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Beastboy, having never tried to teleport before, accidentally found himself in a realm he recognized all too well. It was the gigantic maze that was home to Timid, whom presumably chose a maze as her home so she would be able to run and hide successfully at a moment's notice. To the Thirteen-year old Beastboy, this had seemed a significant barrier. Now, it was a joke. Damn, I must have misteleported. This device is harder to use than it seemed in the lab. Oh, well. I guess I'll just get to Lust the old fashioned way. He approached the entrance, intent on making his way through as quickly as possible, when he noticed Timid peek her head slowly out of the entrance and look around shiftily before dashing back into the maze. Beastboy, curious, followed her as she went through a series of twists and turns that led to the maze's heart where he found her kneeling in front of a statue, a statue of him! Hmmmm, this is interesting. The statue itself was Beastboy as he was years ago, when he had first entered Raven's mind. A foolish grin, one far more natural than the fake one he wore now when necessary, adorned the statue's face, though other than that and a few inches difference in height, it resembled him perfectly.

"Beastboy," Timid whispered to herself, reverently, "The image of loyalty and trust, protection and guardianship. I'm not sure about the others but he already owns my heart and yet…., our center still stays away from him. She is either far too fearfully of consequences which no longer hold sway, according to Knowledge, or she is so ingrained in her own behavior she can't escape." She sighed briefly before staring up at the sculpture adoringly.

She's completely smitten with the old me. Beastboy thought before a grin came to his face, this has to be exploited. Beastboy walked around to behind the statue and began to speak in his fool voice, throwing it to make it sound like it came from far away inside the maze "Help! I'm stuck in Raven's mind again!" He shouted out, prompting Timid to look around half in fear, half in joy.

"B-b-beastboy, are you here?"

"Is that you Timid?" He answered back, "I got stuck in your domain again. Can you help me find you?"

"W-w-where are you in the maze?" She asked

"I don't know, this place is so confusing. Do you think maybe you could raise a sign of some sort to let me know where you are?"

"B-b-but I don't have any s-s-signs." Timid replied slowly.

"You could always take off your clothes and raise them up into the air on something like a flag." Beastboy answered, his voice innocent, his motives anything but.

"I-I-I c-c-can't-" Timid began to stutter, her whole face turning bright red.

"Timid, please! I just want out of here." Beastboy pled verbally, while internally he grinned.

Timid slowly calmed herself and took a deep breath. "A-alright Beastboy. I-I'll do it f-for you." She said before reaching behind herself and grabbing the zipper of the leotard hidden under her hair, tossing off her cloak in the process. Beastboy watched eagerly as the zipper slid down link by link and blinked when he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Either she's braver than I thought or Raven never wears bras either. The zipper slowly approached the crest of Timid's ass and Beastboy made another discovery. No panties either! Raven, you slut! Not that I mind. He thought lecherously as Timid placed her clothes on top of the nearest wall, "O-o-okay Beastboy, t-t-the sign i-i-is up."

Beastboy came out from behind the statue and walked toward Timid, who was still facing out into the maze. Hmmm, I may have been too harsh in my earlier assessment of her/Raven's ass. Granted, it isn't tiny and firm like Starfire's glorious orbs, but it does appear nice and jiggly. Definitely the perfect cushion for doggy-style fucking. Beastboy shook his head to clear his thoughts and reached a hand out, slapping her ass with it. Yep, definitely nice and jiggly. Timid gasped as she felt the spank, and promptly fainted, the thought of someone having seen her naked being too much for the frail emotion to bear. I could just turn her over and have some fun with her. Raven does have nice funbags after all, but what's the rush? There are still plenty of emotions I can toy with. Beastboy thought as he slowly walked out of the maze, the statue near the end being crushed with one swing of his arm, morphed into a gorilla's.

Rage launched an energy blast from each claw at Raven, and only her skill with barriers saved her as she quickly produced a shield capable of taking some punishment, "Long time, no see, you crimson-cloaked bitch." Raven said mockingly as the blasts stopped and she lowered her shield.

"Yes, it has been a long time, hasn't it Queenie?" Rage whispered back, her eyes glowing in her trademark bloodlust and her claws alight with energy. "I almost thought we'd never see each other again."

