2062, New York.

The story of Peter Pan did not end with the closing of a Classic book, oh goodness no. Only one of Peter Pan's adventures ended within those wonderful pages. Peter lived on and on before that adventure, and afterward, having thousands more adventures and thousands more stories. Would you like to hear one of my favorites? All right then. Have a seat, and I'll take you to the Peter Pan that I grew to know. Grew to know, and to love.


High above the New York streets, in the penthouse of Bennington Heights

"Aunt Heidi, I all ready told you that I wasn't tired! May I please play my PlayStation? Just a little longer? It puts me to sleep, I promise..." Michael Bennington squeezed his eyes shut as he whined.

Heidi Bennington tucked the covers in all around him, smiling. She was wise to his 'promises' and knew that her hands could hold water better than his promises did.

"Now hush, Michael. Your mother said your bedtime was at nine thirty and it is all ready ten fifteen. You need to sleep, boy. Close your eyes, and if you're lucky, you'll dream of playing your fancy video game."

I rolled my eyes and turned up the volume on my Discman when Heidi started towards me with her cutesy "Tuck-in Time" song. She sighed when she saw me and gave up, patting my head and saying 'Goodnight, Mary' in her tired, old, crackly, annoying Great Aunt voice. God she was old.

She shut the door behind her when she finally left, and I tossed the covers off of me, revealing that I was NOT wearing my 'wittle PJ's', as Great Aunt Heidi had asked earlier. I pulled my headphones out of my ears and stood, straightening the red knee-length skirt I was wearing. "When will she just die all ready?" I mumbled as I fumbled in the dim light for my tall leather boots. "Something needs to put her out of her misery."

"You shouldn't say things like that, Mary. It's really mean. And where are you going now? She will catch you one of these nights, you know. You can't keep sneaking out and coming back in at the crack of dawn." Michael sat up on his elbows in the bed, frowning at me.

I pulled my light pink tank top that matched the trim around the bottom of the red skirt back into place and glared at him, raising my eyebrow as I bent down to zip up my boots. "You're right, Mike," I said, standing back up and shrugging into a red cardigan sweater. "Maybe I just won't come back this time."

"What? You have to come back! You can't leave me alone with her!" Mike squealed, his eyes wide. "She's crazy!"

"Keep your voice down!" I snapped, turning from the mirror I had been applying my dark eyeliner and red lipstick in. "Do you want her to come back in and kiss you again? Sing that goddamn tuck in shit again?"

I grinned when Mike scrunched up his face and shook his head.

"Then shut up, and lie back down. I'm coming back, ok? I'll be back before sunrise, like always. Now go to sleep, and remember, if she comes in, I'm-"

"You're in the bathroom, I know, I know." Mike rolled his eyes and dipped back beneath the covers of the bed.

I smiled thankfully at him. "Right. See you tomorrow, squirt," I said and opened the doors that went out onto the balcony of the penthouse.

"One of these days I'm gonna make you take me with you," Mike grumbled.

I smiled as I walked out onto the balcony. "You wouldn't come, you're too scared to climb down to the closet." Our penthouse's balcony was just above the window to one of the storage closets of the building on the floor beneath us. It was easy to climb over the side of the balcony's railing and grab onto the ledge of the building where you could squat down and reach the window. I did so, and reached out with my hand to push open the window. It popped open and swung inwards, and I dropped through it.

I grabbed the window and closed it behind me, and walked carefully forward, my hands out in the pitch black darkness of the closet. They finally felt the door beneath my fingers, and I grabbed the knob and turned it slowly. Cracking it open, I stuck my head out, shaking the soft black waves of my long hair out of my eyes so that I could see if anyone was coming in the hallway.

After making sure no one was near, I stepped out of the closet and shut it behind me. I hurried down the hall to the elevator and punched the down button. I rode it down to the lobby and walked off, home free. I smiled and waved to the security guard at the door, who just grinned back at me. He was young, and if I flirted with him a bit, he never asked me questions.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a whore. Far from it. I just use what I have to get what I want. My mother gave me her fair face, and I thank her for that, and I use it.

My mother. I smile sadly as I think of her. I miss her. She was so beautiful. Her long black hair always shined and smelled of soft lilac blossoms. Her dark oval and slightly slanted eyes gave away her Japanese ancestry, and her warm smile told of her kind heart. I have her dark eyes, and I do have an Oriental look. My father, he isn't Japanese, so neither my brother or me look purely Oriental. I look it more so than he, however, and even speak the language a bit because we lived there until I was nine. Michael was only five when we moved here, so he doesn't remember a lot of Japanese. I use it sometimes to annoy him, and especially to annoy Heidi. Oh, if she only knew half of the things I called her.

The cool night air felt great on my face as I walked through the revolving doors and out onto the street. I was thankful for my cardigan and pulled it tighter around myself as I walked. If only Mother was still here. I close my eyes and suddenly am back there again...

The horrible sounds are in my ears once more. I can hear them as if they are really happening. Screeching brakes, the horrible shriek of metal against metal, and the horribly beautiful sound of glass shattering and falling everywhere. I touch the small mark beneath my right eye. The only mark I took with me from that horrible night. Except, of course, the huge gaping hole it left in my heart and in my life.

I shake off the memory and walk faster. She's dead. Nothing can bring her back.

Hope ya'll like this so far. I haven't been to see Return to Neverland yet, but I plan to. I'm kinda scared though, I mean, what if they ruin it?! If you have seen it, drop me a line so I know whether or not to risk it!

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