A/N: I don't know, I was thinking about the world today, and what a horrible place it was and my views on the world and on people etc sparked by a conversation with my friend. I came up with this idea. I know I've done like a hundred of these and I am sorry. Anyway, please review - let me know what you think.

Some days it was if the past had never happened and for that she was grateful. She was Jennifer Jearuo - an FBI agent – a tough, sassy and sexy FBI agent who worked as a press liaison for the elite behavioural analysis team of the FBI. She was good at her job and damn near important to the team.

She went to work, travelled across the country solving horrific crimes, helping the team get inside the unsub's head. They solved crimes no one else could, and they made a difference to the world. Often not a huge difference, but all their small success's eventually would add up.

But sometimes, just sometimes, on a case like this, JJ would be forced to re-live her past, travel back to her past life, as Shelby Merrick. She hated that life and just needed to get rid of it. Shelby was dirty, disgusting and someone she wished she never knew.

Shelby was a part of her, no matter what and she had shaped her to be who she was today, even though at times it felt like Shelby never existed, that she'd shed herself away from all the pain and misery caused from the past.

Of course, there were good parts to Shelby's life. Scott, her real first true love, Daisy, the best friend anyone could ask for, and Peter, her mentor and father figure. He was who inspired her to be who she was today. He who helped people even when they refused help, pulled away - he who made a difference in the world.

Of course she could forget who she was and live two separate lives. Live as Shelby and as JJ, but the two lives were one.