A/N: Re-watching Alias over and over. I really enjoyed season five, even if it was so short and sad - how many characters did they kill of? Anway, I fell in love with Rachel. This story was written during the funniest English lesson in which nothing was done at all except mazes and word searches where they could not spell at all. Lol Smith! The two witches. My partner in crime.

It was inspired by a Rachel/Sark fic that I read on here. It's so good!

This is Sark/Rachel and has minor spoliers for Bob - 5x08.

Five Times that Sark/Rachel met during the year.

The first time they had met she was Lydia and she was British and he was an American named Bob. It had been a wonderful time for both of them - a way of reliving the stress of their jobs and for Rachel, taking a walk on the wild side, a leap of faith. It was exciting and daunting at the same time – a disappointment to both when they had to go back to their jobs. Each thought of the other and wandered would they ever see one another again?

The second time they met and Rachel was disguised with a black wig, undercover as Jill, a high priced fashion designer. He just pretended to date a model. What was confusion at seeing one another again, both parties remembering the last time they'd seen one another, turned into a secret rendezvous in the storage cupboard.

She was addicted to the rush and the danger of it all. She loved never knowing what was going to happen, or when and where she would see him again. All their meetings were by chance – they knew now and again they would run into each other, so when they saw one another, the third time they met. she was not surprised, as their eyes met across the room. She felt a tingling sensation through her body as she remembered his hands and his lips on her body. Across the room, as their gazes locked, it was as if it was just the two of them, and no one else existed. Then she head the voice in her ear asking for a sit-rep. She blinked for a moment, looking down, breaking the moment. She looked back up, but he was gone.

The fourth time that the two met was a bar in Sienna. What ended as a chance meeting – Rachel trying to kill time after a job gone wrong; before her flight home, while he was there for a meeting. The meeting finished the two made their way outside were they were almost arrested for indecent exposure.

The last and final time they met was in a nightclub in Paris. The blonde was on recon, keeping eyes on the target when he grabbed her from behind, to whisper in her ear. It was directions to his "summer house" in Paris so she could meet him there when she was done at the club. He released her and she turned around to catch his eye, truly see him, only to watch him disappear into the crowd. But she knew that, if not later tonight, they would see each other again, that it would not be the last time they saw each other. They needed one another – he was the addiction she never knew about - until now.