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AN: Alright, those of you who've read my other story will be well aware that this one is way different. It's massively darker, and more of an adventure tale. Also, let me just say that the points of view expressed by characters herein are not necessarily indicative of my own as an author. Now, I'm writing this for two simple reasons; Firstly, I was inspired to write this because of a challenge that one of my favorite authors has posted, a guy I'm proud to call friend, AkumaKami64. Secondly, I'm writing it to try and broaden my abilities as an author, showcasing less my romance/comedy skills than my dark/adventure/lemony goodness skills. And now, without further ado, I present:

Beastia Erus

It had taken three years.

Three long years of living a lie. Three long years of hiding behind a mask. Three long years of careful study and practice of every ability he had, including some he didn't even know he possessed until recently. He had practiced them religiously until even the most taxing had become second nature to him, often forgoing sleep, not that he needed it, in the process. The end result however, had been more than worth it, for he was no longer a boy or a man; he was a God. Now he would enact his vengeance on the world, bending those he wanted or needed to his will and destroying the rest of humanity.

A feral grin over took his features as he finished placing the last detonator under the foundation of his soon-to-be former home; the bending of others to his will was what he was looking forward to the most. He couldn't wait to have his soon-to-be slaves serve him and cater to his every whim. One in particular he was eager to break in…. harshly. They would all be broken in, of course, but this specific one would suffer. He grew a pair of large, demonic green wings and took off, heading back to his room.

It would all start tomorrow.

Scene Change

The next day started off normally enough for the residents of Titans Tower; Cyborg and Robin were busy in Training Room; Raven was busy in her room, most likely either reading or meditating, and Starfire was bent over in the kitchen wing of the living room, peering into the fridge. It was this sight that greeted Beastboy as he walked into the living room, and the sight temporarily drove him out of the 'fool' persona he'd adopted as a mask, a lecherous grin spreading across his face, Gotta love Star. She may not have Raven's tits but she does have the tightest little ass! And soon, I'll be slamming my dick into it. Or I could just jam it down her throat. After all, if my research is correct, Tameranians don't have a gag reflex. Beastboy thought, his perverse grin still covering his face. After a few moments, he quickly regained his fool mask and leapt over the counter, landing on Starfire's right, "Hey Star, what's up?" He asked in the foolish voice he'd grown to hate in the three years he'd been using it as part of his mask.

Starfire jumped slightly and stood up, turning toward Beastboy as she did so, "Oh, hello friend Beastboy. I did not see you there."

That's because I was admiring that lovely dick sheath you call a behind! "Oh, yeah. I was practicing my fly form and I just kinda flew over here next to you." Beastboy lied, not needing Star to know he was ogling her delectable derriere. "So Star, what do you think today will be like in the criminal arena?"

Starfire smiled naively at Beastboy, easily tricked by his fool act, as she and the others had been many times before, "I believe today will be a very sedate day Beastboy. After all, most of our major foes are behind bars."

Behind bars nothing! Try dead, Star. Other than Jynx and Mammoth, both of whom will be useful to me it the near future, they're all buried six feet deep. Beastboy thought with particular relish; he'd enjoyed killing all of the criminals, though his killing of Dr. Light had been the one he'd had the most fun with.


Beastboy slowly crept through Jump City Prison, clad in a black, long sleeved shirt, black pants, black fingerless gloves, and, oddly enough, a black cape. Beastboy figured, when you're as powerful as he was now, you can afford to be dramatic. He slipped through the shadows, ignoring the incompetent guards and sneering at the slowly swinging, exposed light fixtures. How Cliché. He thought as he licked Mad Mod's blood from his hands. The crazed Brit had been his second-to-last prey of the evening and hearing him plea for his life in that ridiculous accent of his had been music to Beastboy's ears, as had been his revealing the secret of his hypno-screens. The fact that Beastboy had to break every bone in Mad Mod's limbs one by one to convince him to reveal the information had simply been a bonus. He shook his head to clear his thoughts; he still had prey to kill after all. He made his way to Light's cell door and brought down the frame with a quick slam of his palm. Light was cowering in the corner, whimpering pathetically.

"Please, …spare me! Have mercy!"

Beastboy walked up to Light slowly, his right arm morphing slowly into a blade resembling the arm of a praying mantis. He swung his arm in a diagonal, left to right, upward slash, bifurcating Light from his left hip to his right shoulder. As his torso half slide down the wall, his shocked eyes, slowly losing life, sought his killer's, only to see them expressing a darkness that chilled him to his core. "Sorry, all out of mercy." He growled out before chuckling darkly, and knocking down the outer wall of the prison with another palm slam. He grew a pair of large falcon's wings, and took off, heading back to the tower, and leaving nothing but carnage behind.

End Flashback

Beastboy was pulled from his pleasant thoughts as he felt himself being shaked. Resisting his typical defensive gestures, he found himself face to chest with Starfire's clothed breasts, a sight he knew he'd soon see unveiled; Hmm, nice and perky. My dick will love being between them. He thought perversely

"Friend Beastboy, are you alright? You 'out spaced' there for a few moments." Starfire asked, concerned for her friend.

If only she knew.

Beastboy grinned up at her, while he internally smirked, "I'm okay Star, thank you, but I think we're actually gonna be pretty 'busy' today."

As if to illustrate this point, the Titan alarm system rang out along with Robin's voice, "Titans! Trouble at DNA-TECH!"

Starfire quickly flew off, while Beastboy shifted to his Pterodactyl form, thinking just one word.