"No such luck I'm afraid," Raven quipped, before firing her own energy wave at Rage. I know I can't beat her in a long-range fight; she can endure far more of these blasts than I can. My only option is close in on her. Rage pushed aside Raven's energy blast with one of her own, only to find Raven had disappeared.

"Hiding, Queenie?" Rage whispered out.

"Guess again." came a voice from behind her. Rage turned, only to be greeted with a darkness-enveloped fist.

As Beastboy took the last step out of Timid's maze, the environment shifted around him, and he found himself in what appeared to be a desert. Other than the sprinkling of cacti and the field of sand, the only thing he could see was oasis a few hundred yards ahead. Seems as likely a place to find this realm's emotion as any. He thought before shifting into a vulture and flying there. Once he was at the oasis's outskirts, he dove down to the ground and shifted back. He looked around the oasis, noting the near perfect solitude it offered in addition to its central location in this realm, before spying a blue-cloaked emotion walking into the oasis from the other side, shaking her head in frustration. Beastboy looked her up and down slowly, Hmmm, blue. What emotion is blue?' he thought as he snuck over to where she was in the hope she would reveal herself.

"Some days, I wonder why I try so hard to keep the peace between Rude and Knowledge. They are both right in a way; Knowledge can be a bit too introverted and stuffy, and Rude far too little so." The emotion said to itself, exasperatedly, as it removed its cloak and spread it out on the sand before lying face down on it, "It's not easy being Wisdom sometimes."

So that's Wisdom. Hmmm, I still have plenty of time to make it to Lust, and she looks kinda stressed out. Beastboy thought before grinning. Never let it be said that Beastboy isn't nice to his bitches, at least, when he wants to be. He walked up to her and kneeled at her side, producing a single spike from his left index finger tip as he did so. Placing the tip just above the back of her neck he slowly injected it into her as to not draw her notice. This poison will cut off all her mobility but not her sense of touch. Now then, let's get started. He thought before bringing both his hands down on Wisdom's shoulders, rubbing and kneading them lightly in small spirals. His actions quickly brought her notice and she attempted to roll over, only to find herself unable to do so. However, before she could react to this, Beastboy hit one of her tension zones with his kneading, loosening it and making her moan lightly at the sensation.

"I don't know who's doing this and I don't know why, but keep doing what you just did and I won't bother to care." Wisdom said aloud, hoping her mystery masseuse would hear. She was rewarded as another one of her tension spots was kneaded and another moan escaped her mouth. That's it. Moan for me. Beastboy thought perversely as he slid his fingers down to her mid-back and began to knead the area just under her shoulder blades. Wisdom moaned even more as he hit that sensitive spot and her body began to feel like jello. Beastboy continued his ministrations as he felt Wisdom writhe in pleasure underneath his hands. He slowly began to make his hands vibrate rapidly, and moved his hands to just above Wisdom's ass.

Time to bring this to an end. Beastboy thought before producing spikes again, this time from his palms and injecting Wisdom with a new chemical. As soon as the injection was finished, Beastboy heard Wisdom begin to snore loudly. Well, at least I know the sedative poison works, Beastboy thought wryly before standing up and heading for the next exit.

Rage and Raven were staring each other down, less than two feet from each other, Rage with a bruised face and Raven with a light gash in her side. After Raven's surprise punch, she had attempted to trip Rage with a well-placed kick as she fell. However, Rage avoided the blow with a backflip and had swung her claw at Raven in retaliation, slashing her right side.

"Good one Queenie. I never would've expected you to try a sneak attack with how high and mighty you normally act." Rage whispered as a sneer crossed her face.

"What can I say? I felt like coming down to your level." Raven shot back.

"Oh, is that so? Well, I have a question for you then Queenie; what's so different about you and me?"

Before Raven could think up a response, Rage had moved in and brought her claws down in an X-shape, hoping to carve Raven up. Raven ducked back, only to feel an impact slam into her left side.

She hit the ground and looked up at Rage approaching her menacingly, claws flexing and unflexing.

This is bad. Raven thought, before Rage pounced.