I'm back! Working in retail means that the month of December tends to be hopeless for any personal projects. Here's a drabble to help to help me get back in the swing of things.

Still not making money, still don't own and still don't want to be sued. Thank you.


by Minlin

The hurt in Brett's eyes is so great that Lukas can't be completely happy that Andie has finally ended things for good. It was bad enough the first time, but then she'd come back. She'd given Brett hope, only to shatter it as soon as she'd gotten her 'cure'.

Lukas actually hates Andie for that. For using Brett, knowing how he feels about her, then running back to Charlie as soon as she knew she wouldn't endanger him. Ignoring how much pain it caused Brett.

There's nothing Lukas can do to make it better. And that hurts more than anything.