Dumbledore celebrated with Elmo.

Dubledore say to Elmo, "Everybody hate Hagrid."

Draco POV

I was curious of this new... thing.

Going onto my 'Magic Surf 11.4', I typed in 'Elmo the Muppet'.

I found a result. Elmo PWNs your face! On it were these... pagan rituals.

Elmo POV

Elmo find Draco on Elmo's website! "Aw... silly!" Elmo say. "Give Elmo a hug."

Draco graciously accepted. Then Elmo called god of Forest, Snuffles and celebrated with the gods. We all went to Mount Muppet. Elmo am the King of all Gods. Harry Potter saw Elmo in Desire Mirror. "Harry... Harry... Harry..." said Elmo, "Look for the Muppet Hairy Rock..."

Elmo saw Harry scream.