A/N: Humourous stories. It'll be a bit of a story about Elmo. *grins*

Chapter 1: Elmo get Sorted

"The Muppet, Elmo."

Elmo was wondering what house Elmo would be in.

Now, where should we put you? Oh, it's obvious. SLYTHERIN!

Yay! Now Elmo in the nasty house. Oh no! What will Elmo fans do?

Nobody was cheering like they were for Elmo's cousins, Big Bird (Gryffindor), Snuffles (Gryffindor), Bert (Slytherin) and Ernie (Hufflepuff).

Elmo is sad now.

One person had to move. "What your name? Elmo name Elmo!"

"Draco name Draco."

"Draco speak like Elmo!"

"No, I don't really."

Elmo sad. Elmo thinks Draco is mean for making fun of Elmo. Elmo had to go to slightly older cousin.

Bert be mean to Elmo. Elmo burst into tears. Elmo really sad now.