6 Hearts: Ginta & Dorothy

This is one of six pieces I will be writing collectively titled 6 Hearts; name of pairing (Yuffentine, Link & Midna, Will & Lyra, Taang, Naruto & Hinata). Each of these will consist of 6 drabbles (exactly 100 words each) and will either be in 6 chapters, one drabble per. Chapter or six drabbles in one chapter. This one will be the former.

The main reason for the title is because these are what I call loveheart drabbles, how it works is that I use as prompts the short, soppy messages on Lovehearts (the sweets, small, round, sugary, tubular packet). The six hearts series is built around 30 prompts 5 pairings, 6 prompts per pairing and once you factor in doubles that's a whole lot of sweets.

And this particuler set is part of the expanded set of Ginta & Dorothy, Aurikku, Negi & Harem, Kotaro & Harem, Jio & Yuria, Zoro & Tashigi and Freyarent. Damn those tasty, tasty lovehearts.

Before we get into the drabble itself I would like to mention that for my own mental health I ignore the evil blaspehmous existence that is MAR Omega.

I would advise readers to do the same.

Dream Boy

What the hell happened!

When he mysteriously vanished several months ago Toramizu Ginta was a nerd. A dumb one.

Inch-thick glasses, stupid fantasies, couldn't run a yard; Why Kayuki hung out with him was one of the great school mysteries.

But now! Strong, brave, funny. My friend Yumi even called him a 'Dream Boy'.

My English sucks so I don't know what she meant...but that doesn't matter! What does is that when I tried asking him out he refused.

He refused me!

Just stared at some weird bracelet he was wearing and said he already had a girlfriend...

Lucky bitch.

This can be read normally but it actually takes place in an alternate world where...well it's to do with the bracelet.

And the word 'Yabbo'.