he woke up, the bastard insisted he was fine when he was obviously not, and our father punished him by making him get up and fight him! Can you believe that?"

Rin gasped. "That's mean! How did Lord Sesshomaru do?"

"The bastard basically re-opened his wounds and passed out, that's what."

Inuyasha arrived at the camp, along with Rin, Jaken, and Ah-Un. Kagome brought her face up from her text book and greeted them.

"Hey guys! Glad you found them Inuyasha."

"Hrrmmfff..." Inuyasha replied.

"Hello, Rin," Kagome said, smiling cheerfully. Seeing Rin's sad expression, she kneeled down and asked the girl what was wrong.

"I want to see Lord Sesshomaru," Rin said softly.

"Of course," Kagome smiled. She led Rin through the camp and to the shady tree where Sesshomaru was lying under. Rin noticed a man who resembled Sesshomaru, but looked much older and more elegant and powerful. 'Must be his father,' Rin concluded.

Rin crawled up to Sesshomaru's bedding. He was asleep; his normally pale face was slightly flushed with fever, and he had many bandages covering his upper body. Rin crawled closer and touched her lord's calloused hand. He flinched at her touch, but then relaxed after inhaling in her scent. She made him feel better, emotionally at least.

"L...Lord Sesshomaru...?" Rin said softly. Sesshomaru's eyes slowly opened, revealing beautiful amber orbs.

"...Rin..." he whispered, straining to keep his eyes open.

"How are you my lord?" Rin asked.

"I...will be fine," Sesshomaru said. With that, he couldn't keep his eyes open any longer and drifted off into a deep healing sleep.

Rin squeezed his hand once and let go of it. Then she lay down next to him.


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